A Pimp Talks about the Venezuelan Prostitution Business in Peru


The economic crisis and high crime rates in Venezuela have forced thousands out of their homeland and, given the alleged advantages that the Peruvian government offers Venezuelan immigrants, such as stay permits and recognition of university degrees, many take the four-day ride to a better future. Although for some the promise comes through in the form of dignified living conditions, many Venezuelans are exploited in 12-hour working shifts, earning minimum wage.

That’s why Anderson Ruiz (not his real name) resorted to unorthodox survival strategies.

“The money comes fast, but it’s hard to hear the girls talk of how much they despise what they do. They’re in need and this is their best option to send money home.”

His work consists on getting a Peruvian client in touch with a Venezuelan woman. That alone is 50 soles, as much as an average working day, in 15 minutes. In turn, the girls charge 300 soles per hour. The operation takes place mostly in well-to-do areas of the Peruvian capital.

According to Anderson, several hotels in the city have special employees charged with letting pimps know if any new Venezuelan women have arrived so they can make their proposals. There are even nascent businesses around prostitution, such as renting furnished apartments specifically for Venezuelan women.

“So you have Peruvian friends who understand the situation of Venezuelan women and ask you whether one of them would like to earn some extra money. They always ask you about it.”

Peruvian friends understand the situation of Venezuelan women and ask you whether one of them would like to earn some extra money.

Anderson travelled from Aragua de Barcelona to Lima on the first week of December 2017, with a suitcase full of ideas and enthusiasm. He’s an industrial security technician, and he worked on that for several years in a prestigious Venezuelan company. His first job in Peru was as a bearer in a shipping company: he unloaded containers from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day. He got tired of the routine in a month and resigned.

In recent months, Peruvian news have been filled with stories of native citizens being laid off in favor of Venezuelans. There are even job offers exclusively for Venezuelans, because employers can save money in terms of wages and labor benefits. Anderson had messy living conditions, he slept on the floor in a gym where a friend of his worked.

He currently lives in a hostel along with many of his countrymen. Noticing that men cruised through women’s quarters several times a day, he started talking to them and confirmed they were working as prostitutes — and thus his business came to be.

Anderson says that the business is profitable thanks to the physical traits of Venezuelan women. His phone is always ringing and his wallet’s filling up. The customers tend to be businessmen living in the capital; he describes a recent case, that of Ámbar, a friend of his who’s been in Peru for several months. She needed $1,000 to bring her daughter from Caracas, but she couldn’t afford that with her previous job on a basic salary barely covering daily expenses, transport, food and rent. She would send whatever money she had left after that to her family.

The meeting was set for the day following my message and it was just this simple: Anderson gave me her number, I sent her a text to set the appointment.

A hostel employee approached her offering 300 soles for an hour of pleasure. Ámbar found herself on a tight spot. Eventually, he became her first customer, and monetary benefits were evident immediately.

Anderson was “her agent.” He helped her with photoshoots and arranged a few contracts. When he talks about new customers, her sadness is evident. Meanwhile, Ruiz doesn’t see any chances of finding a better job where his rights are respected — but he doesn’t refuse the earnings produced by his mediation.

With the money he gets, he helps his family, who ignores the origin of the money, and he’s been paying off what he had to borrow to leave Venezuela.

Like any fixer, he sends customers a link to a website (not safe for work, explicit images), so they can pick the woman they want. That’s how I got in touch with Brunela, identified with a Venezuelan flag in the webpage. She charges 300 soles an hour, available between Monday and Sunday, only for dates in the Lima district.

Her reply was laconic, straight to the point. The meeting was set for the day following my message and it was just this simple: Anderson gave me her number, I sent her a text to set the appointment, as in any other transaction.

There are currently seven Venezuelans offering their escort services on the website.

“The families of many women here have no clue of what they’re doing for a living. One of them has a husband and a daughter in Trinidad & Tobago and they’ll soon arrive [in Lima]. She still hasn’t figured out how to tell them.”

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  1. You make the pimp sound like a basically good guy who just happens to be pimping. What he is actually doing is exploiting young women who find themselves in dire straits because of the implosion in Venezuela. I think this guy is a despicable slime bucket, far more so than he was depicted in this article.

    • You got something against sex?

      By the way, with prostitution legal in Colombia, are you claiming Colombia is a slime bucket?

      A few million Venezuelans seem to disagree with you.

      You should be more disgusted by the millions of Venezuelan teenage girls getting pregnant in VZ, as opposed to VZ prostitutes in Colombia who don’t.

      But it’s so much easier blaming someone else for VZ’s cultural problems, isn’t it?

      • It’s..I don’t know how Colombia came into the conversation. The article is about Venezuelan girls in Peru. And by the way, prostitution is only legal in certain designated areas in Colombia…kind of like red light districts.

