No Use Crying Over Spilled Malk: It’s Not Milk


It’s not actually milk. Heck, it doesn’t even have what its own nutrition label says it has.

Long gone are the days when children could count on a glass of milk at school. Today, pretty much everyone is poor and since money is not enough for food, they don’t give you milk: they give you malk.

Mothers feed their children with this stuff and hope for the best. It’s impossible to know what their kids are eating. But the government knows. They know people are hungry, they know people are poor, they know they are dependant on this handouts and yet, the fact that they distribute such low quality products and disguise them means they are OK playing with people’s hunger.

In a country where folks go to sleep hungry and 87% of the population is poor, government subsidized food is key to survive. That 87% sounds like a lot of people are getting fed, we just don’t know what, exactly.

A chemical and nutritional analysis carried by UCV’s Foods Science and Technology Institute published by Armando.Info shows how the stuff the government distributes to households as part of its CLAPs system doesn’t meet the requirements set by Venezuela’s National Nutrition Institute (INN).

That means the “malk” is a placebo. It’ll make hunger go away, but only in your head. Your body still needs the nutrients.

Here’s the Kosland brand, for instance:

100gr of Kosland reconstituted powdered malk only has 8,9 gr of protein (that’s 34% of what it should have). Since the fat content is also lower than it should, what they did to increase the calorie count is add more carbs. This (and the 600mg of sodium) is probably why people complain of malk causing diarrhea.

While it would take 1,8 glasses of milk to cover your daily calcium nutritional needs, you’d need 24,8 glasses of Kosland to fulfill the 500mg of calcium a day recommendation.

Armando.Info got their hands on another seven brands of CLAP’s Mexican malk (Rancho Nuevo, Suprema, KF Milk, Vital Milk, Soy Mas, Mac Leche and Pure Milk), all of which fail to meet the INN’s standards, displaying fictional nutritional info on the packaging.

The Mac Leche brand is infamous for its salty flavor; that’s 604 mg of sodium for you.

It would take children 41,3 glasses of Mac Leche a day to meet the recommended daily calcium intake.

Social media has been very vocal about this: people complain malk won’t cream their coffee, or that it settles at the bottom of the jar. It tastes ugly and it gives kids diarrhea or stomach ache.

Now, thanks to Armando.Info and UCV’s analysis, we know that drinking malk can actually be harmful.

But if malk is not milk, what is it?

If you look at the protein composition, most of these brands resemble rice flour or plantain flour (fororo). That’s because the calorie intake is justified by a high carb content. Only one of the eight brands presents a protein composition that’s near the desired number.

Bottom line: people are not getting the nutrients they need.

So why are these products brought from Mexico?

According to Armando.Info, the Venezuelan government places the orders of purchase through the intermediary companies it has links with, through figureheads like Samark López or Alex Saab.

Apparently, Mexico has a long tradition of fraudulent milk production and distribution for social programs. While Mac Leche’s producer, DAI (Industrial Dehydrated Foods), works in both Venezuelan and Mexican markets, the rest of the brands in this report are produced by ghost companies.

Social media has been very vocal about this: people complain malk won’t cream their coffee, or that it settles at the bottom of the jar.

Malk not only contravenes Venezuelan INN’s standards, it also contravenes Mexico’s own regulations on calorie content and food labeling. Some of this malk will skip Venezuelan regulations by branding themselves as “Dairy Beverage”, for which INN’s has no standards, and apart from Mac Leche, most of the other malks are not found in the Mexican market.

Armando.Info tried to track down Brandon Group, responsible for the production of Suprema and Lacto Mas. The address in the packaging led to a house in Nuevo León, where another company (allegedly unrelated to malk) operates. Similarly, when Dilac’s address (responsible for KF Milk and Pure Milk) was tracked down, it turns out that while a dairy company called Dilac was actually there, it claimed it has nothing to do with malk or its distribution into the Venezuelan market.  

The cruel part is, parents believe they are doing right by their kids by taking these CLAP products for their consumption. The next time you see a baby drinking milk, ask yourself, is that milk or a placebo? What’s the actual nutritional value? Why the hell is chavismo doing this?

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  1. At this point, people are taking anything and everything at hand to calm down hunger.
    Pigeons are reported to be sold at 30 mil Bs. apiece. Allegedly, pigeons can carry any number of diseases. Dogs, cats, even rats are being hunted down.
    A famous park in Caracas used to have gallinetas, a couple of white friendly rabbits that could be fed lettuce by small visiting children. Last time I did, no sight of the animals, except a gallito.
    Cannibalism seems closer by mid-year/year end.

  2. “The cruel part is, parents believe they are doing right by their kids by taking these CLAP products for their consumption. The next time you see a baby drinking milk, ask yourself, is that milk or a placebo? What’s the actual nutritional value?”

    And their alternatives are what – feed them nothing?

  3. Early in my college days I was required to read a book titled Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships by psychiatrist Eric Berne. The book introduces transactional analysis as a way of interpreting social interactions. The book catalogues a series of “mind games” in which people interact through a patterned and predictable series of “transactions” which are superficially plausible.

