Crisis Consumes Venezuelans – and Nobody Else

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In the real world, people pay as much attention to Venezuela as Venezuelans do to the real world. For a society with a heavy Louis XIV outlook on its place in the universe, that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

It’s been just over six months since I left the comfort of home searching for actual comfort, and the reality is that we’re just another headline out here.

The talk of domestic terrorism cells, the local football league, the latest bestseller, and the works on the subway system are all the attention span can grasp. That’s news. Venezuela, if it’s mentioned at all, is as any other tragedy that happens abroad. People, the few who are aware of what la patria grande is and suffers, feel bad about it. But that’s that.

There’s no talk of the Dominican Republic diálogo, no clue who Óscar Pérez is or even that the country is malnourished, out of medicine and in the midst of the worst economic crisis in its history. That’s our own little bubble to wallow in. It’s its own blessing, I must admit, to not go through hours and hours of the same exact conversation every day.

The same way no one discusses Brexit, the Trump-Kim tit for tat or anything other than Venezuelan chaos back home, people elsewhere focus on what really matters to them. And that’s fine. It’s not a suffering competition. People cater to their own needs and worry about their own concerns. A tropical shitstorm they might not have even heard of can be spared.

In the end, as sad as it might be, we’re just one of those countries that burned itself to ashes.

For a country whose capitalinos know of only three nationalities (caraqueños, los del interior y los del exterior), this comes as a shock. The notion that we aren’t the center of the universe is odd, but reflects reality.

Yet, once you’re out of the maelstrom, the pallet of dark tones that paints this tragedy of ours blends into a solid and dull grey. It’s just another heartbreak song. Even expats with family and friends still in the frontline have a hard time telling truth from lie, real news from clickbait, what’s staged and what actually happened.

And in truth, little matters when credibility is hard to come across, no matter how close to the elephant you stand. Polls speak louder than the clout, and when every involved actor lacks a positive influence on voters, what expats do or don’t read shouldn’t matter.

The overreliance on the outside world to find a solution, which spans from American sanctions to a craving for military intervention, makes it hard for Venezuelans abroad to look away. Yet in the end, as sad as it might be, we’re just one of those countries that burned itself to ashes, a petty cause among many for those with no horse in the race.

Like the Sudan crisis, the Greek economic meltdown and even the Argentinean Corralito, to those not involved in what Maduro says or does and how the country suffers for it, it’s just a five minute conversation over coffee, at best.

La crisis is an icebreaker, a college kid’s cause, or something you come across as a well read guy. It would do us good to realize how much less of an option “the international option” actually is, when seen from abroad.

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  1. While true that the trending topics that obsess us dont have the public resonance abroad that they have here at home , there are now in most world perioidicals and magazines a constant stream of sometime second page news items and reports on the venezuelan situation , and more importantly we are at the radar or in the eye of the most important national and international institutions of the world who keep constant watch over whats happening in Venezuela and moreover appear to have an interest in creating pressures , increasing pressures against the regime and its bosses …we are much less ignored than we were in the past .
    The other thing to note is that all those horrour stories that have been printed in the last years have left an imprint on peoples mind , more in some countries than in others, so that while they dont follow venezuelan news closely , anytime news of Venezuela does appear they are already placed in how they see the regime and its abuses ……you go to spain or colombia or other places and there is instant recognition of what is happening in Venezuela and a decided sympathy for Venezuelans who are its victims . Im told that you go to any place in spain and people will show their sympathy almost automatically , look at the way venezuelan tv show contestants are instantly liked by their tv audiences who inmmediately show their sympathies , at how if you go for example to a madrid pharmacy , they wont demand the recipes for the medicines you want to buy because they know and understand the troubles we Venezuelans are having….

    Look at the way political groups that in the past were sympathetic to the regime know avoid any identification with it or even make remarks critical of its conduct….because association with it is now the kiss of death for leftist political movements in many countries …….yes we are not the centre of the universe , everyone has its fish to frie in their own respective milieu but we are certaing in the map of their memories and imagination any time that Venezuela appears in their news . Those presidents or public men from other countries who mention the regime critically (and there are quite a few of them now) do son not only following the dictates of their conscience but because to do so is to gain the sympathy and popularity of many within their own constituencies……… This state of affair may prove decidedly relevant in times to come …..the Venezuelan story isnt over yet..!!,,there is still lots to come…!!

    • Well said. I was thinking of posting something, but you basically said the same message, and left out any criticism of media for giving publicity to “imperialista” rhetoric, and left out criticism of CC for their insane comparisons of Trump to Chavez.

      My contemplated post asked where to find the articles on CC apologizing for obviously incorrect slurs and slanders of President Trump, and asked for some articles about how unfairly American oil companies were treated during the “expropriese” insanity, and how unwise it was to “nationalize” the oil industry, as well as some articles about the billions of dollars American companies have lost just trying to do business in Venezuela. Now even mighty Colgate Palmolive has shut its doors. Maybe an article about the number of jobs Colgate provided, how they treated their employees, and the loss to the region? Maybe some articles thanking the USA leadership for all it has done in leading other nations to take some action against the Maduro regime? A simple “Thank you!” is nice to hear.

      There appears to be some “accusative streak” in the Venezuelan culture. Maybe it is all just socialist accusative streak, and has nothing natively Venezuelan. I stopped going to “El Chiguire Bipolar” specifically because “el Professor Briceno” is just totally and insanely anti-Trump. I couldn’t interpret that as any kind of “Thank you!”

      You steered away from all that backlash criticism. Obviously, I’m not as cool-headed and of such good will as yourself. I do recognize that, and I am making efforts to improve my personal philosophy of life every day, but surely other Americans who hear the “Rio Guaire of anti-imperialista rhetoric” coming out of LatAm have to struggle with the insults as well.

      We’re doing what we can, short of declaring war, and we don’t see a whole lot of “thank you” coming our way from media. If indeed the U.S. sent the Marines – even after the fact that Venezuela as a country asked the Americans to go home ages ago and cost us billions – if indeed the U.S. “sent the Marines”, it would only be a matter of weeks before cries of “Yanqui Imperialistas Invasores” went up. We’re not stupid.

      The article as I read it is a call to Venezuelans to realize that Venezuelans must solve their problems, or die. Who “Venezuelans” are – military brass, political leaders, the crushed middle class, the lower class, or the rioters and looters – is a big question.

      And it is not just “Venezuelans”, but other LatAm countries who must do something. It is not hard for political leaders in other LatAm countries to raise their level of rhetoric, and participate in the sanctions against the regime. They are doing that, but it was President Trump who took action first. I would ask true Venezuelans to take note of that, and remember who their friends are. And stop “dissidents” among you from spitting in our faces. Some factual pro-American stuff might help.

      • Yep x 2. Well, at least the comments are still worth reading. In my neck of the woods, everyone cares about Venezuela, partly because I have spent 20 years educating them. While lamenting that I cannot repost Caracas Chronicles articles to help in doing that. Venezuela does not understand that “cuando nos van a mandar las marinas” is unrealistic whining from a people where precious few (we know who they are) have done much to help themselves. Not sending our own to die for you does not mean we do not care or pay attention.

        • True, though as the only American president to have bothered lifting a finger to try to force the criminal regime from power, he’s the one who has ever gotten blasted here by the CC staff, repeatedly.


          • No. The Trump administration continued and expanded – as the situation has deteriorated under Trump- the targeted sanctions started under the Obama administration. The calling for these sanctions has been bi-partisan. They could go much further considering that the largest contributor to the Maduro regime’s resources is trade with the USA. That’s been the American dilemma all along with Chavismo: they want to punish it, but not at a cost to themselves. Hard to pull off. Hard to pull off while recovering from the worst economic disaster since the great depression and trying to wind up two massively costly failed attempts at regime change and nation building. Hard to pull off with China happy to move in and fill the spaces of disengagement.

            For the many similarities between Trump and Chavez, there is one important difference worth noting, which is that Trump has never had the support, trust or respect of most Americans (as Chavez enjoyed at times with majorities of Venezuelans). In fact, Trump does not have the support or trust of his own advisors, and so we know a lot more about the dysfunction, chaos and antics that go on daily in the White House than we do about the dysfunction, chaos and antics that went on in Miraflores under Chavez (although we know some of that too).

            With the occasional exception, most of the commenters that are American or identify as American in the comments section here are Trumpistas and carry the Trumpista swagger: gross insults to Venezuelans, women, posturing, obliviousness to facts, mischaracterizations, lying, conspiracy theories.

            It is almost as if the five or so Chavistas from the USA that regularly showed up here to insult and spout nonsense back when Maduro was Foreign Minister morphed into Trumpistas in November of 2016, complete with their “I know you are but what am I arguments” and their whataboutisms and their belief that CNN and the Washington Post were part of a coordinated media agenda of world domination.

            It was so seamless, the disappearance from this comments section of the PSF’s of the far left, and the arrival of the PSF’s of the far right.

