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People in Venezuela live in poverty and our health care system is in dire conditions, yes, but little is said about the fate of those risking their lives to save others. Unbelievable as it seems, highly educated doctors and medical residents are also part of the population sleeping on empty bellies.

At Hospital Universitario de Los Andes, Mérida’s biggest hospital, Dr. Estrella Uzcátegui, the hospital’s chair, tells me her residents have lost 16 pounds on average.

“People ask me all the time, what is it that I’m still doing here” Angely, a pneumonology second year resident, says. “It’s frustrating, I already have a specialty and I’m still struggling, all the money goes to food.”

She had to sell her personal belongings to pay for academic related paperwork. Angely refuses to be anything but a doctor, so fleeing to work at something else is not an option.

Andrea, another medical resident I interviewed, has been studying and practicing medicine for eleven years, but her wage is not enough for her to eat: “I can’t provide for my son, I missed his first steps and his first words because I was training as a physician. Now I can’t even offer him a future.”

“It’s frustrating, I already have a specialty and I’m still struggling, all the money goes to food.”

Andrea refuses to give up, saying she’ll keep on fighting to get her medical specialty and give her son the country he deserves.

These are the people who are supposed to make life or death decisions on a daily basis, and some of them eat only twice a day.

“Anybody can put a gun to your head,” Félix, already a surgeon and urology second year resident, tells me. Last year he was mugged twice, and the second time they stole his laptop, making it very difficult to keep up with his academic work. He shows me his shoes and tells me he’s been wearing them to work ever since he was a surgery resident, four years ago. “I can’t afford new ones.”

The most heartbreaking testimony came from David, a trauma first year resident who confessed he had to sell pretty much everything he had to cope with the crisis.

“It took me nine years to graduate from med school because I had to work while studying. I see my seven year old son and I try not to worry him with all of this; he had to switch schools because I couldn’t afford the one he was in.”

Visibly affected, she told me 30 residents have resigned from their posts already, because they can’t afford their studies anymore.

Among the things Dr. Uzcátegui shared, there was the realization she had at the Marcha de Batas Blancas protest, last April: her residents have no proper shoes.

“I was marching beside them and I looked down for a moment. Their shoes were in such bad shape.”

Visibly affected, she told me 30 residents have resigned from their posts already, because they can’t afford their studies anymore.

Going to work sometimes means putting your life at risk (last March, a resident got stabbed while getting to his hospital in Barcelona), but despite the terrible conditions, the lousy wages and the many obstacles this country imposes, we are not giving up. Many protests are taking place now: doctors have been marching with their white lab coats, demanding better salaries and supplies for their patients.

Attendings, medical residents, nurses and people working at hospitals are the only resource left to fight the health crisis. While the government turns a blind eye, many organizations are trying their best to aid patients and doctors. Primeros Auxilios ULA (Yellow Cross) is now running a crowdfunding campaign to help struggling residents from Los Andes. The goal is to provide them with lunch, everyday, for as long as possible.

That’s where you come in: Donate anything you can to make this possible. Nobody should have to make life or death decisions while hungry and scared for the future.

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  1. Astrid, no question that you/similar are virtually saints in your endeavors, but, the economy/your economic situation are only going to get worse under current circumstances, and, worse yet, those in power actually will welcome higher mortality of all kinds, as well as mass exodus of you/yours, in order to better cower/control the dregs of an increasingly impoverished/submissive population.

    • Yeah, I forgot to say, not only are they rare saints, they are a highly endangered species in the brink of extinction after the last few get the hell out of that hellhole.

  2. “Unbelievable as it seems, highly educated doctors and medical residents are also part of the population sleeping on empty bellies.”

    Yes, there are a few good people left in Cubazuela. Rare souls with moral principles, commendable values, even a calling to help others in dire need. Those very few gentlemen and ladies are true heroes amid Kleptozuela’s humanitarian disaster. They ought to be admired, applauded and rewarded with trophies, medals, public speeches, books or something one day.

