Everyone knows Venezuela’s energy industry is one hot mess, and one big part of the problem is opacity.

Anyone who works on these issues knows the frustration. Trying to pry information out of PDVSA is hopeless. Data that’s made public as a matter of course everywhere else is treated like a state secret in Venezuela.

As we dive into a third quarter full of PDVSA debt maturities, there’s virtually no public information on what the company is doing to avoid default, or how it would respond if it can’t. Nothing.

Whether the information you’re looking for is operational, commercial, strategic or financial, one thing’s for sure: PDVSA just won’t say.

The list of secrets is long and the list of lies is longer.

When PDVSA Finance chief Simón Zerpa flies off to China for weeks on end to try to negotiate some kind of financing deal, nobody reports it. When Nicolás Maduro ambushes the head of Chevron for Latin America at what was supposed to be a private meeting, nobody reports the backstory.

(But, of course, we know.)

Then again, finding out stuff that’s hard to find out is what Caracas Chronicles is all about, isn’t it?

Which got us thinking…what if we put together a report, deeply sourced, that works out Venezuela’s energy puzzle in detail?

That’s what the Venezuela Energy Briefing is all about.

Twice a month, a specialized team of Venezuelan oil experts goes through an unparalleled set of insider sources to put the Venezuela Energy Briefing together. If you need to understand industry trends in detail, catch developing stories even before they break and really look deep into the Venezuelan energy sector, this briefing is for you.

To book a private consultation to discuss your information needs on the Venezuelan energy sector, click here.

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  1. You have got quite the job ahead of you. I’m having difficulty just figuring out how Venezuelan hucksters and snake-oil salesmen can make a living manufacturing nothing while living a life of splendor. Actually, I have figured it out… I just can’t believe it.

    I’ll be sure to break out the “Follow the Money” flow charts/decision trees and Ven diagrams!

  2. I didn’t click on the link, is the information for sale?

    And if you want to report an interesting story, tell us more details about how a group of PDVSA employees manage to dismantle 600 company cars without higher-ups being aware. That is, of course, impossible and I suspect only the tip of the iceberg of corruption that will ultimately sink the unsinkale SS PDVSA.

  3. You might consider having a way to deal with hedge fund information networks, including newsletters. A response of mine to a potential supplier got into a newsletter and next morning wiped $1B off another supplier’s market cap. Hedge funds pay big bucks for this info, make sure they pay it to you.

  4. Whether the information you’re looking for is operational, commercial, strategic or financial, one thing’s for sure: PDVSA just won’t say.

    That assumes that they CAN say. What makes anyone think there is anything remotely resembling proper accounting? With so much of the economy in the hands of the military, I wonder if even the best forensics accountants can make sense of where the money goes, especially when so much of it has gone missing over the years – if the stories are true.

  5. Sorry.. but this is rather distasteful.. I already support CC monthly with $ transfers. Then came the weekly diplomacy (?) letter. Now you’re hawking critical country information, which by your own description should be public, for more $$. Sorry, distasteful is too mild.. disgusting is more like it.

    We wonder why Venezuela is as it is.. its because few have honest integrity. You sold out Quico. As has the MUD.

    Not making enough sellong t-shirts?

    Sure miss Katie.


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