            We can say with quite a lot of confidence that this contingent of American commenters who moved in here when Quico wrote a piece about Trump and Chavez and who have not left, are not at all representative of American public opinion. It is a small group of rightwing cranks who have decided to dedicate themselves to the defence of Trump in this little part of the internet. I even think there is one Canadian guy who occasionally joins them. Why they are here defending Trump, I don’t know. The true believers march on, oblivious to what the wide world around them is telling them, oblivious to the observable phenomenon of a buffoon in a clownish getup spouting nonsense.

          • It’s been confirmed months ago that the sanctions against chavista honchos were stopped by Obama’s administration.

            Also, it’s curious, that the so called “trumpista swagger” as you call it, allegedly treats venezuelans like garbage when that’s the best known trait of non-venezuelan chavistas.

            “Why are they defending Trump?”, because comparing Trump with Chávez is like trying to fit a square piece into a round hole.

        • Having lurked here for about 2 years, and posting for some of that, I can attest that the powers behind CC are definitively anti-Trump. I expect the accolades they offer him for the sanctions are only given reluctantly, and had The HildaBeast won the election, the same sanctions that Trump enacted would be touted from the mountaintops. You can be assured that She would have been a huge advocate of more “dialogue” (but no sanctions)… because that is what Leftists do. Talk. God forbid there be any sort of threat of action behind the talk.

          But, that goes with the territory in the United States. The leftist intelligentsia view themselves as enlightened. And enlightened people (Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, The Clintons, Obama….) don’t need the use of ham fisted force (except when they are burning down churches in Texas, or shooting children and moms in Idaho) Good news that come from the right side of the political spectrum is at best tolerated, but never to receive acknowledgement. That sort of accolade only is offered to their “side” of the aisle.

          • Canucklehead, you really don’t have a handle on American politics and thinking.

            You categorize Trump supporters as right-wing cranks? Which means that half the country who voted for him are to be dismissed as idiots because you don’t like him?

            My God. You’ve entered a new level of stupidity. Or should I say Chavismo:

            Attacking those who disagree with you as meaningless. And by the way:

            Brevity is a virtue.

            I enjoy reading your posts for laughs, but for God’s sake, I’m not in the mood to read War and Peace every time.

          • Ira, go easy on the man. He not only suffers from severe TDS, not too many months ago he was encouraging Venezuelans to give elections and constitutional means a chance to resolve this crisis.

            Coupled with believing in failed socialist policies and supporting an American president who lead from behind, he’s got a heavy cross to bear.

          • Canucklehead, you really don’t have a handle on American politics and thinking.You categorize Trump supporters as right-wing cranks? Which means that half the country who voted for him are to be dismissed as idiots because you don’t like him?

            That’s not the half of it. Dixit Canucklehead: I ask myself similar questions about the supporters of chavez and the supporters of the (current) republican party. Are they the beneficiaries of a corrupted system, the uneducated and manipulated, or a combination of both?Why is it so quiet around here?
            Canucklehead’s case of TDS is a subset of his RDS. When someone insults me as in the above, my tendency is to subsequently dismiss what he has to say on the subject.

            Ironically, my change from a progressive of the left to an evil right-winger was in part spurred by having read a book written by the Venezuelan journalist Carlos Rangel- Del Buen Salvaje al Buen Revolucionario- which I purchased in Anaco. CC has had some discussions on the book.

          • “Ironically, my change from a progressive of the left to an evil right-winger………..”

            I’m relieved to hear that it’s not necessarily a terminal condition. Kudos to you my evil right-wing friend for finding your way out of the wilderness. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have been so lost.

          • And Bouldo, here’s what a thoughtful American answered to my question way back when about Republicans and Trump:

            “Key thing to understanding the Republicans is that it is really made up of two substantial components. The first is the moderate, educated managerial class. They are simply for a strong military and fiscal realism (i.e., managing bureaucratic growth and having sustainable entitlements) combined with a relatively pro-business environment and moderate social problems. The problem arises with the the other half, which tends to be less educated bible-thumpers who are highly visceral in their emotional reactions and take the better parts of the first group to extremes and is vastly more vocal. The two parts cannot agree and thus you end up with their candidate being all over the map since he originated in the first group but needs the support of the second lest they abstain.

            Sadly, a candidate from the first group that maintained those values would probably beat anything the Democrats offered up and might be what the EEUU direly needs, but it would be impossible to do so with the Tea Party extreme right.

            So the answer to your question, based on my practical experience, is that the Repubs founder somewhere between rationalism and ignorance…in a country with only 30% of the population having college degrees, you can guess which of the two has an advantage.[…]”

            There are moderate Republicans, but there are precious few who visit this website and comment anymore, perhaps because anyone who believes that government should do anything except wage war and keep foreigners out is labeled a communist by your brothers in arms here.

            One more point I think I’ve made to you a hundred times. If a book has changed your perspective on politics 180 degrees, as you indicate happened to you, you may want to consider whether there might be another book out there that would spin you back. And if that is possible, which logic indicates it surely must be, then you might want to consider whether a more reliable touchstone for your beliefs and opinions is experience, and reality.

            Free advice! Wasted, I know!

          • One more point I think I’ve made to you a hundred times. If a book has changed your perspective on politics 180 degrees, as you indicate happened to you (read and reflect on experience)

            Response to the boldface: no, that is NOT what I indicated: “in part spurred by having read .. Del Buen Salvaje al Buen Revolucionario.” Part of 180 degrees is not 180 degrees. The other part being what I had observed on ground level in Latin America.

            Which makes the rest of your advice in that paragraph rather unnecessary- as if I DON’T reflect on experience and read other books. 🙂

            Free advice! Wasted, I know.
            It is wasted because it is advice based on hasty, incomplete reading. WHAT PART OF “IN PART” DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?
            You might try reading carefully before you write.

            In addition to not listening to advice from those who write a nonsense topic sentence, I do not tend to listen to advice from those who insult my side of the political aisle (your Nov 2012 remark). Bluster and vinegar don’t catch many flies.

            IIRC, the only other time you responded to my bringing up Del Buen Salvaje, you didn’t make the “hundred times” point.


          • “That’s one insult, three gross mischaracterizations, and a whataboutism, MRubio.”

            I’m slacking off then. I intended the whole thing to be insulting.

        • Agreed. However, there is another way to look at the copious criticism of Trump emanating from oppo sources like CC or Jesús Torrelba. Consider who has also compared Trump to Chávez: The Democratic National Committee posted a video online this week claiming there was a lot of similarity between Trump and Chávez.

          When Venezuelan oppos do the same, they are in effect taking sides with the Democrats in a domestic US dispute:Trump versus Demos. As MRubio has pointed out, CC had minimal- of any- criticism of Obama. Which is even more evidence about taking sides: copious criticism of Trump echoing talking points from the Democratic National Committee versus minimal criticism of Obama.

          If Venezuelan oppo people want to take sides in a US domestic dispute- Trump versus Demos- go right ahead. But to the extent they do so, I am more likely to say, let Venezuela stew in its own juices. Nor am I the only person to so conclude.

          I am reminded of Quico telling us that comparing Bernie Sanders to Chávez. was to exhibit “slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness.” Yet Bernie once told us:
          “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?”
          Not so slackjawed, is it, to make the comparison?

          Oppo spokesman Jesús Torrelba.compares Trump to you-know-who:

        • Agreed, but there is another way to look at Venezuelan oppo criticism of Trump, whether it comes from CC posts or from oppo spokesman Jesús Torrealba. From 2016: The Democratic National Committee posted a video online this week claiming that Trump and Chávez have a lot in common.
          As MRubio pointed out, CC has made little or no criticism of Obama. CC has essentially repeated some Democratic National Committee talking points about Trump. That looks to me like taking sides in US domestic politics. That’s your choice. But when you take sides in US domestic politics, don’t expect the other side to support you. Most Americans don’t give a damn about Venezuela. It’s not very astute to insult ~ half the electorate if you want its support, given how few Americans care about Venezuela. In other words, don’t bite the hand that might feed you.

          Comparing Chávez with US politicians reminds me of comparing him to Bernie Sanders. Quico considered it “slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness” to compare Bernie Sanders with Chávez. What, after all did Chávez and Bernie have in common? Bernie will tell us:
          These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?

          Bernie tells us that “the American dream is more apt to be realized in… Venezuela.” Oh no, no connection between what Bernie wants for the US and what Chávez “accomplished.” So much for “slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness.” When it comes to US politics, I sometimes think that the main thing Quico picked up from his education at Reed was to sneer. Sneer some more, Quico.

    • Excellent post Bill Bass!

      Critique of this article: 1. this article is more or less a narcissistic critique western cultures for being otherwise narcissistic and oblivious to the plight of Venezuelans. So what, every culture on Earth is guilty of this. What the peons in the streets believe right now is not important. So it is a lame hypothesis to begin with.