    But they are very, very few. To begin with, there are few people left with a decent education. Most of the 4 Million diaspora that’s GONE for good were the middle-upper class minority with an education. With the means to hop on a plane, apply for visas, with some friends, family abroad to help them, with a University Title or Professional experience to make it overseas. You, most readers here, for example.

    And that’s the fundamental problem with Kleptozuela, and the reason Chabestialismo hit Kleptozuela so easily in the first place. The reason it’s still in power after 2 decades. Mass Ignorance. Low moral values. Abysmal so called “education”. By far, the vast majority of our pueblo-people, about 27 Millions left, are so clueless, so gullible, so uninformed, so raw, so incredibly Corruptible or Corrupt, without moral values, that they welcomed Chavismo with open hearts, voted for it repeatedly, and are now often complicit, they almost invariably participate on the Chavistoide corruption machine. Not all, but the vast majority, of course.

    They often can’t tell Chavista lies like “economic war” or “imperio crap”, because they have no clue how the Civilized World out there works. Zero. Or at least they aren’t shocked, “indignados”, perplexed by each Mega-Mojón Galáctico the regime throws at them everyday. They think Europe and the USA (let alone Asia and the rest of the world) are weird places with foreign oppressors, aliens or something, who don’t know what a good life is. They don’t know what an honest, good life is like. They have no idea how a real economy is supposed to work. Basic concepts like oferta/demanda, libre mercado or free trade escape their feeble minds. No clue. Just talk to the average guy or gal – of any age – in any cola at the local supermarket, the average joes there, not the very few doctors heroes this article depicts. They are almost as raw as Indians were 100 years ago. Lost. Brain-Washed with populist carp. “El pueblo” this and “el pueblo” that. They want “el gobielno” to feed them, give them houses, jobs, and everything for free. They don’t particularly like to work much at all. And they are Highly corruptible, almost always involved in numerous illegal Guisos. Almost always, 90% of the people, corrupt, complicit, culpable, I venture to say.

    THAT is why Chavismo emerged and is still there: The “pueblo” ain’t worth shit, to be honest. So it’s a corrupt shithole. Kleptozuela. Because the educated, enlightened, admirable doctors and professionals with honor and moral values are extremely, extremely rare among the overall clueless masses.

  3. What a terrific idea!

    This angry old right-wing extremist American deplorable Trumpista wants to help, but needs guidance and organization-vetting by professionals like you. And I am sure there are many others like me.

    Was especially impressed by your NYC gig last week. It is people like you that gives the rest of us hope for a better Venezuela.

  4. Another sad story, and another request for donations to a truely worthy cause, and deserving recipients. But, I receive no less than 2 requests a day. I give and support both here and there, to family and friends as I’m sure many here do (John, MRubio among many others). But I and we have limitations, both financially and physically as to what we can accomplish. There’s an entire international community willing to give $Billions in aid and reconstruction when maduro’s dictatorship leaves.

    This disaster didn’t happen last week, or start last year or in 2015, or 2013.. or 2011, or 2007. Maybe these Drs didn’t vote for it, but likely their parents and tíos y abuelos did. So start with some of them, with accountability. Then, what are you going to do to pressure maduro’s dictatorship y narcomilitiacombo? When the int’l community can see more than people just starving and fleeing, when it is apparent there is a country worth saving support will flood in.

    Until then, just another sad story with hands out begging like people picking thru trash for scraps. and CC is almost as complicit for lack of editorial direction. Quico.

    • You know, calling it right wing extremism doesn’t really get to the core of it. There’s something incoherent, self-contradictory and awkwardly manipulative about it: a weird combination of conspicuous advertisements of philanthropic largess and selflessness, victim-blaming, and a pervasive sense of resentment and victimhood, joined and huddled together in this comments section and advertising itself as toughness.

      As in: ‘after I asked my Venezuelan woman/gal why it was that Venezuelans were screwed up socialist parasites and she could only tell me sadly that they were all corrupt and weak unlike me, I went and donated hospital equipment for babies to my favorite religious charity, where I am stretched thin with my generosity, and then got online on a blog about Venezuela that I loathe but read regularly, and advocated a quick, surgical bombing campaign on a people who do not deserve a drop of the pure, heroic capitalist blood of my freedom loving people.’