    One of the mind games described in the book is titled “Ain’t it Awful” permits many grousers to experience some psychological relief by complaining about something they don’t have to remedy or they aren’t responsible for taking urgent action to resolve. The game proceeds with each participant upping the game by adding additional “Ain’t it Awful” information and examples. Unfortunately playing this game doesn’t resolve the situation if just continue s and increases the participant’s pent-up frustration until the grousers walk away from the interaction.

    I’ve been reading CC for a long time as it seems to be the only source of reliable information on Venezuela. However, for the last few months it seems to have gone from information into a long lasting game of “Ain’t it Awful” with the writers each trying to up the game with something worse than the last article.

    Most of CC readers either live in Venezuela or have close family or personal ties to Venezuela.

    YES WE GET IT!!!

    It is bad and getting worse by the minute.

    Can’t the experts or CC writers focus articles on ideas on how to solve the problem or at least how to help those suffering in country? I am just too depressed to keep reading the ever present “Ain’t It Awful” articles and responses. Each one seemly trying to up the game with something more Awful that the last article.

    • I cannot speak as to the original concept by Quico and Katy for this blog, but the context was clearly anti-chavez and pro change.. it even held “opposition” mercenaries to task.. then Quico stepped out, Katy stepped up.. and then Juan stepped out and Quico came back.. and the model changed.. into a money making business with no clear political direction. I commented months ago how the blog has morphed into a series of sad storeis and a few examples of bravery against the regime. But it reads like a daily dose of sad stories and NO change, and worse yet (no disrespect to the many journalists, as this is a problem with the editor, IMO), no direction.. This blog, though informative, has no better direction than the MUD.. which begs the question.. whom else is funding this “business”.. This is a problem that should be resolved by Venezuelans.. but the lack of ideas, direction, conviction has led to too many tragic stories… while whoever waits for external intervention by Rex, etc.. at which point the same here will criticize gringos violating your wtf?

        • The opposition proved they were a majority in 2015, and again last year. But the “leadership “ is so self serving they cannot fight their way out of a wet paperbag. Dissident “leaders “ should be called out publicly and then booted out, for good, including Falcon (what tangible good has he broight since switching sides, and now?) and HRA ( I can’t bring myself to write ). Regardless whether they agreed with LL and his tactics at the time, the entire opposition should have protested his imprisonment.. it comes down to a united opposition front.. or you get the fracasó you have now.

          My main point to that post was,to agree with Pedro Jose that CC is either a business or opposition organization as they originally started out. There should be some editorial line.. which I don’t see exists now.. just more sad stories. I stopped my financial support recently, will start up again when I see Quico is serious.

  4. “..focus articles on ideas on how to solve the problem.”

    Except there only one idea: BY FORCE. Knock off the Criminal Kleptocracy. Only 2 ways, if that:

    A/ Shut down the Oil Cash: about 35 Million US$ in Cash/Day. The only legal cash Kleptozuela gets.
    That’s up to my buddy Rex, he’s probably waiting until after the election mega-fraud.

    B/ If plan A fails, mainly because the Narco-Klepto-Tyranny manages to survive just with the cash from their huge Drug Trade Industry, the only remaining option is Cara’e’Piña style: Seal team 6 surgical attack, removal of Cabello and a few other Drug Capos, and quickly install Borges and the MUD for a transition.

    Happy now? That’s all there is to it. Nothing more to write about “ideas to solve the problems”.

    (I’m now considering that option A/ might fail, after some recent Casto Ocando and other reports on the enormous, scarcely reported Drug trade. It may already be bringing more cash than oil sold to the USA.

    Since the Chavista Criminals don’t care about people starving, nor do the corrupt military, that may be enough to keep them in power: by continuing to bribe Millions of pueblo-people Enchufados on their countless “ministries”, “programs” or “alcaldias”, and most importantly Thousands of top-tier military crooks. They know they face jail time and loss of their stolen fortunes if Chavismo falls, so they’ll do whatever it takes, even without the American $35 million in cash per day. Drug money is THEIR plan B, from what Ocando and others think. ).

    If A/ and B/ fail, and the USA can’t save a country formerly known as “Venezuela”, say hello to Klepto-Narco-Cubazuela for several more decades to come. We”l know for sure very soon now.

    • Right, Poeta, except that U.S. geopolitical considerations will require a definitive solution to the Venezuelan mess, or the future Continental/Regional quagmire will become unmanageable down the road–first N. Korea, then Brazil/Colombia Pres. elections, then Venezuela Final Solution….

      • Yeah, that too. The outcome of the Colombian elections is huge, if Petro wins the drug trade through Venezuela will become legendary.. Brasil.. That’s another reason Rex is probably waiting, to see what happens after the elections in these 3 countries. But some big gringo hammer is going down, just watch.

    • It’s pretty simple, really. People should get that, by now, Venezuela’s fate is not on Venezuelans’ hands

  5. “So why are these products brought from Mexico?”