      2. As Dick Cheney said: “there are people who write history and people who make history.” Whether you think Dick is a MMG or not, this is true. What matters is what the movers and shakers of the world are doing now, not your everyday “Joe sixpack.”

      To not recognize this is a complete lack of understanding how power really works in this world. Sorry, but it is true and always has been true since the dawn of civilization.

      Thus I am in agreement with BB in that: , “the Venezuelan story isnt over yet..!!,,there is still lots to come…!!”

      Hey Daniel, we have not even arrived to “the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE STAGE”. This comes after Maduro steals the election and all the blank checks he used to pay for his campaign come back null and void from insufficient funds.

      THAT IS WHEN HYPER INFLATION GOES INTO WARP DRIVE AND NO HAY! REALLY IS NO HAY!!!!! This is what we get to look forward in May or June (I agree with poeta on this) when El Pueblo are rioting in the streets– not screaming “Brains! Brains! Brains!,” but screaming “CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!” And unfortunately for El Pueblo, NO HAY! NO HAY! NO HAY! The Mother of No F*%king HAY!

      Then and only then, is when we start seeing Venezuela becoming a headline on CNN USA, BBC, NY Times, ABC, Fox and the rest of the mainstream media. NOT BEFORE. Sorry to say, but 100 plus deaths does not move the needle of global public opinion. This has to get much worse: a full on zombie apocalypse before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      So if you are a Venezuelan living abroad, time to start clocking in some extra hours and make sure your family in Venezuela is prepared for this because El Chofer Maduro is about to drive the country off a cliff.

      3. Now if huger riots coupled with the resistance taking it to the streets, plus international pressure to topple this fragile regime does not work, then we are winding down to an international intervention. This brings us back to point number 2 in that there are people who write history and people who make history. The shot callers who make history will do this at a time and place of their own choosing. Yes, geopolitics is the ultimate reason for an intervetion. But you also have to understand domestic political calendars of the major power players.

      I will bet big hamburguesa on this, but if the regime does not collapse by July there could be an international intervention. If there is, it will be closer to the mid term elections…say October 2018.

  2. There are many things in the world that are important, but the fact that the average person doesn’t care or know, does not make it less so. The crisis of Venezuela is not complicated really, it can be simplified as a group of extremely incompetent and corrupt people got in power and are not stepping down unless forced out by violent means so there is no room for peacefully negotiating anything, they are committed to their “revolution”, it really became their suicidal mission (Patria, Socialismo o Muerte) by choice or accident. Given these circumstances the solution is obvious. The US and many countries are willing to help at many levels but as long as many influential Venezuelans still hope for a peaceful solution, the problem won’t go away.
    Here in the US, there was a White House petition needing 200K “signatures” asking the Trump admin to consider a Military Intervention. Even though is mostly a symbolic showing of hands It couldn’t reach 3% !! For the life of me I can not believe there are at least 400k Venezuelans living here! I did all I can to promote it among friends and family to no avail, also the fact that many news outlets and blogs that report daily on Venezuela like this one never promoted it or even mentioned it speaks volumes about this hopeless situation. I have a life to live and frankly I’m giving up on this issue.

  3. Its very very simple, the Venezuelan people actually got what they deserve, and all the ones that left can f%^k off.
    See very simple.

    • That is quite unfair crusader. I know of people who want to leave but they can’t. Where do you go when you are 60 or 70 and have no money? Rebuild you life in Spain, Peru or Colombia? Give me a break! Life is unfair but we all knew that. My only consolation is that a lot of those in dire strait are Chavistas. To those I can only say “pudrete”.

      • Charly so you confirm my point, everyone wants to run away from the bogeyman, i have never seen such a nation of cowards. That is why the bully wins here, simple really.

    • “the Venezuelan people actually got what they deserve, ”

      Same way as muricans deserve all the civilians that terrorists have killed in their country, right?

      • Did the muricans vote for the terrorists?

        Venezuela is “reaping what it hath sewn.” El Pueblo wanted this. They voted to be coddled and treated like toddlers, and Chavismo delivered.

        • “Did the muricans vote for the terrorists?”

          Nope, but “they voted for those who allowed terrorists to exist, thus they deserve the 9/11 and all the other mass killings”

          That’s the same logic behind that idiotic claim that “venezuelans brought this on themselves”

          chavismo is part of an invading force controlled by cubans, they weren’t the result of a “toddler tossing a tantrum”

          • “they voted for those who allowed terrorists to exist, thus they deserve the 9/11 and all the other mass killings”

            What/when was that vote? I don’t recall voting on letting terrorists exist in the United States. Was that the 2000 election? Are you letting the hyperbole get the best of you? Or are you another Maduro apologist trolling?

            Venezuelans time and again have voted to be coddled by their benevolent Marxist dictators, who promised them the moon and stars. Now we see the end result. Not too many outside of Venezuela are feeling too badly for them.

            In my opinion, given the chance, these same voting morons would vote for another candidate from another party who promises them more of the same thing. From what I have read about the opposition parties, they are all cut from the same socialist cloth.

            Why should ANYONE give a shit about Chavistas who are willfully ignorant? Let them starve. Let them fight with GNB and PNB goons in the streets. Let their barrios burn to the ground. F*ck them. Let THEIR blood run red in the streets.

          • “Why should ANYONE give a shit about Chavistas who are willfully ignorant?”

            You know that we’re not talking about “willful chavistas” here.

            The whole “f**k you, venezuelans, choke on your chavismo” is insulting because it’s aimed directly at the people that oppose chavismo even from day one and before, those who always tried to make a honest living by working as they were taught by their relatives, and now are even more powerless than before because the monstrous brainwashing apparatus that’s the chavista / mudera propaganda that’s been used to manipulate the population into submission (Coupled with bullets and more bullets) during almost two decades.

            People that never had any leverage to influence in any political decison because they either didn’t have enough age to vote in 1998 or were steamrolled under the “official opposition” propaganda.

            So now people that if they migrate because they don’t want to waste their lives are considered cowards.

            And people that stay and make a stand are treated as radical and lunatic drama queens while being mocked as they’re butchered by the dictatorship.

            The only people that seem to be “acceptable as venezuelans” are those who willingly postrated themselves before the dictatorship and its cuban masters.

            That’s when everytime I read or hear the phrase “hahah, you stupid brownies, drown in your socialism!” the first thought that reflexively comes to my mind is “f**k you thrice, you f****g scumbag!”

        • So as long as you say “venezuelans deserve chavismo”, don’t be a hypocryte and remember that it’s the same logic to claim that “murican civilians deserved to be killed by terrorists”

          • Ulamog you talk of terrorism like you know the subject matter, you know nothing other than what you see as written, leave that to us big boys that spend whole careers fighting terrorism wether being Irish Republicanism or Muslim genocide. Also im not a gringo and dont give a damn about your “murican” bs.
            So yes i stand by my simple statement wether you like it or not “the Venezuelan people actually got what they deserve” now if people dont see that in a ‘real politik’ way then thats tough. So tell me how many Venezuelans have run away in the past 5 years???

          • “you talk of terrorism like you know the subject matter,”

            The same way you talk about chavismo and Venezuela like you knew anything about it, sticking to the moronic mantra of “f**k those poor idiots, they deserve to suffer chavismo forever”

            “…us big boys that spend whole careers fighting terrorism…”

            All those “years” and it looks as you learned nothing.

            ” Also im not a gringo and dont give a damn about your “murican” bs.”

            And by the way you reacted to it, it seems that I touched a nerve there, so much for the apparent glee you have in repeating that idiocy about “hahah, they deserve it! they’re so stupid!”

          • Also, Crusader, since you talk that much about knowing the terrorism and its causes, maybe you didn’t notice that such claims fall flat when you’re such a defender of the “I don’t care, just f**k them, they asked for it” idea, when that’s precisely one of the causes of terrorism.

          • Ulamog you really are a simpleton, tell me what is your expertise on these geopolitical and security matters?
            Your attempt to parallel Muslim violence – killing Americans which is somehow due to elections in the US, and your own government destroying its own country is pathetic (the vast majority of muslims are killed by muslims – just look at the last attack in Kabul, a place i know well)
            I have learned an awfull lot about Venezuelans (like you) in the last 10 years that i have been living here, so i do posses some knowledge of Venezuela and Chavismo.
            Now trust me it takes more than your crap to strike a nerve.
            And i still dont give a damn about your “murican” gringo bull.
            At the end of the day i am told so often that Venos do not need outside help, as you are all so proud, and capable, and you hate the gringos anyway.
            So i repeat “Its very very simple, the Venezuelan people actually got what they deserve, and all the ones that left can f%^k off.”

          • To not to give a bulls**t about something, you look really angry about it now.

            “I am told so often that venecos don’t need help”, your case is even worse than I thought, you’re also one of those MUD apologists, yuck.