      • Nailed it. I’ve always been annoyed by the Trumptards using Venezuela’s crisis as a proxy stick to beat on their political opponents back home, but I was unprepared for the combination of deluded smugness and gross victim blaming they bring to the table.

  5. You don’t get it, Canucklehead. That is the whole idea. Individualism (“rugged” individualism, if you like) and healthy skepticism, plus a firm belief in the God-given right to speak one’s mind. Of course you will not get a coherent message from such a group.

    And, by the way, that Great Deplorable in the White House? On his way to getting a Nobel Peace Prize. How about them apples?

    • I agree we will not get a coherent message from this group. But we get a remarkably similar message from this group.

      • Funny thing here, Monsieur Canucklehead, is that you are only speaking to the flyby readers here. Those of us who have been here for years know you are “no better” than those that you disparage.

        It just bothers you to no end how the tide has turned, how the great socialist Patria, has self destructed. How Venezuela was a model for all nations to emulate.

        I am sure that over these last 15 years, you pined to return to the motherland, to join in all good that Chavista-ville was.

        The CC, has changed. The “Group” you speak of now is of those who immigrated elsewhere, and your “Group” who dominated the boards, have become silent out of embarassment. Your digs sound more like envy to me.

        So you are only left with attacking the messenger, attempting to deflect, the obvious.
        That your socialist heaven, created by Chavez, embraced by the masses, and worshipped by socialist the world around, has collapsed in a heap of corruption and greed. Which is the definition of Socialist Leadership.

        • I’ve only been here since 2014. Were there such things as Canucklehead boards before that?

          Taken right out her/his post above: “…a weird combination of conspicuous advertisements of philanthropic largess.”

          Does anyone know wtf that means?

        • Dale, if you have been reading my comments since I’ve been here, which is a pretty long time, you should know that I have always been a critic of the Chavez and Maduro regimes, and I’ve been worried for years that what is now an unmitigated humanitarian disaster was going to happen. I don’t take any pleasure or gratification in being right about all of that. I don’t come here to hold up my ball in the air, beat my chest, and do a little dance. On the subject of what I think, you’re just making stuff up.

          I can’t speak for the many other commenters who have been around for a long time and who have largely disappeared, like Kepler for example, but I can imagine many have probably decided, not without good reason, they generally have better things to do than to disrupt a late middle aged ultra nationalist gringo sausage party.

          And yes, the long standing chavistas have disappeared- all three or four of them- our reliable American PSFs of the loony left, and they’ve been replaced with another set of (retired) fanatical American PSFs of another political stripe who, among other things , unintentionally validate the paranoid Manichean fantasies of their chavista predecessors.

          The great circle of internet life, I suppose.

          • They can’t see how their shill and excessive tone does not play well in LA. And when you try explaining it to them they get very angry and accusatory. They would rather be “right” than effective. Ideology trumps all things practical. It sounds familiar…Chavez???

          • Hello Canucklehead. I and many other students hope you continue to post here. I enjoy your insights and perspective.

            I have a few Canadian friends via work (I am a gringo) and have always felt that we don’t appreciate the blessing of having Canada as our neighbor. Best neighbors on the planet bar none. From what I have read of your posts over the years, you represent what I have loved about Canadians – well mannered and straightforward intellectual honesty and independence.

            Some here are just too damn shrill. But I keep reading comments section at CC to see what you, Kepler, Bill Bass, and several others have to say. It can be very educational once one learns which posts to skip over (looking at you, Ira)

          • Araña, thanks. Wherever I go, I always appreciate the company of Americans. It sounds silly to have to say: we are neighbors, friends, family. To everyone else, we’re usually pretty much indistinguishable from each other, if at all. People regularly think I am an American, for example in Venezuela, where people would shout ‘gringo’ at me – particularly when I was out running. I don’t feel bad about that at all: of course they think I’m a gringo.

