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The plenary session of the 8th Summit of the Americas focused a good deal of the discussion on the Venezuelan crisis. Most of the 33 attending countries agreed on calling the government of Venezuela to allow the access of aid to relieve the humanitarian crisis. They didn’t agree on including their collective disregard for May 20 elections in the final declaration of the summit; however, Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra proclaimed the summit a success and sealed his satisfaction for the consensus about the Lima Commitment, a declaration acclaimed by all that urges countries to take concrete actions against corruption, the summit’s main topic. At the plenary, heads of state condemned the murder of the three Ecuadorian journalists and deplored the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons, expressing their support for the actions of the U.S., France and the United Kingdom.

Detailed rejection

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence said that in Venezuela “democracy has collapsed into dictatorship and tyranny” and that it’s outrageous that Nicolás blocks the access of humanitarian aid. He added that this is a failed State and our economic collapse is affecting other economies. Pence called for more sanctions and more diplomatic pressure to “isolate” the regime. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged countries allied with Nicolás’ “murderous and authoritarian regime” to help fight for democracy, thinking of the Venezuelan people. Argentine President Mauricio Macri said that they won’t recognize the elections and that the countries of the region must “redouble their efforts to force the Venezuelan government to stop denying reality and to accept regional collaboration and international aid.” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that his government will be relentless with Nicolás’ “oppressive regime,” adding that he’ll continue to help the citizens who are “starving to death.” Chilean President Sebastián Piñera said that there’s “no branch autonomy, respect for human rights or democracy” here, that we lack independent powers but we do have political prisoners; stating that “no country that truly supports democracy should recognize these elections.”

Requests without compromise

Enrique Peña Nieto asked for a swift and peaceful solution to the crisis and said that Mexico hopes that we’ll be able to achieve that solution by ourselves. Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela cautioned that there could be a mass exodus if the crisis intensifies, demanding a peaceful solution. Sadly, he didn’t propose further protection measures for the permanence of Venezuelans in his country. Brazilian President Michel Temer also asked for a democratic solution, saying that “the OAS may use human rights protection instruments in Venezuela and recover a democratic solution.” Ecuadorian Vice-President María Alejandra Vicuña expressed her “great concern” for the diaspora and for the evidence of the crisis, but she merely asked international institutions to monitor the transparency of coming elections. Meanwhile, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández ratified his “firm stance” in favor of the Venezuelan people (?), hoping that peace and prosperity will “return to a country that has suffered so much.” Only Evo Morales defended Nicolás and urged the OAS to clarify: “either it is an organization of integration or an instrument of exclusion; either it respects the sovereignty of nations or it is a neocolonial puppet.” A statement that he celebrated yesterday in Miraflores alongside Nicolás.

The joint statement

Signed by Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia and the United States, the statement condemns the severe crisis in Venezuela, setting a stance about “the persistent situation of breakdown of the constitutional order,” urging the Venezuelan government to call for elections “with the necessary guarantees for a free, fair, transparent and democratic process, without political prisoners.” They also ask specialized institutions and programmes of the United Nations System and the OAS “to immediately implement a program of humanitarian assistance,” restating the call for the government to “allow the access and distribution” of aid elements; only then will they “consider new measures to contribute to the full respect of its constitutional capacities in economy and finance.” They also call for the members of the international community to support the efforts to “contribute to the restitution of democracy in Venezuela,” requesting broader and stronger sanctions. The document doesn’t establish the consequences that the Venezuelan government will face if they hold the May 20 election or what does it mean for them to disavow the legitimacy of this election.

So predictable!

Nicolás said that the Summit of the Americas was a “complete failure” since it ended without an agreement about the demand to disregard May 20 elections. Before his colossal audience in the anti-imperialist march called yesterday to Miraflores, he cautioned about an alleged plan to sabotage the elections, with evidence that he’ll reveal in the next few days. As an incentive for anti-imperialism and the votes he needs, Nicolás approved resources for a new bonus — the Independence bonus — with 10 million carnets de la patria holders who will benefit from a Bs. 10 million deposit on April 19.