            “…just look at the last attack in Kabul, a place i know well…”

            So by your hypocrite pseudo-logic, the civilians on that part of the world don’t deserve to be killed by terrorists that their goverments didn’t want to fight, but venezuelans do deserve to be butchered by tens of thousands simply because an agent of the cuban invaders such as the MUD crackpots told you that “venos don’t need help”

            Pathetic indeed, your tantrums are funny.

  4. This article is very true. I’ve also written many times that little Kleptozuela is not ‘el ombligo del mundo’ . People tend to think they are at the center of the Universe, while there are probably trillions of entire Solar Systems out there, or more. In reality there are dozens and dozens more disasters in this little planet similar to Venezuela, dictatorships, wars, famines, even much larger Genocides. And for the most part, people don’t really care much or even know about it, they have their own little worlds and concerns.

    That said, what matters here is foreign Governmental attention, not what this article focuses on. Especially what leading governments of the 1st world might or might not do to help Klepto-Cubazuela now. There again, many still dream of OEA and UN interventions, even USA invasions. When in fact, this is just another one of those “shitholes” Trump just mentioned. (Yes, it sounds bad, but it’s EXACTLY what most American and Europeans really think about messed-up, seeminglee doomed little 3rd world countries like Kleptozuela, Haiti, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other African or Asian countries, they feel a bit sorry, some empathy, sure, but they are undeniably “shitholes” today, in the lighter, street sense of the word here in the USA).

    That also said, these major countries only act when their own national interests are at stake. And nowadays, if they act at all, beyond mere public ‘condemnations’, it’s usually in a covert matter, hidden drones, the CIA, Seal team 6, and perhaps severe economic sanctions, only in a few instances, as the USA had against Cuba or Iran. Most of the time they stand aside, acting politically correct, feeling sorry for numerous ‘shitholes’ like Kleptozuela around the world. Heck, they even end up embracing them, like the USA just embraced Cuba, Syria, or other African Tyrannies.

    And that’s what might be beginning to change significantly now. Very recently, since El Grupo de Peru, including all the big Latin American countries plus Canada and the USA took a strong, united stand against Chavismo. That finally caught my attention, for a change, with Macri as a strong new force behind it. Then the entire EU declared it’s opposition against the fraudulent elections. And then Macron had very strong, unprecedented words against against the tropical narco-regime, (right after the Spanish prime minister/ Masburro dispute, after they killed whatever was left of the MUDcrap.

    That was major. France never acts like that, and France is a leading political force now in Europe, with the UK and Germany diminished.The recent Macron deal is big, unprecedented, crucial. It’s the head of the freaking EU against Chavismo now. And soon, the USA will send representatives to Latin American countries to review the Kleptozuelan mess again. So we are having renewed interest from big nations, a new and strong Macri-Macron-Trump Axis of anti-chavismo. Why? They have realized that Klepto-Cubazuela is not Cuba, a little island that could be left isolated in the Caribbean. And that its dictatorship is getting too solid and dangerous in the region, even worldwide, regarding drugs and terrorism concerns.

    This is new and different. This ain’t no UN or OEA usual diplomatic bullshit.

    Not saying that Seal team 6 is about to land in Miraflores, a la Noriega of the 80’s. But a little push by the Latin American Grupo de Peru, plus the EU, and a 3 week gas/oil boycott from the USA is all the “help” Venezuela needs now to expel Chavismo. Yes, 3 weeks would suffice. No more cash for gas. Boom! 3 weeks of strong international opposition, severe economic measures coming from every direction, as Macron just asked for, y se acabo el cine, listo el pollo.

    Wait until April, when the Kleptozuelan economy will be even worse, with an imminent Default. Wait for the obvious, blatantly stolen Presidential elections, stolen by a despicable, unpopular to the max. uncharismatic, utterly retarded Maduro everyone loathes. By then, when the entire civilized World is squarely against Chavismo, shut down the Gas pipe into the USA, no more Cash. That brief, final international push, un ultimo empujoncito, if necessary… Economic disaster, plus the major election Fraud, plus the Maduro hate factor, plus zero gas cash and some select, poignant EU economic measures.

    A 3 week dose of this potent cocktail and Chavismo is out by June.

    • Maduro howls about the “economic war”. A three week “economic shut down” would be an Armageddon for him. No cash. No exports. No imports. Most importantly, no Yanqui invasion. That is a MUST. Maduro would use any sort of military engagement as validating his silly claims all along. Of course, that wouldn’t prevent him from mobilizing the country against a “boogieman” invasion. But, after three days and not a sign of a single troop?

      Put a fork in him. He is done.

    • While very well said, we are still waiting on Cuba. Fall of the Soviet and the Venezuela lifelines has not deterred Castroism. Just saying.

    • Poeta Criola, “Out by June” what a pathetic comment based on no historical precedent what so ever, keep wishing.
      Your Seal Team 6 is not going to do anything, and Panama was completely different. In the 90s i spent a lot of time in the Former Yugoslavia while genocide was carried out by the Serbs, the same Serbs who are soon to join the EU and during that period the EU and UN did nothing at all, and i saw what happened and it was a shit load worse than here.
      The whole world is not against Chavismo, and to believe so is utter rubbish, 57% and rising of countries in the UN are not democratic…..and that number is rising and has been for over 20 years.
      How long have regimes like Cuba and Zimbabwe survived, drink some more coffee as you need to sober up!

      • Crusader, looking for historical president can be deceptive because as Soren Kierkegaard once said: “we live forwards and understand backwards”. We live in very different times than Cuba in 1958 as well as Zimbabwe of 2017. We must treat every case study as unique, not just historically/ politically but also in terms of geography.

        Yes, Zimbabwe only collapsed recently and we are on pace to be the next Zimbabwe in terms of inflation. But remember that 68% of the Zimbabwean workforce is employed in agriculture compared to only 12% in Venezuela. That is, in Zimbabwe how you cope with hyper-inflation is by going back to the bush. In Venezuela, that is not a possibility. Agricultural traditions were forgot about a few generations ago as everybody fled to the cities to get a piece of the oil money. Now the countryside lays barren and a complete waste because nobody is willing to farm (because it is not profitable) and the poor people are mired in ignorance and do not know how to produce for themselves and are completely reliant on imported food. That simple. A recipe for disaster.

        What I take Poeta as saying is that we have a social explosion on our hands. Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc, tic toc. This time it will not be middle class guarimberos in the streets but a zombie apocalypse– a Caracazo 2.0 but in all parts of Venezuela and it could go on for much longer. Things are getting pretty bad here and most pueblo people are not going back to the bush. Once no hay is NO HAY, the shit will hit the fan here.

        Poeta, to put words in his mouth again, is only giving a THEORETICAL time frame when the shit will hit the fan–and hopefully this will mean the downfall of this regime (and I am praying we will be celebrating the downfall of the c*nts ASAP!). Who knows, we can see massive defections from the GNB, a coup, these guys realizing the ball game is over, etc. All that said, what we do know is that “winter is coming” (to take a phrase from Game of Thrones) and (I would add): now is the time to be prepared for the coming shitstorm.

        Frederich Niezche: “The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder, and revile the whole.”

        • “This time it will not be middle class guarimberos in the streets…”

          Correction, it will not be middle class guarimberos in the streets that DON’T FIGHT BACK once the chavista hordes come for blood, there’ll be no more stigma of “you’re the bloodthirsty rrrrradical lunatic who wants a civil war!” that MUD happily nailed on almost every person that opposes the regime.

          “…but a zombie apocalypse– a Caracazo 2.0 but in all parts of Venezuela…”

          I always reviled the comparison of the february 27 lootings with any semblance of “people’s protest” since it was actually a cuban plan to oust CAP and seize the control of Venezuela to steal its oil (Proven today with the very existence of chavismo)

          • Indeed, some degree of Cuban engineering of the Caracazo. Don’t doubt that one bit. Would love to see a great documentary on it. The #1 thing that gringos do not hear enough of in el imperio is Cuban meddling in Latin American politics and you got clueless douche bags wearing Che Guevara shirts on campus.

            All that said and nevertheless:
            you have to remember that the playbook of intelligence services across the globe are virtually the same. Knowing how to start a riot is psychological warfare 101. Yes, we see colectivos doing this now in a more organized manner with their motley band of thugs. But you also have to remember, that there is gas all over the floor in Venezuela. All it can take is the action of one instigator and mimetic behavior/herd instinct takes over. Better believe the CIA are licking their chops right now. If they are not, they are not playing to win. We all know the gloves are off when it comes to geopolitics.

            As far as Chavista mobs destroying opposition neighborhoods, not so sure. I hope neighborhoods organize self defense committees to prepare for this eventuality. But, in large, I think the poor people will destroy their own communities. We can only hope that if there is a “social explosion” (which many of the politicians and press in Venezeula are talking about now) they will direct their rage at the regime.

            If colectivos and the GNB crack down like happened back in the wake of the Caracazo, that would be a major mistake of the Maduristas. Once their own base of support rebels against them in masses, they are done and over with.

          • “and you got clueless douche bags wearing Che Guevara shirts on campus.”