            Americans have developed, and defended in innumerable critical ways, the rights that are the foundation of our society. The American economy drives our economy, and it’s mostly Americans we study and model in schools, business, law and other institutions.

            The voices I’m complaining about a lot here reflect a particular state of mind -a state of mind that feeds authoritarian movements- that to me does not reflect the vast majority of Americans, and a state of mind that exists in many places, including Canada. I suppose it is most worrying to me – this authoritarian mindset, this resentment and insecurity and unwillingness to reflect on facts- when I hear it coming from Americans, because more than any other group of people, they and their society resembles the one I live in, and they and their society is the one most admirable to Canadians in so many ways.

            The best qualities I frequently see in Americans are that they are generally friendly, they generally are egalitarian and generous in outlook (not snobs), and they are generally really good at getting shit done, really well.

          • You can believe this or not, Canucklehead, but my mother was Canadian, born in Harmattan, Alberta, 1918. My first trip to Alaska (from Ohio, summer, 1955) there were still steam-powered stern-wheelers departing Whitehorse on the Yukon River. Yes, I am that old.

          • Canuckhead, my apologies for alluding you are more extreme than you are. I have only “known’ you for 2 and a half years, and come to see your politics as strictly anti-right. In this case I commented specifically to your comment, that El Guapo was some right wing nut. His comments were fair, reasonable and can be argued.
            But he and anyone on the right, is a Trumpista. In your mind, in your writing. Sure there are some here, BFD. Scroll though, like the rest of us. But every damn republican is a Trumpista. Bull shit. I am republican, but did not vote for him.

            Life is a mixed bag. I am not all of one type. Most people I know are not, but I do live in LA, and I am certainly in the minority. Hell, I am a jew. Talk, liberal, talk discriminated against. I have the whole bag.

            Anyway, that is how you come across.
            With the Trumpista crap, I just want to scroll.
            But it is you, and you do have words that I learn from.

            Anyway, that is how you come across. Not as fair, but a flamethrower

            (and Escualidus Arrechus – No ruffled feathers here. I am for free speech. If I make a make a mistake, call me out on it.)

          • That’s your problem, Knucklehead:

            You say one thing, but attack from another thing.

            Of course Canadians “say” they love and respect their southern neighbors. After all, we carry all the load. Financially and militarily.

            But you want us Americans to do this totally on your terms:

            You disparage Trump for enforcing immigration standards that are far less stringent than Canada’s. Yet you have the balls to criticize us for taking stands against illegal immigration, and at the same time, repeating this bullshit story that Canada is more “humane” and “loving” in all this.


            And you attack Trump’s plans to change or trash NAFTA, because it benefits Canada and Mexico much more than the U.S.

            Do you forget that Trump is the president of the USA? He’s not supposed to work to help you, only Americans.

        • Dale,

          Canucklehead mentioned no names, yet look at how ruffled your feathers are. It seems the “digs” are indeed digs. And they worked.

  6. My estimado Canucklehead,

    I get you; many readers get you. I think you and I would be fast friends were geography kinder.

    From what I’ve read over the last 4-5 years, you are a center-left Canadian?

    The center-left has brought us (I mean us, like 7 billion of us) incredible safety, education…just last week a Canadian policeman caught the Toronto psycho who killed so many, without drawing his gun.

    I had grandparents and great grandparents murdered for no reason in Russia by the worst scourge ever, the Bolshevik usurpers. My ancestors just disappeared.

    The Whites, the conservatives, the “right wing” fought them and lost and 50-60 million died at the hand of the bolsheviks, the leftists. There are accounts of Bolshevik low level murderers getting pains in their hands from shooting people in the back of their heads all day long. (Today, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

    The western left which had brought us so many intellectual tchotchkes, fun and interesting as they are, borders the “left” in charnel house Russia.

    And China. And Cuba. And…you know the rest, without Google.

    Few of us represent Canada. Fewer Norway, fewer yet Iceland. We live in crowded black/white/brown societies, societies that need guidance, yes, but absolutely not leftist guidance.


