Yon Goicoechea’s prison OpEd in the New York Times this morning is incredibly affecting.

Last October, a court granted me parole — but my jailers ignored that order. Three months ago, the prosecutor in my case closed the investigation, establishing that I was not guilty of any crimes (I had faced trumped-up charges of possession of explosives). This means that there are no active judicial proceedings against me — I’m simply being held hostage in violation of the Constitution. The United Nations, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have all described my detention as arbitrary and called for my release.

Of all the things you could say about Yon Goicoechea that are true, this one isn’t the most important, but it’s one of the least appreciated: he’s an amazingly gifted writer.

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  1. ….With a great translator. Note he uses term ‘communism’ and not the S word which was absent in the previous NYT article about Venezuela. Also note the other op-ed NYT recently published about women having best sex in Venezuela. NYT is 1 out of three past week.

  2. I gotta respect this guy’s mindset, and what he’s going through.

    But he’s yet another Venezuelam who doesn’t see that bloodshed, and outside military intervention, is the only way to “fix” this.

    Less talk, more action.

    • Yon’s imprisonment is yet another example of how the Chavismo cancer continues to plague Venezuela. After almost 20 years, these delusional Chavista thugs, who have seized control of the country’s government and infrastructures, are systematically killing everything in Venezuela. The ONLY “resolve” now and going forward is a swift removal of the Chavismo cancers to begin any semblance of a healthy recovery. Unfortunately, ardent Chaves followers currently in power will not back down even, even as Venezuela burns and dies all around them. Forceful and violent removal of anyone connected to this Chavismo cancer is the only choice we have left to a healthy recovery.

  3. So, I agree with his mindset, to a degree.. but.. he supports the regional elections? W.T.F. More elections by the same CNE who was called out as fraudulent by international orgs around the world and manufacturer of same machines? And the MUD is pissed about international “interference”.. W.T.F? What did he do to help get release of LL? and others? The MUD es un plasta de mierda.. so you want to solve this on your own? and this is why Venezuela is what it is today, with no end in sight.. ok I’m now determined to watch from a distance, good luck

  4. My goodness. Here you have a real Venezuelan patriot sacrificing his time on this earth for others and we are commenting on whether he is a good writer snd whether he needs a translator or whether his hope for a negotiated settlement is naive. I have a sense from this blog that many who oppose the Chavistas want someone else to take the risk and yet right before you is a man who does that very thing. How about a little praise for his love of country and his self sacrifice. The man is a hero in my view.


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