With a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the Venezuelan government condemned the unilateral, “cruel and unjustified” attack carried out by the U.S., France and the United Kingdom against Syria, claiming that with this action, “they openly violate [the Syrian] sovereignty, the right to life and all human rights.” Fortunately, Al-Assad’s sarin gas doesn’t do that. “I wonder how much the bombing on the Syrian people yesterday costed. Who paid for it?” Nicolás said.  I’d swear the three participant nations cleared that point already. Meanwhile, Diosdado Cabello claimed that Syria is “a world reference in bravery, just like Venezuela,” and added that the fight in Damascus and Caracas are linked because both nations are being attacked by other countries.


  • National Assembly Speaker Omar Barboza announced that he suspended the meeting with the EU high representative for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, because of next Tuesday’s session, when lawmakers will discuss Nicolás’ preliminary hearing on merits.
  • Lawmaker Julio Borges condemned the statements issued by Minister Vladimir Padrino López, who deemed the meeting held between Mike Pence and several dissidents as repugnant. Borges told the minister not to fear the measures against human rights abusers.
  • The records of this Summit of the Americas will include the memorable moment when one of Evo Morales’ body guards punched a Bloomberg journalist on the nose for asking the president why he had attended the summit if Nicolás had been banned. That should’ve also been part of the toast in Miraflores. By the way, the U.S. offered to host the 9th Summit of the Americas in 2021.

Not many are pleased by the fact that allied nations have focused their concern on the need to open a humanitarian channel, but that’s what we got. So far, Brazil and Colombia have been effective at balancing the arrival of Venezuelans with the resources to attend them, but the legitimate fears for a more desperate diaspora with Nicolás’ potential “victory” intensifies in view of the lack of answers on how will the Venezuelan government be affected by the imposition of an illegitimate election.

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  1. As always, thanks for the broad spectrum of information Naky. I have just completed a visit to my home state, The People’s Republic of Minnesota, most liberal state in flyover-land, even more so than California but not quite so screwy. My curiosity having been piqued by discussions on CC I asked friends and family about Venezuela. Not surprisingly they knew little or nothing about the current situation in Venezuela. It has absolutely nothing to do with them not caring but has everything to do with what the media is attempting to shove down the throats of the US citizenry. Vast majority of all so called “news” broadcasts, newspaper items, etc., are blatant anti-Trump hatchet jobs. What little is reported about Venezuela is squeezed in between so much screaming about Trump’s imagined or real indiscretions that the humanitarian calamity in Venezuela, as with other world news, is buried and pretty much goes unnoticed. For what it’s worth this is also true for Thunder Bay, Ontario and environs. Understanding the foregoing is important for two reasons: 1) Majority of US politicians will not react quickly as there is no positive traction for them in Caracas: 2) US non-government charitable organizations, people of good heart, are more than willing, experienced, able and anxious to respond to a humanitarian cause, I cite “John; ElGuapo; MRubio; Et Al” as examples. If an efficient PR campaign could be mounted in the US to educate the masses, and pathways cleared, an unimaginably large amount of all forms of aid would be donated and rushed to Venezuela. This is no-strings-attached assistance of food, medicine, professionals, etc. Cargo planes could begin delivering within 48 hours after the go-ahead was given by Caracas. I guess there would be some very minor nuisances such as having to listen to missionaries proselytize but the most vulnerable could be rescued. On the other hand, I’m sure the Vatican will actually do something some day so in the meantime try to ignore the babies dying.

  2. In sum, 3 Utopian, useless ‘objectives’ were agreed upon on this Summit of the Clowns:

    1/ “Calling the government of Venezuela to allow the access of aid to relieve the humanitarian crisis”.