    I love to see your posts on CC. I hate to see you approach the Bolshevik fence, and my fried, you get awfully close…

    Let’s keep talking; let’s all of us work toward a free Venezuela.

    God, someday.

    • Jots, you don’t need to tell me about the Bolshevik fence. It has had a significant impact on they way I see things, but probably not the way you think it has, and not so much that I mistake every garden variety fence for a Bolshevik fence. That frame of mind would be quite….Bolshevik….

      • Canucklehead,

        I think you and I agree, and I’m sorry about the bombs I threw at you; Bolshevik fences and all that.

        Sometimes my countrymen forget about our our gigantic northern neighbor. Canada the free, the beautiful. (The cold)

        There was a horrific bus crash recently that killed 14, maybe 15 young hockey players and coaches in Saskatchewan, my Canucklehead. My sons play hockey, and my throat will always constrict for my Canadian friends when I think about it. Tearing up now, God, it makes no sense.

        Can you imagine, think for a moment, can you imagine living under a vicious government like Chavez’s? Imagine for a moment your beautiful cities… You know what? I know you know I know you know we agree.

        Mi amigo, I want to go back to Caracas and see those beautiful sassy girls, spoiled rich dark-haired ladies that made me inhale sharply way back then. They are dying now, as you know, God Canucklehead, our friends are dying! Starving.

        I hope we continue to talk, my friend.

    • Nah:

      He’s just an insecure Canadian asshole who feels better by attacking the U.S.

      He just happens to be an inapologic leftist as well. A total dope and hypocrite.

      Canadá has increbly strict immigration control, yet this moron attacks Trump for his policies. It’s sad, really, because what can you say about such stupidity?

      Even today, the big story is ex-pat Nigerians walking over from Canada to the U.S., because half aren’t allowed to be there and Canada is dumping them onto American soil, and half prefer to live in the U.S. anyway.

      • Poeta is a bore. His copy paste technique and incessant off topic comments are not worth reading. Ira can actually be funny at times, but he lacks lucid thought patterns. He is the bat shit crazy uncle you love who drinks too much. Senator Rubio stuff is definitely worth reading. Bill Bass is always good. Canucklehead has interesting things to say. Most all of the contributors here post intelligently. But Poeta is like a weird troll. He is just a hack who regurgitates the same thing over and over…

        Astrid is a saint!!!

        • Nah.

          Canucklehead is an idiot looking for any excuse to dump on Trump and America. Each time, every time.

          And constantly preaches against violent action against the regime, be it foreign intervention, or popular uprising. As if this hasn’t been the most effective path to political change since forever.

          He’s fucking Canadian, so what can you expect? Look at their history.

          He actually believes he lives in a real country, a country which wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have the U.S. as their southern neighbor.


          It’s a joke. Shmucks like this lecturing Americans on who we should vote for, and why.

          Trump is the greatest president of modern times, and this dumb fucking Canuck is telling us it’s because of “Angry Old White Men?”

          I guess he never heard of Kanye West, or the lowest black unemployment rate EVER in the states.

          He’s undoubtedly the most worthless poster here, with that typical Canadian inferiority complex that he KNOWS he suffers from.

          You live in Canada, so get over it. Your country isn’t even capable of leading from behind.

          And you’re one step behind Chavismo, but too stupid to realize it.

  7. My wife is a physician, so I can understand the duty aspect of it, as well as the self actualization. However, there comes a time when you need to say, “Doctor, heal thyself”

    The kid of this young physician mother is suffering because Mom WANTS to be a doctor… she doesn’t NEED to be a doctor. Mom the Physician is perpetuating the problem. What Mom the Physician needs to do is “shrug”, ala Atlas Shrugged. Only when enough producers and achievers stop producing and achieving will the motors of the world (Venezuela) come to a stop.

    You want to bring Chavismo to its knees? Stop everything. Don’t show up to work. Offer to work as a private physician for a wealthy, enchufado for $1000/day, cash. Birth babies in their homes for only who pay in US dollars ($500 per healthy live birth) There are a lot of options.