            Yep. Emphasis on “douche bags” ….

        • Guacharaca if i say anything that is factually wrong then let me know. BTW many Germans have written books, there was another one who wrote Mein Kampf. So personally i will stick with Churchill or Shakespeare.
          Another point to note is that even Zimbabwe adopted dolarization in 2008, but as i say this country will not help itself due to the endemic corruption that has effected every part of society.
          You see to me, there are certain steps that could be taken to alleviate hyperinflation and corruption but it will not happen, as too many people are making sooooo much money, and this is a deliberate policy by choice!
          Everyone is dirty.

          • Crusader, you can be factually correct on so many things and still get it wrong.

            For one, common buddy, put the sword back in the sheath, sit back and have a beer. Yeah, lots of keyboard warriors on the CCS commentboard , but it is a lot easier to write and much more diplomatic when not in attack mode haha

            I always read the commentary because there is lots of good stuff here. Think more productive discourse comes out of reasoned debate…But whatever, banter is sometimes fun as well and sometimes I like being a dick or f$ck with others who like to be a dick haha.

            As for facts: “57% and rising of countries in the UN are not democratic.” Indeed. True. I would just ask, “what percentage of those are of major geostrategic importance?”

          • Guacharaca, i agree whole heartedly, however i was diplomatic on here 3 years ago, my diplomacy is fading fast in concert with the situation and the incoherent ramblings of people like Ulamog.
            I also love banter but coming from my background its comes with a harder edge.
            I was writing those comments on the day i sent my wife to live back in France, as i hold the fort here so that my six figure investments dont go to shit in Venezuela.
            With regard your question on the UN i will let you judge the significance yourself….
            2 of 5 permanent Security Council members are non democratic, and 6 of the 10 members of the Council are non democratic.

          • “incoherent ramblings of people like Ulamog.”

            Not my fault that you can’t take an argument that punctures your ridiculous dogma.

            ” i hold the fort here so that my six figure investments dont go to shit in Venezuela.”

            For what? What are those “investments”? Because they can’t be businesses, as you have stated that you “never received a penny from those venecos”.

            If you hate venezuelans and Venezuela as a whole so much, you can simply plant your “investments” somewhere else, dude.

            Your mantra fails simply because it’s the same stupid thing that either chavistas say to dodge their fault on this mess or what those so-called “right wingers” babble when they see something they don’t like.

          • Ulamog

            “incoherent ramblings of people like Ulamog.”

            Not my fault that you can’t take an argument that punctures your ridiculous dogma.

            ” i hold the fort here so that my six figure investments dont go to shit in Venezuela.”

            For what? What are those “investments”? Because they can’t be businesses, as you have stated that you “never received a penny from those venecos”.

            If you hate venezuelans and Venezuela as a whole so much, you can simply plant your “investments” somewhere else, dude.

            Your mantra fails simply because it’s the same stupid thing that either chavistas say to dodge their fault on this mess or what those so-called “right wingers” babble when they see something they don’t like.

          • “WORLD EXPERIENCE ”

            World experience that seems to have been wasted for what I’ve read so far.

            “WERE DO YOU LIVE?”

            I answered this one in another post, but seeing how your hysteria is blocking your reading comprehension, I’ll repeat it, I live in Venezuela, any more specific than that would risk the lives of my relatives and mine as it happens to any person who disagrees with the dictatorship.

            “I AM NOT RUNNING AWAY ”

            But you said you sent your family to France, so…

            “REAL ESTATE”

            Oh, boy, so expensive, sell that to any enchufado and you’ll get a bunch of hard cash.

            Being so stubborn as I’ve read so far, it looks like you have other, murkier interests here, maybe you’re one of those hunger-bond holders?


            Oh, boy, here it comes the nuclear fallacy, the “You’re wrong because you paid for something in Venezuela and thus you’re tainted!”

            That information is irrelevant, but as much pain as it could cause you, no, I haven’t swindled millions of dollars from the public funds as any enchufado did.

            But you, you paid for something in Venezuela, and because everything in Venezuela has a component of currency in its cost structures, you’ve indirectly financed chavismo and supported its “bollox currency frauds”.

            You’re stained too with that, I’m so sorry about you, but no amount of soap will clean that.


            …Then I just read your comments, you seem to have so much negativity, and ceaselessly scream about how venezuelans are hate filled animals that deserve to have their children butchered by a dictatorship that serves an invading force.


            No shit! Really!? I thought it would be turkish, ucranians or peruvians the ones leaving Venezuela! How could this be?!

            “WHAT ARE YOU”

            Just a regular person trying to make a living out of my work, something that chavismo tries it damn hardest to stop with the active aid of the so called “opposition” that curiously has never actually opposed anything chavismo has done so far.

            On the other hand, you look, like I noted before, as either one of poor caricature chavistas do about the “right-wingers”, that present them as racist neo-nazi lunatics, or you’re a non-venezuelan chavista partisan, who gladly chugs any amount of fake-news sewage the communists drain through their mediatic latrines, believing the venezuelans are simply a bunch of ungrateful wretches that deserve to be exterminated.

            Or you can be a fanboy of those influencers that very often post stuff ni youtube claiming to know everything.

        • Exactly, Guacharaca. It has to be a social explosion triggered by the 3 main factors I proposed: Economic catastrophe, even worse in a couple months, plus the Muduro Hate factor, plus the obvious blatant elections fraud, more hate for the regime. Then a little push from the international community, in terms of a brief but severe economic embargo, if necessary. We already have unprecedented, concerted int’l condemnation. That should suffice to expel Chavismo very soon.

          Not wasting time on this Crusader dude, his abysmal reading comprehension skills make think of Chavista educational levels.

    • Its important to remember when talking vis a vis Cuba and the EU that 5 of the 6 main countries that support Cuba re tourism are from the EU, the other being Canada. Thats really showing the Cubans who is boss hey, sanctions my arse.

      Canada 945,248
      UK 174,343
      Italy 112,298
      Spain 104,948
      Germany 93,136
      France 80,470

      • Years ago, Canadian humorist/media personality Peter Gzowski was looking for something to describe the “Canadian Identity”. He posited the question, “As Canadian as ___________”. Something to compete with the likes of, “As American as apple pie”.

        The winner?

        “As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances.”

        Unfunny, boring people we call “Artic Nebraskans”, though they have the uncanny ability to train Frenchmen to play hockey, which is more than any European has ever been able to do. That they vacation in Cuba (which is more expensive to visit than most any other Caribbean nation, with worse infrastructure than much of Haiti) speaks volumes about what is important to them… only too happy to give Castro their cash if only to irritate US interests.

  5. The overreliance on the outside world to find a solution, which spans from American sanctions to a craving for military intervention, makes it hard for Venezuelans abroad to look away. 

    I agree. It is clear from reading this board that too much hope is focused on an international solution which will continue until MUD withdraws from these negotiations in the Dominican Republic. These negotiations allow the international community to continue to do what it does best: nothing, absolutely nothing. And what positive results for the opposition have been achieved by these negotiations? To my knowledge none. Perversely the Chavistas can claim two victories during these negotiations, the ANC and the MUD disqualification.Do not allow the world to hide behind the skirts of these negotiations and do not hold out the false hope of a negotiated solution to Venezuelans. That does not mean that the only hope is open rebellion and bloodshed. Venezuelans can still hope for an internal implosion due to the economy but their options are a choice between waiting for the implosion and revolt and do not include an international solution from negotiations.

  6. In my never humble opinion, article and comments reflect more of media bias than human nature. Folks base their opinions and energy and the crap spewed out by the major “news” outlets. It was in Peru during the 1960’s of IPC expropriation, coup d’etat, etc., that I witnessed first-hand how much the media fabricated. The next 30 years living outside of the US my experiences only substantiated my ever decreasing regard for the media. Most folks, unfortunately, still consume the opinions put out by the media as news. Left, right, liberal, anarchist, or something else, makes no difference. Current prime examples of how news can be skewed simply by ignoring what is taking place: 1) Trump’s trip to Asia. The 40 business executives accompanying Trump (at least 200 others wanted to go) returned with business deals ranging from 1/3 to 1/2 a trillion dollars. All of these focused on moving production back to the US. Aviation industry alone has contracts for airplanes extending out over the next 20 years. 2) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), for some reason given a free ride by the media, like Venezuela has disqualified several candidates for public office. The most recent was a 21-year old young lady who broke Hong Kong and China mainland laws. Her crime? She had the temerity to suggest that democracy may be a good thing. 3) In my home state, The Peoples Republic of Minnesota, the tree huggers have lost recent battles and the decrepit mining and logging industries are going back to work. In an area that has some of the highest poverty levels good, high paying, jobs are rapidly being created due to Trump’s “America First” campaign. Oh, by the way, the mining company reopening the iron range? A Chilean corporation. I do wish God speed to Venezuela for a return to some semblance of prosperity. But please don’t await the arrival of diplomatic pressure. It has never changed anything worthwhile. Nor will it oust the current lot of sociopaths running Venezuela.