    Haven’t they been “demanding” for YEARS now the same exact thing?! Haven’t they been “condemning Chavismo for not allowing it, heck, the Genocidal Tyranny doesn’t even recognize there’s such a “crisis”, blaming it on false propaganda or the ‘economic war’ from the Evil Gringo Empire.

    What will change now, supposedly with louder, more concerted “demands” or “calls” to accept the humanitarian help? NOTHING, of course. (Unless there are new, enticing Mega-Guisos with juicy Kickbacks to profit from, CLAPcrap style.. expect some of that). The Chavista Thugs must be cracking up with laughter.

    2/ Not recognizing the ‘elected’ government and the upcoming fraud. SO WHAT? Even the lobotomized, stupid-as-they-come, come-coca indian Evo Morales twitted it: The “revolutionaries” couldn’t possibly care less who ‘recognizes’ them. Look it up. Does Cuba, or Russia, or North Korea care who ‘recognizes” their funky elections? Some may be dreaming that this could entail legal consequences in future judicial cases, and crap like that.. dream on. Maybe in 10-15 years, a couple of media cases to attract some TV ratings. Is the ridiculous TSJ ‘legitimo en exilio’and the AN ‘en exilio” going to rule now, because some clowns at a meeting in Peru say so? LOL… Again, Thousands of Chavista crooks must find these ‘condemnations’ or lack of ‘recognition’ utterly hilarious.

    3/ More “sanctions”. But not even to shut down the oil cash from India and the USA, (the only Legal $55 Million/Day the Kleptocracy gets). No. Just more personal sanctions to a few of the THOUSANDS of Thieves, including the 1300 “generals” and “admirals”, the entire corrupt military, plus the politicians, plus the countless Mega-Enchufados. This must be really making them laugh all the way to their numerous banks, gold vaults, caves in their haciendas. The Americas announcing more financial sanctions.. LOL.. what have they been doing for years now? Finding better, new ways to hide their stolen millions, Not is Switzerland, or Andorra, or Panama or the USA. Of course not. In remote Russian or Eastern little countries, in little allied Caribbean Leeches islands, in Cuba, China, or the Llanos, their countless Fincas, buried in US$ or Euros, Cash. How dumb do these ‘Americas Summit” politicians think Chavista professional thieves are?! Plus they steal more, if a little account or property gets caught and frozen, and then hide it elsewhere, better, under new names, unrecognizable people, so may ways to launder the money, crypto-currencies, gold, remote properties… LOL is what they do every time they hear about more “sanctions” Did sanctions do anything to crumble Cuba’s or Iran’s dictatorships? Heck, they’re stronger than ever! And those were serious, economic sanctions and severe embargoes their not even talking about for Kleptozuela!

    Therefore, all 3 major points raised during this laughable “summit” are beyond laughable. They are completely useless and ineffective. Even the Cubans who were there to Boycott the freaking meetings were more effective than the freaking “humanitarian aid”, “invalid elections” or “sanctions” they wasted tax payer money on. I hope they all enjoyed the fine Peruvian cuisine and 5 star hotels, at least.

  3. Anybody keeps track of how many times has Maduro said he will later present evident for whatever the hell he says? Like, this is conspiracy to be unveiled tomorrow # … what, 100? 1000?

    • Yes, I thought the same thing … he always says that he has the “evidence” or the “proof” of one thing or another and that he will “make it known soon” (and if he could be heard it would be in menacing tones, too, I’m sure). And … it seems he never does make it known. Surprise surprise. Luisa Ortega Diaz does that a lot, too. Is it a Chavista thing?

      Hey Nico, the next time you say that you “have proof”, share it with us–now, or shut the fuck up about.