    I heard most of the Clap Crap contents come from Brazil, but anyway, you had to ask yourselves the question?! The answer is way too obvious, as everything in Kleptozuela, GUISO, Recontra-GUISO y Mega-GUISO, of course.

    • The last clap box I examined just a few weeks ago was packed with products that were 100% of Brazilian origin…….contents, packaging, labeling, you name it, 100% Brazilian.

      There was a time when the Mercals were functioning that you’d find products from Mexico and a number of Central American countries, especially Nicaragua. And, of course, the famous pernils from a few years ago produced in Iran.

      Massive waste of dollars buying goods overseas and from neighboring countries as opposed to encouraging production here in Venezuela.

  6. I enjoyed this article. Very informative.

    We have this same crap going on in the states, where they sell cookies with “creme” filling and stores are filled with “cheez” products:

    The FTC actually allows them to change the spelling of something to disguise the chemical garbage it actually is.

    • US labels are generally correct, Vz labels can be pure fiction. US system allows individuals to sue a company using incorrect labels, Vz system requires central gov’t to monitor compliance in addition to the gazillion other things it “should” be doing. Examples: I have a bag of Vz coffee with label that says it provides a significant portion of required daily protein (protein in coffee rounds to 0%), in the 1990s the biggest buyers of margarine in Vz were companies that sold “butter”, etc etc

      • Yeah, I’ve seen animal feeds here marked as having 18% protein and the contents felt like ground up cardboard in hand. Couldn’t even see a trace of grain in the mix.

    • Seriously Ira.. complaing about having to choose between creme and cheez or other real “organic” products which cost more, while a majority of Venezuelans have no choice and are literally starving and dying.. and the malnutrition of children will affect generations to come, which is the essence of this article? dude.. try to gain some perspective.. while you sip your double creme, vanila latte in S Florida, or whatever, or wherever..

  7. Has anyone heard of “análogo de queso” It’s the same thing: emulsified fat throwin in with caseine made to look like cheese. Zero nutritive value. You can usually tell because it isn’t refrigerated.

  8. People talk about hunger, even death, and malnutrition. Ok. But what’s the ultimate consequence of that?
    Not a word…

    As is our beloved “pueblo-people weren’t already clueless enough, ignorant enough, under-educated enough, (especially after the massive brain-drain with most the few educated ones there were).. The next generation is gonna be even more uneducated, even more ignorant and brain-washed by chavista populismo crap. The teachers left are the worst, ever, even by 3rd world standards, kids don’t go to school coz they gotta work and look for food, plus they are malnourished, meaning, ultimately DUMBER. Less healthy brain cells to work with, atrophied brains.

    That’s a huge generational gap being created by Chavismo: An entire new generation of little ignorant zombies, with under-developed, malnourished brains full of chavistoide crap. In those hands capable will be the future of Klepto-Narco Cubazuela… chupate esa mandarina.

  9. Why don’t they just buy real milk to put in the boxes? If they are going to import all the way from Mexico, they can import from Houston or Florida. Milk can be packaged in a way that doesn’t need refrigeration (UHT).

    The US is producing plenty of milk. Should be cheap enough to buy. Probably as cheap as that MALK that they buy from Mexico.

    The only explanation I can think of is that is malk cost a fraction of the cost of milk, and someone is getting a fat kickback for the purchase order.

    • If that’s the only explanaition you can think of, you’re not jaded enough from being fucked over by this regime.

      maletin-based companies, money laundering schemes, drug trafficking schemes and the fact that Vz officials not just “don’t care” about us citizens’ well-being, but are actively noxious and harmful towards us just for kicks are all plausible explanaitions.

      You can seldomly achieve all of the above while purchasing actual milk.

    • “Why don’t they just buy real milk to put in the boxes?”

      Because sodium and flour knockoffs cost about 10% of what actual milk costs, so enchufados boli-manures can steal the other 90%, it’s chavismo 101.

  10. I hear the frustration from readers on this blog, and in my view it comes from the strange but obvious paralysis of the country to do anything differently. It starts at the top, with Maduro, who along with Chavez and all the others are constitutionally incapable of doing anything on any terms other than their own. That’s why negotiations with them is silly and without profit. And there is no gumption nor yet a model for the people to forment the kind of sea change necessary to turn the country around.

    It’s an astonishing and tragic thing to watch, how so many millions of people are seemingly ok or at any rate not willing to rise up against the very factors and powers that keep them starving, broke, isolated, and entirely passive, relating one after another tragic story while taking no action to change things. Fear and hopelessness has frozen the capacity and impulse to action – totally.

    What’s more, external powers are largely impotent to change things owing to their inability to act or take meaningful actions against Maduro. Those who can act (especially the US) are hesitant to do so because that would put them on the hook for managing the rebuild of the country.

    So what you have is a perpetual state of paralysis, with people talking politics and harping on this or that as the rats devour the last vestiges of the country, like a mob family plundering a business.

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