    • Greetings from the tropical southern part of Minnesota. (Rochester)

      Are you on the Iron Range? That region is very much Marxist, if not outright Communist. I have relatives up by Hoyt Lakes who struggle to find one of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto that they disagree with.

        • Mrs. Guapo has been living here since 1986 when we met in college. She got used to it. She always thought that she might like to live in Miami… but the problem with Miami is… too many Venezuelans! (joke)

          She is a Midwestern girl now. Though, the cute Venezuelan girl I remember still shines through. She still wears heels and skirts in the wintertime!

          A little less than half her extended family lives here. I’ve gotten some of them to eat lefse! The rest are scattered around various warm parts of the world. The last of her family left VZ last year.

  7. This CC posting comes across as a bit of “woe is me” or at least a pity party. I’m a yank with a Venezuelan wife. We have family in Venezuela that are living this crisis daily and I read the Venezuela – Google News daily. You can spend hours reading the international news on Venezuela. Anytime I hear a mention of Venezuela in conversation outside of my immediate circle there is always a recognition of the disaster it’s become. Maybe I just run into well read people. I don’t know. And then Venezuela is at the forefront of the Rubio/Menendez efforts and many others. You can bet there’s loads of manhours spent daily working on this crisis and the potential aftermath and solutions. Loads of international news on EU sanctions that all link back to the articles on how Venezuela got in this mess. Believe me, the crisis is in the forefront of numerous international organizations such as HRW, IMF, OAS, CIA, UN Security Council and many others.

    “It’s just a five minute discussion over coffee, at best.” Perhaps you need to read more and expand your circle of acquaintances. When the solution arrives (regime change) there will be a tremendous outpouring of support in putting the country back to together based on the work that is being done externally, today, focused on the crisis.

  8. After 40+ years in Venezuela, I moved to Ecuador two and a half years ago. People here are very much aware of the situation in Venezuela, but I would not expect them to make any sacrifices to help. So far I have met only one person here that defends Chavismo, and that was soon after I arrived. ( I have not met Correa).

        • I have no doubt about that, what I tried to say is that even Brazil is gearing up for what’s coming. BTW, other NATO allies wanted that British carrier too, but the UK thought that it was better to sell to Brazil, and for a very cheap price. I think it has to do with the Venezuela crisis.

          • Brazil isn’t gearing up for anything.

            There isn’t a military in Central and South America that can do shit, or whose government wants it too.


          • To act won’t be a matter of choice in the near future.

            There’s already one Brazilian state in state of emergency because there are 50,000 homeless Venezuelans there, the vice-governor resigned last week, he’s hopeless.

            There’s a reason Brazil, even if facing a deep economic crisis, wanted to buy that carrier. And there’s a reason the UK wanted to sell it to Brazil, in spite of other NATO allies wanting it.

            At some point the international community will see itself compelled to act, not because it cares about Venezuela, but because it cares about their own peoples.

  9. Bla bla bla bla bla…….no one cares… one.
    Americans won’t even look up at the TV till the bombs drop.
    And they wont…
    Year’s and years of African relief…commercials to give that 25 cents a day to the fly covered child in south Sudan …
    Why care about venezuela…..seriously…what does venezuela offer the world?….
    If the Charisma trash want to create an island as cuba….lock them in it……

  10. You must hang out with some really uncultured people. All those subjects you listed in this article are common dinner conversations with friends and family

  11. To add. Venezuela is not the center of the universe, but to anyone who understands the geo-political game being played for energy between the U.S, China and Russia would understand the importance of Venezuela.

    Lastly, I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, but there one clear thing this CC staff should understand. Obama’s energy policy is different then Trumps. He is pushing for change in Venezuela because it aligns with his goals regarding energy. This is why comparing Venezuela to Cuba is ridiculous. Cuba has nothing to offer the world.

    You’re right about one thing, few people care about the suffering that is taking place. Venezuela change is coming for completely reasons.

    • Jr, I agree with most you wrote, I am not a Trump supporter nor Obama, prefer to be independent, decisions based on merit rather than red vs blu. But check charts of US oil production from 2000 on, especially since 2008. Despite blocking Keystone US production soared, about 1 MM/day in ND alone, while Ven production was/is collapsing. Point is, in US economics drive results, in Ven politics control outcomes.

  12. Reading the above-comments, not much to add. I will say that Venezuela gets mentioned all the time in libertarian circles as the latest Exhibit A of what happens if leftists get their way.

    The whole thing will (and needs to) collapse on its own weight. What the rest of the world does at that point, I don’t know. But, we’ll find out.

    Great quote by this Aporrean: “Corruption takes everything, in the name of a Marxism” (google translation).

  13. “we’re just one of those countries that burned itself to ashes”

    Oh, look, another of those “Venezuelans deserve chavismo” articles.

    I used to feel nausea at that phrase, but it’s so often repeated by the apologists of the “elections shortcut” that believe that some rigged elections will magically fix everything in Venezuela.

    • Are you of the belief that Venezuela DOESN’T deserve Chavismo? Chavismo is what Venezuela has voted for since 1999 to 2015. Are you of the belief that Chavismo has been forced upon an unknowing population under the guise of something else?

      • “Chavismo is what Venezuela has voted for since 1999 to 2015”

        No, the only election that chavismo might have won was the one in 1998 (And that was doubtful since Indra and millions of dollars were involved), all the others were crystal clear frauds as the ones made in 2017.

        “…Chavismo has been forced upon an unknowing population under the guise of something else?”

        Under the guise of democracy, because communism and cuban apologism never got past 0.5% in any elections before 1998.

        • You are trying to wash your hands of the situation in Venezuela sooooo hard that you really are confirming that your viewpoint is comical and tragic at the same time.
          Your countries opposition is also socialist look at HRA, its all lazy people want, so its not been forced on you, that is you rewriting history, as Trump would say ‘Sad’, and it really is a ‘shithole.

          • Most of the people getting screwed and f**ked up by chavismo neither voted for them nor wanted the country to become a communist shithole.

            So my point stands, the “venezuelans are imbeciles who deserve chavismo” is a fallacy, as well as believing that chavismo has been majority at any point of history in Venezuela.

            I’m not washing my hands from anything nor rewriting anything, I’m simply stating the facts, Venezuela was invaded in 1998 with the aid of a minimal part of the population who was either communist brainwashed idiots or corrupt folks who thought they could continue sucking the country’s resources away.

            But oh, that’s true, since you know so well the terrorism, yet you ignore that most of nowadays’ terrorist attacks are against people who don’t even know what cause are they championing, but f**k it, they get bombed anyway, people that just tried to go with their lives and them they get chopped in the middle of a street by a lunatic who blames them for any made-up grudge, a direct result of ignoring a threat until it’s too late, a mistake many “terrorist fighters” such as you make too often.

          • Who invaded Venezuela in1998, you really are doing all the work for me.
            And the terrorists you have in Venezuela are the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, who for years have been using black flights through Maiqetia with full support of your government, not to mention the money laundering for terrorist groups and the movement of nuclear materiels to Iran breaking IAEA sanctions.
            And you wonder why your passports are not worth a damn.
            I would love to know were you get your “facts” from.

          • Really Crusader?

            You think there hasn’t been electoral fraud in Venezuela from 1998 onward?

            Do a quick search and see how much of Venezuela’s government resources were illegally diverted for electoral campaigns and voter fraud reports.

            Also, Chavez won in 1998 due to complete incompetence by the ruling political system combined with massive absence.

            Also, I don’t get your passport comment. Venezuela’s passport is rather good considering it’s political situation. It’s better then Colombia (which are doing great in comparison),Russia and China.

            I have both an American and Venezuelan passport. I mostly use the Venezuelan one when traveling abroad because it allows you travel through most of the world without a visa, including Russia, which American passports require a visa. You also avoid being targeted as an American.

          • ” I would love to know were you get your “facts” from.”

            From a better source than your ridiculous “venecos deserve chavismo because they’re so stupid” mantra.

            You sound like those self-appointed new right-wing boys in Venezuela that hit every checkbox in the chavista strawman category.

          • “Also, Chavez won in 1998 due to complete incompetence by the ruling political system combined with massive absence”

            JJ, Chávez also won because the enchufados of that time paid MASSIVE amounts of cash to fund his campaign, along with the same backstabbers that ousted CAP, and several media owners that gave him plenty of coverage while hiding his golpista and pro-cuban shenanigans.

            It was only like 5-10% of the media the ones that were against him and his incoming constituyente lunacy, but most of the political class and a lot of the most powerful elements of the highest economic class were convinced that they could make a killing with Chávez in power, and thus paved his way with millions of dollars.

            In the end, it resulted for many of them, who became so stupidly rich that it warps the idea, while leaving the country as a burnt wasteland.

          • “Who invaded Venezuela in 1998”

            More and more it becomes clear that you are one of those pathetic chavista apologists that has never set foot on Venezuela.

