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When my husband renewed his passport, in December 2015, he said it was a piece of cake. When I renewed mine, November 2013, it took the whole morning and major confusion. Last month we got our daughter’s, after an investment of Bs. 122,400 and weeks of fighting SAIME’s web page. Needless to say, we were lucky: El Nacional is now reporting that appointments for the renewal of passports for adults are suspended until further notice.

Sources claim that the suspension is due to the lack of materials meant to come in from Germany. I’m gonna go on a limb and say that there might be a problem with our payments and, if so, the low inflow of foreign currency is actually playing against our national identity. Go figure!

Luis Florido, national deputy and a known spokesman for Voluntad Popular, estimates the deficit of passports at 3 million.

And this is not a new problem. Back in March, Bloomberg reported that out of 1.8 million passports requested in 2016, as few as 300,000 were supplied due to… drumroll, please… lack of materials.

This explains why the so-called “express” option, activated in March to get a passport in 72 hours, didn’t solve the problem. It doesn’t matter if you have enough bolívares to accelerate your request if the government doesn’t have enough dollars at hand to acquire the materials.

Bloomberg also reported that Luis Florido, national deputy and a known spokesman for Voluntad Popular, estimates the deficit of passports at 3 million.
SAIME is currently allowing for an extension of passports for adults, but only for those expired from 2015 and onward. Those expired before cannot complete the process. They must request a new passport.

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      • MR
        How are things going? I realized that we forgot to thank Alejandro Machado.
        Alejandro, if you see this, many thanks for making the connection for us.
        Things have worked well and it never would have happened without you putting us in contact.

  1. Si alguien quiere un pasaporte venezolano pueden tener el mío….tengo meses buscando la forma de renunciar a la nacionalidad venezolana y no hay manera de hacerlo desde el exterior, envié un correo al consulado en Ottawa en junio y aquí sigo esperando una respuesta

    • Don’t do “their” job. The regime is the one that wants the people to leave and give up their citizenship so they can freely exploit all the natural resources. So let them do it.
      They will eventually do it for everybody. No more citizens and no more citizenship. But don’t do it for them.

  2. I´m so fricking mad about this.
    After two long years, finally I get my resident visa approved. However, I gotta go to Caracas to stamp it on my passport.
    My passport expires on April, 2018 so I run the risk of some shitty sonofa·%$& funcionario telling me I cannot leave cause the passport has less than 6 months of validity.
    As I understand and investigated, as of rightnow, theres no way to get the 2 year extension Maduro implemented few weeks ago or a new passport, even paying good $$$.
    Everything venezuelan is so fricking chaotic.

  3. I have not been visiting CC for a while but nothing has changed. The same moaning about everything. The passports. No passports as this is really governed by Cuba and you will also need an exit visa soon.

    Complain about SAIME all you want – a friend of mone who has Italian parents has been waiting a whole year for his new Italian passport. Finally the truth emerged. Italy is not issuing any new passports in Venezuela – you have to go to Italy. And if your “expediente” is here then you are reallu screwed as they need it in Italy to issue your passport.

    UK – this is hearsay so it may be a little off – a few years ago the Brit Consulate would issue a new UK passport in 5 working days in Caracas. All that has now changed – it can take up to nine weeks for a renewal as it is all done in London npw. The cost is about Bs. 500.000 payable in local currency. The odd Brit I know here are really hacked off with this.

    My daighter got her Venezuelan passport renewed in six weeks in London. Faster than the UK.

    So wtf are you complaining about?

    There were almost half a million unclaimed passports in SAIME vaults just three years ago as $$$ became scarce. These are the estafadores you have to blame for lack of material as there is obvioulsy a knock-on effect.


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