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Starting today, Human Rights Watch is running the campaign #TodosConVenezuela (#EveryoneWithVenezuela), to bring awareness and solidarity to the ongoing situation in our country, and pressure regional governments to no longer take an ambiguous stance to what is quickly becoming a continental crisis.

HRW is working with Argentinean-born, Venezuelan-at-heart musician Ricardo Montaner to help spread the message across Latin America. For him, recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Latin Grammy, this “is not just my job or yours, it’s something we should all do. Tell your friends – let’s do this together.”

The campaign is also reaching out to Latin American leaders attending the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, demanding a clear position towards Nicolás Maduro and the continuous abuses his government has inflicted, and continues to inflict, on the Venezuelan people.

The summit is usually held every three years and reunites 35 heads of state from the Americas and the Caribbean. This year has been particularly contentious, with Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigning mere weeks before the event, the increasingly strained relationship with the U.S. president and Maduro himself being uninvited to the summit.

It is not just my job or yours, it’s something we should all do. Tell your friends – let’s do this together.

Of the countries that will be attending, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Saint Lucia make up the Lima Group, an international body established to deal with the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua have remained steadfast allies to the process started by Hugo Chávez, now headed by Nicolás Maduro.

Everyone else, from Dominican Republic to Uruguay, has chosen to pay lip service with a general concern without pointing fingers (or mere silence while many die and Venezuelans keep fleeing everywhere).

This is less than a week from the anniversary of an anti-government protest held on an emblematic date from the Venezuelan Independence, that was met with brutal repression.

To get involved with #TodosConVenezuela, please visit the Human Rights Watch website.

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  1. It seems to me that the countries that are most affected by the exodus are the ones the ones that seem to be the most intentional about arriving at an international consensus about addressing the nightmare unfolding in Venezuela. The fence sitters are just waiting to see which way the wind is going to blow..I am sure many of the fence sitters secretly harbor sympathy for the murderous regime in Venezuela but are too cowardly to even have the courage if their conviction. Their unwillingness to pubicly state their willingness to participate in the process of addressing and ,hopefully, resolving this fiasco make them almost as culpable and cowardly as the gang of criminals in Caracas. Just my opinion…

  2. #Todos Con Venezuela–Wuilly Arteaga, the brave barrio violinist who played/was viciously attacked/violin broken in last year’s street protests, is now playing his violin on the streets of Manhattan; the pop singer early-on-Chavez who popularized the song “Yo Me Quedo En Venezuela”, soon after moved to Spain, where he has lived ever since: and….

  3. It ain’t gonna change anything because LatAm is so fucked up.

    It’s so much easier to blame Uncle Sam than for these bullshit “leaders” to actually take a stand and do something. For Christ’s fucking sake:

    Not a one has uttered a word to defend Trump’s position on protecting our borders. But they retain the right to defend theirs.

    I think it’s time for Donald to say fuck it. It’s in your backyard, so you guys deal with it.

    • Dunno…don’t want to make things too easy for China. Note that the Chinese built and launched the VRSS-2(Sucre) satellite last October. If you are wondering why China would extend another $170MM+ credit that might never get paid, note that the satellite has a polar orbit that “happens” to go over the entire eastern seaboard of the US.

    • Ira—seriously why bring the Donald, errr President Trump into this. You claim to understand internal US politics but can give no consideration to the internal politics of other countries. Very few leaders revel in sending troops to another country, this has to play out on its own schedule. Not everyone, even on CC, agrees with your hawkish stance. How much should other countries be willing to invest and sacrifice when the regime falls after international intervention? I am sure you know the Mike Tyson quote about plans and being punched in the face.

      • Oh come on. You said nothing of substance here.

        Your Latin brothers are dying and fleeing, and they invest and do NOTHING!

        And it’s President Trump, whether you like it or not. Your “Errr” really doesn’t mean shit to the majority of us Americans who voted for him.

        • “the majority of us Americans”

          Popular vote TRUMP 62,984,828
          CLINTON 65,853,514
          Percentage TRUMP 46.1%
          CLINTON 48.2%

          And you think our elections are rigged

          • What kind of a fucking idiot would use “Ira is Gay” as a screen name to mock me?

            Seriously, why the hell does CC allow this kind of stupidity, especially since they have to approve every post here?

            I’m not gay, but even if I was, what kind of mental, prejudiced idiot would consider that an insult anyway?

            And I won’t even get into this asshole’s ignorance of our electoral college system.

    • Ira, LA IS the U.S.’s backyard, and that’s why geopolitically, the U.S. will probably end up having to clean up the Venezuelan mess.

      • LA is a toilet. The state has more debt than most countries, supporting illegals. But that’s far from being the only reason California is so fucked up economically.

        But it sure isn’t America’s backyard.

  4. Yeah, keep singing to the moon for “apoyo internacional”, be sure to dance for rain when the lights go out. Perhaps after another delightful decade in Kleptozuelan Hell, they’ll start BEGGING for the USA to come save their sorry asses instead.

  5. This video is excellent and since I dont fo social media my question is..
    Are there other examples of high production value videos in Spanish or English out there like this. It shows that there is always something thst can be done. I agree with Another Gringo about the Bloomberg article. Definitely worthwhile.


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