          • Ulamog you utter incompetent.
            Firstly i live in Venezuela, let me repeat that as it seems that you like throwing that bollocks around to weaken my position….i live in Venezuela and have for 10 years.
            Where are you living?
            JJ Chavez won his elections, and the fault lies completely with how stupid the opposition was, as well as not competing in elections (how frickin stupid was that?)
            I have not said that there was not fraud and you have clearly not read any of my posts in the last few years!
            If you are looking at elections like Chavez v Cardenas (another socialist) then that explains a lot, all the way up to today, who are the oppo presidential candidates Falcon ex PSUV and HRA who was voted deputy Leader of Socialist International, you cant make this shit up in this country.
            So yes venos love socialismo, and deserve everything they get.
            I am not a Chavista strawman and i have never taken a penny from the venezuelan people unlike 90% of the venos i know.
            People like you have such clouded judgment that it is not even funny and i bet that you also are socialist supporters.

            Please tell me who is the right wing opposition in Venezuela?

            My point precisely, and you just refuse to see it.

          • “i live in Venezuela and have for 10 years.
            Where are you living?”

            In Venezuela, and I have more than thrice the time living there than you, for starters.

            “JJ Chavez won his elections”

            Yeah, “won”, on the back of a system that was rotten to the core to begin with, where elections could be easily bought.

            “the fault lies completely with how stupid the opposition was”

            Which one? The one in 1998 or the one that chavismo tailor made that’s now there?

            Because in 1998 any opposition to Chávez was basically excecrated and vetoed from all the media, which were controlled by crooks that supported Chávez as their “Don Regalón” that would allow them to continue having their greasy paws on the public treasury.

            “as well as not competing in elections (how frickin stupid was that?)”

            Not as stupid as cutting the plan at the middle because it turned out that the folks that directed the opposition at that time were all sold to chavismo and urged people to never dare to protest.

            “I have not said that there was not fraud ”

            Yet you still insist that “this was willingly brought by venezuelans” as if they willingly voted for chavismo, implying that there was no fraud ever.

            “you have clearly not read any of my posts in the last few years!”

            If they’re as the ones you posted here, then I didn’t miss anything.

            “If you are looking at … this country.”

            To all that paragraph: “Official opposition”

            “So yes venos love socialismo, and deserve everything they get.”

            Again with the senseless thing, venezuelans never had any power to get rid of socialismo in the first place and they are to blame for it, ajá, claro.

            “I am not a Chavista strawman ”

            Then stop behaving like one.

            ” i have never taken a penny from the venezuelan people unlike 90% of the venos i know.”

            You claim that you have spent a whole decade living in Venezuela, yet you have never taken a single cent from anybody in the country? SUUUUURE, there are so many holes in that logic that I can use it to dry my pasta.

            “People like you have such clouded judgment that it is not even funny ”

            It’s never funny when someone gainsays you and you can’t answer them, I’m sorry for you (Wait, no, I’m not, I don’t care actually)

            ” i bet that you also are socialist supporters.”

            Yeah, and that’s why I believe that I should receive a compensation for my work, I am SO socialist, dude.

            “who is the right wing opposition in Venezuela?”

            The only one that made herself known is Maria Corina, and because of that she was promptly vetoed from all the MUD-media and even got her votes stolen in the primarias in 2011.

            “My point precisely”

            No, your point is “you venezuelans are a bunch of imbeciles that deserve to be slaughtered by a dictatorship that’s part of an invading force simply because you are venezuelans, hahah!”

          • You just continue to do my job for me, and your ramblings are a delight to read.
            You really are a truly confused little puppy and i genuinely feel sorry for you. You might think you are coherent, and yet you say nothing of substance nor enlightenment.
            I can definetly see that you have lived in Venezuela for much longer than me, maybe its the heat, maybe its the politics of stupid, maybe its your fellow countrymen who kill each other on an industrial scale, maybe its living in a country with a complete lack of collective responsibility, a lack of morals, a lack of moral courage, it could be living in a country with no rule of law and were the policemen are normally the criminals, a country were your government doesnt give a damn about its people, i could go on and on and on.
            “Imbecile”…..yes i definetly think you are one.

          • Aw, you despise every second you’re forced to pay a penace living among the poor shits that you consider venezuelans, yet you’re “chained” to a country and a people you seem to hate so much.

            Go get a tissue to wipe your tears, Crusader, your hysterical fit is funny to read, you really sound like a chavista zealot, who can’t face an argument with other thing than silly insults.

          • “You guys need a time-out.”

            Every time he opens his trap to spread lies I’ll punch them into pieces with arguments like I just did.

          • I have not said one single lie.
            So that makes you a sad individual who can not face the truth and all of your incoherent rambling is for what…..have i changed my mind? have you changed my mind….NO, so i will repeat the comment that started your meltdown.

            “Its very very simple, the Venezuelan people actually got what they deserve, and all the ones that left can f%^k off.
            See very simple.”

            At the end of the day my life will never be as sad or meaningless as yours Ulamog.
            To that end your name on here sums you up perfectly!

            Ulamog is the smallest of the three titans. [1] His head resembles a bony helmet but lacks eyes and lacks expression. Most of his body has the color of exposed muscle and is covered with bony plates. He moves of a writhing mass of tentacles studded with bony spikes. His two arms split at the elbow and lead to four hands. A stench of rotting meat, mushroom and sulfur surrounds him all the time. This is why he also is known as “The Reeking Titan”.

            You really cant make up arseholes like you. Like i said you do all the work for me.

          • Ulamog v. Crusader –

            Great fight! You guys could get into a ring and charge money! Meanwhile, Chavistas would take 20% off the top, the profits of divide and conquer strategy.

            I’m not playing abritrer / arbitro. Too dangerous.

            (To anyone sitting next to me: what round is it? Man, this is good!)

          • Gringo
            As my main man Churchill said,
            “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”
            Only an Anglo Saxon would understand, ha ha.

          • “have i changed my mind?”

            Who said I was interested in changing your mind? You give yourself too much importance. You say a fallacy, I counter and debunk it, end of history, it’s up to you to continue believing it.

            “At the end of the day my life will never be as sad or meaningless as yours…”

            I’m not the one having a breakdown because somebody dared to gainsay his mudero-chavista mantra, but by all means, keep going, dude, it’s funny to see how such a so-called important business man that’s “defending his investments” so bravely in Venezuela can stand to continue living in what you call a shithole full of imbeciles, at least you took your family out to spare them the unending torture of having to cohabitate with those subhumans, but no way that would mean that they ran away, no sire.

            “Ulamog is the smallest of the three titans. ”

            Aww, I feel flattered, you actually took time to research about the nickname I use, it would bring a tear to my eyes if I wasn’t laughing so much now, heheheh.

            To say you hate Venezuela and its people so much but you endure it for the sake of some bribe pocket change, maybe you brought it upon yourself and deserve to get hysterical everytime you are reminded that you live among such “hateful scum” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. I want to change subject matter. “It’s just a five minute discussion over coffee, at best.” By Oil and Gas Guy has just reminding of it. I like Venezuelan Coffee and I used to have a Venezuelan friend bring to me (after getting checked for cocaine an airports). But he recently moved to Canada (Most of the workers left he remaining Venezuelan). I now live near Los Angeles (in USA)- Does anybody know where to get some in the States. (

    • We sell it by the quintal, toasted and ground, 36 kilos from the mountains near Mundo Nuevo. Visit us and you can buy all you want. Pay with dollars, cheap, and man it’s good stuff. LOL

      • You don’t know how close that is to the truth. Mrs. Guapo and I returned home from a week in Aruba, and visited some of her VZ childhood friends. According to them, the vast majority of businesses dealing with tourists (ie scuba diving, tours) are working with dollars and Euros (cash only). I am not at liberty to say how they go about their commerce, but the economy is beginning to dollarize. The problem being that once the malandros discover you are dealing in REAL cash, your safety is at risk. Right now, the biggest problem is that for all intents and purposes, NOBODY is visiting Venezuela, so the cash customers are few and far between.

      • I speculate RR is hoping the military will toss out Maduro et. al., and bring him in to be the new fearless leader. Also, I thought there is some positive connection between him and the fabulously wealthy Maria Gabriel – maybe she will announce that RR should replace Maduro?

        • RR is part of the chavista faction that was left out of the corruption deals, so the only thing he actually seeks is to plug himself into any outlet to start sucking again.

          And the same goes to all those “dissident chavistas” that range from marea socialista all the way to Luisa “I’ve only one dress” Ortega and Miguel “2014 carnage” Rodríguez Rorres.

          That faction of losers is indeed plotting to toss the daughter of Chávez as a contender against Maduro.

          • Ulamog I read it differently. Just finished a Netflix documentary about Pablo Escobar. He was seeking a seat in government to obtain diplomatic immunity and avoid extradition to the USA. I assumed any ambition of RR was along the same lines. How else can he be safe and enjoy his riches?