      • You should be more disgusted by the millions of Venezuelan teenage girls getting pregnant in VZ, as opposed to VZ prostitutes in Colombia who don’t.
        Or more disgusted by how many Cuban doctors..”porfavor “.are the ones knocking them up….Verdad

    • Tom…get out of Oklahoma…away from Red dog Saloon in OKC..????…
      Prostitution in Latin America not Backpage Ho’s…its 100% legal…and not a problem for them…Peru has highest number of prostitutes in the world..fact check!….I dont know what all the hubbub about this is…..get over it…..
      Just a couple a venezuanas making money.. mn and bitching about it…… surprise!!!

      • Wow…have not heard the infamous Red Dog Saloon mentioned in years! But it is still there. The old wild west never died out at the Red Dog! Lol.

        • The oil and gas service business takes you everywhere…..Red dog….a favorite of Haliburton employees….back in the day…????

          • Am in the O&G biz as well…. Red Dog is a little more civilized than it was 20-30 yrs ago. Fewer shootings, stabbings,police raids than back in the day I think.

          • Back in the day…A guy walks into the Red Dog waving a pistol and yells: “I’m lookin’ for the SOB that’s been messing around with my wife.”
            The bartender says, “Tom, cool down! You come in here saying something like that, you’re gonna need more than just a six-shooter.”

  2. I’ve mentioned this before, but the sobrinas have told us of one of their friends, a former secretary at a Venezuela bank who is now living in Costa Rica (Panama?) and makes her living by attaching herself to men who pay to be seen out in public with her. I would call it an “arm candy” date, but I don’t know if that is a euphemism for “prostitute”, and the nieces don’t want to be vulgar if it is only “arm candy”. It sure sounds like prostitution to me.

    Things are truly turning to shit in Venezuela. I am glad all my wife’s family is out.

  3. Conservative guesstimate: 6/10 of ALL Venezuelan young women who emigrate on foot to Colombia, Brazil or Peru, become prostitutes. (That includes many young girls under 18 y/o). And if they are not too fat, ugly and old, it’s probably 8/10. (3/10 if they’re ugly/old/fat). Meaning: Tens of Thousands of Venezuelan new prostitutes gone to South America, courtesy of Chavismo. Who says that “Socialism” and Genocidal Kleptocracies do not export anything? They’re among the best on the planet shipping Drugs and Prostitutes.

  4. We keep reading stories about the horror that is Venezuela under its communist dictatorship. Each new outrage us followed by comments denouncing the Chavistas and sometimes just about everyone in Venezuela. Save us from more horror stories; we know all of them. Where can we find solutions. Has everyone in Venezuela given up. Is it because there is no will to resist because everyone feels that the economy and sanctions will bring down the government so why bother. But what if this calculation is wrong. I fear that it is.

    • Every Venezolano agrees with all the public policies of chavizmo, they only disagree with the results; they all acquiesce to official theft, while they wait for their turn at the till (and they forget they already had their turn and sold their liberty for a few centavos).

      You ask for solutions. Here’s a good start:
      Completely change the culture.
      Develop universal respect for others’ rights, for the rule of law, and for justice.
      Create strong civil rights.
      Implement proven public policies for economic freedom, private property rights, agricultural independence, and energy independence.

      Good luck.

    • C’mon, “A Pimp Talks aAbout The Venezuelan Prostitution Business In Peru” is a lot more interesting than pimps talking about the Bitcoin business in Venezuela.

      • Ouch! but agree.. another sad story painting this dirtbag as something good helping these desperate girls.

        as much as we love Naky and some writers here (and willing to support their efforts and profession with $) discussing solutions left this blog a while back with Nagel. It’s about the $ until quico goes again, or grows a pair, again.

      • Pimps talking about the Bitcoin business in VZ would be more accurate reporting on this issue than what you’re going to hear from the Chavista garbage.

  5. What a waste , the regime might try to use all those girls hidden talents and inmitate the cuban regime which sponsors european sexual tourism to cuba by advertising the services of its now fabled ‘jineteras’, perhaps the second most luchrative cuban industry after the one born of the remittances of exiled offshore cubans to their relatives in the island ……!!, maybe the cuban govt can sent some revolutionar jineteras to Venezuela to provide expert advise to the local girls on the most productive way of conducting the ‘trade’…….at a price of course !! Now that the Venezuelan oil industry is gone to the dogs a promotion of a substitute industrymight come in handy…..for the regime!!

    • One differnece is that cuba is “safe” for tourists, and citizens in general… Venezuela is dangerous to the life and health of everyone. Remember when there were several direct flights from European cities to Margarita each week? No more.. now only enchufados and malandros.. there will be no tourism.

  6. This emerging sex trade is neither surprising nor unusual given the circumstance but this article would be more compelling if it were focused on the experiences of the women who have joined the sex trade. Right now, it’s only the pimp’s views on why and how things are going for them – and he’s explicit that he doesn’t want to deal with the women’s emotional struggles over their sex work.

    Are the women practicing safe sex? Are they concerned/have they experienced violence? Do they have any arrangements with the pimps to provide security? Are there any efforts to connect with support networks in Peru for sex workers? CC could do better on telling these women’s (and others!) stories.

  7. @ Daniela…as you know, the article was written by a man and ,unfortunately, I am sure the questions you ask never occurred to the writer.

    • It is surprising because the author made an effort to connect with one of the women. But then the article stops short.


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