  4. Why was Maduro initially so rabidly insistent on going to the summit if he thought thats the event was unimportant , going so far as saying that he would go anyway and force himself in even if not invited?? then when it became abundantly clear that he would not be welcome and that if he went he would get clobbered by most attenting countries for the dictatorial conduct of his regime , all of a sudden it ceased being important , and he discovered that he had other things to do…. , 5 years ago Venezuelas exclusion was unthinkable , now the regime stands almost absolutely isolated , not even Ecuador nor Nicaragua making any noise about his exclusion , Evo himself did attend the meeting underscoring the fact that it was in fact an important meeting . from being king of the mountain only some years ago the regime has gone to pariah status …….the turn arround has been so impresive that one can hardly believe it …!! Every Venezuelan that leaves the country is a vote against the regime , a sign of its utter failure as a state and now there are thousands upon thousands that are leaving the country every day every way the can ,not just middle class people but people from the least fortunate sections of society , the supposed die hard supporters of the regime …!!

  5. All the outside pressure on Maduro is an attempt to coerce the guy to leave without the outside world taking any overt action, which the Chavista’s label “threats to our sovereignty.” The problem, of course, hinges on the world’s right to interrupt or actively stop a government in which “sovereignty” means an open ticket to perpetrate crimes against mankind, engage in Homeric corruption, jail and torture whoever they want whenever they want with no accountability, attempt to game the international financial system, and let the entire country fall into the ruin of a failed state, with virtually all functional institutions gutted or hobbling along, run as they are by hacks and cronies. At some point soon, possibly after the snap elections, which all sane governments consider a naked scam, passive sanctions and conferences and analysis and reprisals will be viewed as shamelessly passive non-responses. The only folks balking at taking more proactive measures are other authoratative outfits like Bolivia and Nicaragua who fear if the US and others take direct action, their ability to do exactly what they want whenever they want with no accountability, will be compromised. These countries manifest the toxic machismo that gives the leaders complete control over all policy with no resistance from the US, God, or fill in the blank. That, in a word, is the very formula for a third-world country, the ones who insist on governing by their own rules, and respect no authority but their own.

    The chances of any sanctions save a total embargo on Venezuela’s cash cow (oil exports) forcing the Chavista’s out seem increasingly remote. At some point it seems someone will have to step forward and say we will no longer tolerate a dictator in our neighborhood, and be willing to take steps to force it into the sea. Aside from the US, I ca’t see who that would be.

    • Like the classic example of your neighbor beating his wife and children. Does your moral obligation to intervene exceed his right to do whatever he pleases on his own property? The moral dilemma is the same, except writ large.

      In this case, since I am one of the victims being abused, the right decision seems obvious. However, I can certainly appreciate the inclination of others to “not get involved”.

      If I might extend the analogy, if you ignore the problem until the issue has degraded so far that it is negatively affecting the property values in the entire neighborhood, then it is probably high time to intervene.

    • Try to remember how exponentially worse things are getting in the country (affecting much of LatAm and the U.S.), and how exponentially lower PDVSA production is heading anyway.

      In my mind, we’re MORE headed to a VZ oil embargo than ever. Just because it hasn’t happened until now doesn’t mean it won’t. However…

      I fear that Trump may be looking at the upcoming “election” as the trigger point, and this would be a mistake if Falcon wins. (Let’s not put this possibility at zero. Maduro has to, literally, save his skin, and getting out is the only way to do it.)

      So the embargo has to happen the week or day BEFORE the election, because regardless of what nations say about not recognizing the results, a Falcon win changes that formula. They’ll be kum-bah-yahed into “working with the new administration to provide peace and democracy to the Venezuelan people.”

      And we all know what kind of bullshit all that talk is.

      • If they are going to do an oil embargo, they should probably do it while they still have any left to sell to the U.S. Based on the current rates of decline in production in a few more months an embargo might be moot.

        • Exactly, Roy. There is no need for US oil embargo. PDVSA is imposing its own oil embargo on itself. Even the Aporreans (Chavista or otherwise) acknowledge this.

          Why give Maduro more ammo for his bullshit economic war rhetoric….