          • “RR is part of the chavista faction that was left out of the corruption deals”

            I have a hard time believing he did not get his hand in the cookie jar at least few times all those years when he was in charge and so many other hands were stuffed in said jar.

          • I never said that RR did NOT steal, that SOB has enough money to eat 1.800 $ dinners at some luxury restaurants in USA as the last escrache against him proved.

            The same goes for every single of the other losers in marea socialista, they’re angry because they can’t continue looting stuff so they want to take the power for that.

            In the end, they want impunity and to continue stuffing their colons with dollars, nothing more (In any case, that’s what chavismo is at its core)

  15. Today Ramirez announced that he had very sensitive information that could to a lot of harm to Maduro and the regime if it got out , that so far he has refrained from disclosing it……because he didnt want to harm the cause but that if he continued being so maltreated by the regime he would have no choice but to make public the information he had……..and one thing which I belieeve abslutely that having been such a central figure in the regime he has his fingers in every pie and that he DOES HAVE INFORMATION which can cause great injury to Maduro and the regime ……..also that the has the Evidence to prove things that can be used to provoke an international response which will put the regime at peril to its survival ….HE IS WARNING MADURO …….lay off or else…….!! This coming on top of the shortly forthcoming financial collapse of the regime and the inevitable worsening of the crisis will make conditions very difficult for Maduro and his coterie of inmmediate allies and followers….

  16. A man like Ramirez cant survive without some kind of govt protection , he is too vulnerable , someone must be protecting him right now , he is a very valuable asset for anyone wanting to control Maduro ….could it be the Cubans , could it be Trump ………….Maduro should really watch out !!

    • The cubans would more likely “suicide” RR rather than protecting him, once they get the passcodes for the bank accounts, of course.

      cuba won’t even have the need for another “special period” once they’re kicked out from Venezuela, they’ve stolen enough to survive for a long time, their goal as they planned when they started the invasion 60 years ago and achieved it in 1998.

  17. I remember that same speculation which abruptly ended when Saddam Hussein was pulled out of a hole in Iraq. It turned out that no one, not Iran, not the Syrians and not Al Qaeda in Iraq was protecting him.

  18. Sadam after his fall was a fugitive in his own country with nothing to offer anyone that gave him refuge , not so Ramirez he is vulnerable in that he does have a lot of hidden wealth they can go for outside venezuela (The US must have all the evidence in the world about his misdeeds and the means of taking him to jail for a long time , the arm of US govt has very long arms …..) but also he has a treasure trove of harmful information about the regime and its leaders , an asset that many would like to have access to …..that gives him a hedge over Sadaam in giving him a way of protecting his interests …..if he is in any country friendly to the regime that would really imply a betrayal of their ally , if he is in a country that is interested in keeping on the good side of the US then they would know his whereabouts and would have a way of getting at him ….so which country has he taken refuge in …….?? So far no one knows…..he knew what was coming and had time to prepare for it ……., one might speculate that he has made a deal with the US for example and has taken refuge in a country friendly to the US with its consent and form there is following a script conceived to maximize the harm to the regime using different strategies and different times , this is pure conjecture but the silence about his whereabouts is really suggests many possibilities ….!!

    • “one might speculate that he has made a deal with the US for example and has taken refuge in a country friendly to the US with its consent ”

      I rather doubt we need to speculate. The US knows where he is and would have stopped him had they thought he was “escaping” to a jurisdiction beyond their reach.

      • Unless the US had the ability to arrest and detain him(?), they could not stop him from leaving. But, of course, his arriving country would have to approve his entry.

        Stalin’s agents found Trotsky …

  19. It is a bit better & worse in places where it matters a bit more, like Spain.

    Where it doesnt matter that much either, and mostly what you get is most people doing exactly what you say, “oh, what a pity, it sucks, probably will suck more, sorry”.

    But, of course, you have the fact that Venezuela is now part of the political campaigns here, with the right using Venezuela as a “dont vote for Podemos/IU” and the other side digging their heels or having sudden attacks of amnesia most of the time.

    This is only going to be solved in Venezuela, by Venezuelans. The rest of the world may help a bit when things look like they are going to change, but till that, nobody is going to spend time, money or resources in doing anything bigger than “I’m willing to be a mediator if you want to talk some more”.

    • A 45-truck Mexican Army convoy crossed the border on 8 September 2005, delivering tons of supplies, hundreds of thousands of food rations, and medical assistance.

      It won’t happen again after Trump builds his magnificent wall saving us from this type of affront, because as he perfectly knows, all that Mexico sends here are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers.

  20. “This is only going to be solved in Venezuela, by Venezuelans. The rest of the world may help a bit when things look like they are going to change, but till that, nobody is going to spend time, money or resources in doing anything bigger than “I’m willing to be a mediator if you want to talk some more”.

    Right and wrong.

    Methinks Chavistas are committing political suicide right now with 3 huge, crucial mistakes I’ve written enough about. But Klepto-Cubazuela might need a final push from the international community, notably a brief gas cash embargo from the US and some also brief but severe UN sanctions, led by Macron. In that’s sense, that’s perhaps Chavismo’s 4 simultaneous enormous mistake: horrific lack of diplomacy. They’ve made enemies everywhere, especially lately, even the weasel of Colombia is now against Chavismo, even Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina of course now with Macri, the USA, Canada and the entire EU and France! Na’guara.. I’ll call that the 4th Chavista suicidal mistake, because that final little economic embargo push may be required after the imminent elections obvious, blatant Fraud.

    So yes, the rest of the world will be willing to help Klepto-Cubazuela a bit, but only because it’s in their own geo-political, economic interest. A big terrorist and drug-dealing country on top of South America, with some oil, ain’t a good idea for decades to come. And just 3 weeks of oil/gas and cash embargos is peanuts for the USA, Canada and the EU. Which in my view will suffice to topple the Tropical Klepto-Tyranny by June.

    But you’re right in this: the bulk of a somewhat violent, strong revolt must come from the inside, in the streets, and must consist of really pissed-off Venezuelan pueblo people, a few pissed off military that are sick of the putrid economy (1), sick of Maduro’s ugly, detested face (2), sick of blatantly obvious, stolen elections (3) and backed-up by some brief but deadly economic measures (no gas, no cash) (4). The stolen elections can be the final catalyst or trigger of a popular explosion.

    • This has to be the slowest suicide in world history, because we’ve heard this prediction before. Many times.

      Maduro et al are only leaving feet first with American boots on the ground.

      There’s no other way.

      • Not at ALL, that is if you can READ. 1/ The economy has never been this bad, ever, not even close, and it’s gonna get worse. 2/ The hated Maduro was never re-elected 3/ Never had such a blatant, huge, obvious election Fraud as the one coming, 4/ Never was the world so united against Chavismo. Not even close, either.

        I suggest some of you go back to school to relearn some basic reading skills.

        • Add 5 and 6:

          5/ Chavismo has much less money to buy bullets, grenades, tanks and bombs to slaughter the population.

          6/ People is much less likely to listen Chúo Torrealba (Or any mudero) again when he starts begging people to stop the protests to “avoid a civil war”

  21. “We can say with quite a lot of confidence that this contingent of American commenters who moved in here when Quico wrote a piece about Trump and Chavez and who have not left, are not at all representative of American public opinion.”

    It can also be said with quite a lot of confidence that some of the American commenters you disparage actually live in Venezuela, experience chavismo each and every day, of their lives and have every right to comment on their experiences here.

    If those same commenters also happen to recognize that if the staff of CC leaned any further left they’d fall over, so be it. No need to fear the truth.

    Conditions here, not just economic, but at all levels of human existence have been deteroriating for years, long long before His Orangeness came on the scene. However, the difference in what has been accomplished in Trump’s 12 months in office versus Obama’s 8 years, is like night and day, and not only as it relates to the US, but also including Canada and the EU. Thank god America finally has a president who doesn’t lead from behind.

    Deny the facts if you wish, make excuses for the prorgress in isolating this criminal regime it makes you feel better about your failed idiology, but it’s the truth and everyone here knows it, including you and Quico I suspect.

    Having said all that, I imagine Quico is much like you, and would rather swallow a bad clam than say a negative word about Obama, although the man did almost nothing to help the people of this country. So be it.

    • Here I thought you’d be interested in the part of my comment where I pointed out that you said something about US policy and Venezuela that was demonstrably false.

          • List ’em out then, Obama versus Trump, so everyone here can judge for themselves which president has done the heavy lifting on Venezuela.

            You’ve got 8 years of Obama admisitration going against only 12 months of a new Trump administration.

            Should be a piece of cake, no?

          • Bush: zero

            Obama: sanctions on individuals.

            Trump: sanctions on additional individuals, order banning the handling of garbage paper

    • That is hitting the nail squarely on its head.
      Quico and co would not make a statement today, they are all too emotionally drained after watching the Grammy’s, and Clintons cameo, oh my god i am speechless. Her diplomatic skills know no bounds.


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