Turning Yesteryear’s Bullshit into No-Joke Reality, a Communist Achievement

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The news is out, y qué arrecho: Venezuelans are eating dog food!

Well, to be precise, we’re now eating some type of sausage made of chicken cartilage, skin, bone and feathers. Needless to say, this flavor bomb is not apt for human consumption.

The reason people do it, though, fits in a tweet: procuring the cheapest 2000 daily calories for a single person (eating nothing but yuca) costs more than twice the minimum wage. If you want to get all fancy and eat some protein and fat, you are left with very few options.

The idea of eating Perrarina has always been anti-economical vis-a-vis the cost of alternatives apt for human consumption. So how is it that the old story about “en la cuarta se comía Perrarina” became so prevalent? Well, those who went ahead and did the research couldn’t find any evidence at all of people doing it back in the day.

So, knowing this, allow me to rant: the idea of large numbers of Venezuelans eating dog food was nothing but a mal mojón, a filthy lie invented by chavismo to feed their communist narrative with misplaced indignation about our –definitely imperfect– past. Filthy lies and false narratives that communists abroad have been happy to reproduce, as long as it helps protect their petrodollar patrons.

But above all, it was a filthy lie that only they were able to turn into a reality.

Maldito comunismo…

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I work in development economics for countries with governments that want to deal with (some of) their issues. I think I'm a fiscally-responsible progressive. I've thought a bit about the Political Economy of oil in Venezuela, and I worry about the politics of the things that need to happen. I think Rómulo Betancourt, Adolfo Suárez and George Washington were exemplary politicians. What I miss the most about Venezuela: My family, my friends, my weather, my food, my band, and teaching in my university.


  1. Part of the penalty for criminal thugs like Cabello, Rodriguez, Maduro, Tarek, etc.. should be having nothing but pure Perrarina, in the Perrarina original bag, or, alternatively, inside a Clap box, everyday, year after year in jail; with some delicious Guaire water (Chavez said one could swim in it).

    Additionally, for Tibisay, besides the straight Perrarina diet, share a 6×6 cell with Iris Varela for twenty years.

  2. Los pobres debían ser del Country Club, para poder comer algo que era ridículamente costoso en esa época como lo era comida para perros en lugar de caraotas y arroz que siempre fueron mucho más baratos y la verdadera “comida de pobre”

    Por cierto, ¿A quién le pertenecía el pasquín que redactó esa imbecilidad en primer lugar? Se trataba de una revista llamada “Producto”


  3. Depending on the brand, Perrarina costs between 180,000 and 250,000 bs per kilo right now. I doubt many of the country’s poor can afford the stuff.

  4. Thats the most amazing and disgusting part of all this. Chavismo is in theory, a reaction to the decay of the IV Republic system, embodied by the bad economic crisis at the end of the 80s

    And what has the revolution done? Repeat the exact same mistakes but turning it up to 11, thus getting to an incredibly worse crisis at the end of the 10’s.

    The only “revolutionary” thing they have done is in destroying democratic institutions. The rest has been just repeating everything that was wrong, only more so.

    • Actually JCF, they’ve done far worse. They’ve destroyed most of the country’s most productive businesses and have driven out of the country the very people the economy needs to make a turnaround.

    • Interesting that you say that carupano.

      A guy showed up at the bodega the other day with about a half-kilo of something in a plastic bag. Before he left I asked what was in the bag because I couldn’t recognize the contents. Arroz picado he said. It looked more like a mix of broken rice grains, a large percentage of powder, and dark material that looked like rat turds. I wouldn’t have fed it to my dogs.

      BTW, speaking of dog food, many owners now give their dogs nepe. Don’t know how digestible it is, but most dogs will eat it when hungry enough.

  5. So today we learn that Venezuelans cannot even afford to eat nutritious dog food, let alone cat food, so if they eat, it’s cheaper carbohydrates or worse.

    Other fascinating news, this time from the expanding tourism industry: be prepared to lend your credit card to fishermen in peñeros to pay for any services or amenities in Venezuela’s wonderful beach resorts: They will be glad to navigate into high seas with your pin numbers to catch that elusive internet signal and run your surreal tropical financial transaction (STFT). Come visit us again soon!

    • In a somewhat related note, there are currently many shops in Caracas where the POS only get signal inside the employees-only section, and the clerks ask you very matter-of-factly to give them your PIN (secret number) so they can do the transaction for you… Sometimes you may even have to scream it, letting all the other costumers know the number!!

  6. The legend of poor people eating dog food (or cat food) usually comes out every Christmas in Canada. It appeals to the emotions and outrage of readers of the left wing press, but the fact is these foods are not only much more expensive than cheap regular food, they’re taxable at 13 percent.
    It’s an urban legend everywhere.

  7. This is the type of Dynamics that current electoral system generate. Whoever control the voting masses using ANY form of marketing tactics including lies WINS !! Frankly, It is a race to the bottom attracting unscrupulous candidates given the degree of misinformation and little factual information the overwhelming majority of voters can handle in practice.
    When the only parameter that qualify people to vote is to be older than 18 all this debacle is actually the expected outcome. Politics based on perception and urban legends rather than facts and good information is what many Democracies have come down to be. The system is so broken that authoritarian regimes like in China look good in comparison !!


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