          • Exactly, let him keep firing blanks on this front. Didn’t the new head of PDVSA claim that production would be up a few months ago, how is that going.

        • No, they’ll still be producing. But an embargo can also bar the sale of light crude diluting to them.

          But even if they were to collapse totally on their own, there’s a political statement to be made here. An important one.

          And it can’t be claimed that this gives them any political ammunition. They have none of any validity.

          So who cares how Chavismo spins it? The last thing we need to do is worry about their propaganda.

  6. Here is another little tidbit:
    Este lunes fue privado de libertad Carlos Eduardo Marrón Colmenares, propietario del portal, quien fue detenido el pasado 11 de abril por funcionarios de la Dirección de Contrainteligencia Militar. ND

    En la audiencia de presentación, las fiscalías 73° y 74° nacionales imputaron a Marrón Colmenares por los delitos de difusión de información falsa sobre el tipo de cambio, establecido en el artículo 24 de la Ley de Régimen Cambiario y sus Ilícitos; legitimación de capitales y asociación, contemplados en los artículos 35 y 37 de la Ley Orgánica contra la Delincuencia Organizada y Financiamiento al Terrorismo.

    Igualmente, la referida instancia judicial decretó medidas cautelares de prohibición de enajenar y gravar bienes, así como el bloqueo de cuentas bancarias.

    Ante los elementos de convicción expuestos por los representantes del Ministerio Público, el Tribunal 3° de Control AMC dictó la referida medida y ordenó que el hombre permanezca recluido en la sede del Internado Judicial Rodeo III.

    De acuerdo con el fiscal de la República, Tarek William Saab, “esta página al margen de la ley, tenía como objetivo aplicar el terrorismo financiero, promover la especulación cambiaria y destruir la moneda venezolana”.

    “Es una señal que le estamos enviando a quienes imiten a este delincuente; se acabó la época de la impunidad en este país”, aseveró.

    The interesting part is that supposedly Tarek had Carlos father kidnapped in order to blackmail him and get him to come back to Venezuela.

  7. For those who think the L.A. Region will actively/overtly support the overthrow of the Criminal Regime from outside–forgeddaboudit. The U.S. will go it alone when the time comes….

    • +1
      Very few people in all of Lat Am think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with official corruption and especially with marxism. That’s the legacy of mestizo culture.

  8. “Signed by Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia and the United States, the statement condemns the severe crisis in Venezuela (…)”

    Uruguay is conspicuously absent from this group

    • Uruguay is on Chavismo team, they just show it because claiming them is not popular anymore, Uruguay was the first country to offer Maduro and friends a full equipped asylum package

  9. Looks like it might take yet another decade of humanitarian “crisis”, economic collapse, increased mass suffering.. A couple more “unrecognized” fraudulent elections, dozens more innocuous “sanctions”, countless more stupid “condemnations” and futile attempts and laughable “calls” on the Narco-Tyranny to accept humanitarian aid (unless BRIBES are incorporated, of course), many more “Summit of the Americas laughable meetings. (These ridiculous “summits” ain’t that bad, especially if next year Nicolasno and the Donald attend and fight a little, and the Cuban loudmouths put up another entertaining show, come-coca Morales, Zapatero and other clowns for additional flare).

    Perhaps around 2028, after Chavismo celebrates 30 Years in power, some relevant people will begin to realize the only way out is by force. And they’ll finally BEG the US Marines to save their sorry asses. If they’re lucky, and the DEA is sick&tired of Venezuelan Drugs everywhere.. Meanwhile, enjoy the long learning curve, retards. Que la gocen hasta el 2028!

    • To be honest i am so frustrated with all this shit from Latam that i hope Chavismo spread all their illness like fire around the continent and the USA just ignores the cries for help, they either evolve or die, at the end of the day we all know how the history gonna end if USA saves them, they will go back to the anti-american rethorics like those ingrates in Panama did


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