Psychopath autocrats of the world, unite!

By 2005, Caracas Chronicles adopts a new style of posting and starts producing shorter, more frequent posts about news, specially those with potential to ignite conversation. This time, we see a reax piece on an undesirable visit with message enclosed in just … the title.

Mindless radicalization, anyone?

Deputy Foreign Minister William Izarra received Yang Hyong Sop in Caracas and discussed the possibility of energy cooperation between Venezuela, the world’s fifth largest oil exporter, and North Korea.

Hyong Sop, who was in Cuba earlier Wednesday, applauded “the important achievements in the process of constructing 21st-century socialism” in Venezuela while the oil-rich country works toward the “economic and political integration of Latin America,” the statement said.

North Korea’s commerce minister plans to visit Venezuela in November to discuss trade, Hyong Sop said.