    The point is, the ones who must suffer are the ones who Chavismo is relying upon for votes. Let the Marxist voters get angry at the Marxist politicians. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT CHANGE WILL OCCUR. The Chavista faithful must turn on the Chavists.

  8. Some folks particpating here are making this more difficult and less informative than it need be. CC is not about the American right or the Canadian left or Bolsheviks or Fascists. It’s certainly not about my new country is better than your new country. Interestingly, to the extent that many of you have emigrated you will not set the course for a new Venezuela and maybe that is the problem. You have physically but not yet emotionally separated from your Venezuelan experience and are trying to settle old scores. Wish for a new Venezuela that will peacefully and democratically determine its new course whether that course is socialist or capitalist or some blend of the two. Direct your energy against the current government that both right and left Venezuelans should despise. It has impoverished what should be a very wealthy country while stripping all Venezuelans of their human dignity and fundamental political rights.

  9. There is a lot of genuine frustration expressed here because this entire situation is so difficult to understand and I lnow less about Venezuela than any of you. Things will get better. The question is when.

    • BC—do not feel too bad, it is about time for Judy Lynn to show up and make us all sound like we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

      • Judy Lynn spend 99.9% of her time at Democratic Underground, the Aporrea of Democrat Party faithful in the United States. She is a die-hard Marxist-Leninist of the highest order, who knows NOTHING about Latin America, let alone Venezuela.

  10. There are probably still some old Jews who owe their lives to Oskar Schindler, a German that did what he could when he could to save a handful here and a single Jew there, during the Third Reich. If he had said, “fuck it, let ’em die and maybe they will develop a backbone and stand up to Hitler,” then perhaps the war would have ended sooner and we never would have had to fire bomb Hamburg and Dresden, but I have my doubts.

    Dr. Cantor is in Venezuela, trying to save a few lives, and has asked for our help. I think she knows what she is doing and I am going to follow her advice. Accuse me of, “conspicuous advertising of philanthropic largess,” if you like. I am beyond giving a shit. I am an American and have grown a very thick, tough skin.

    • My wife and I have evacuated nearly every single member of her extended family who wanted to leave Venezuela either to the States, or back to Spain. It certainly isn’t cheap (in cash out of pocket, well over $100k. Probably close to $500k in services and resources), and not without its headaches. I am all for helping those who need help and want to help themselves. Which brings me to the branch of her family who embraces Marxism as gospel.

      That bunch still loves Chavez, and only recently fled to Bolivia. Their intent is to come back to Venezuela once Chavismo has beaten back the Yanqui economic war and is the land of plenty that they know a Chavista Venezuela can be. This group we did not help, as it was hypocritical for us to use our Capitalistic resources to assuage their economic anguish brought upon by their wholesale embrace of all things Marxism. And in their minds eye, we (vile Capitalists) are the problem. So, we decided to let their fellow Marxists help them out. Funny thing about that… their fellow Marxists don’t have a pot to piss in either. Which brings me to the point…

      Your analogy wasn’t quite right… it wasn’t the Jews who voted for Hitler. They didn’t vote for the Holocaust. Those victims deserved help. All true victims deserve help. Who didn’t deserve help where the Germans who embraced National Socialism, or the ones who did nothing while the Nazi atrocities ran amok. I was recently watching a program about the last days of the war in Europe, and Germans were lamenting their fate at the hands of Russians who were pouring into Berlin . Men were being rounded up, tortured and shot. Women were being raped. Horrific. But… elections (and wars) have consequences. Hitler didn’t elect himself. A tough, ghastly lesson to learn.

    • ““fuck it, let ’em die and maybe they will develop a backbone and stand up to Hitler,” then perhaps the war would have ended sooner and we never would have had to fire bomb Hamburg and Dresden,”

      No, if they were left to die, then Germany would still be a nazi bastion today.

  11. “That bunch still loves Chavez, and only recently fled to Bolivia. Their intent is to come back to Venezuela once Chavismo has beaten back the Yanqui economic war and is the land of plenty that they know a Chavista Venezuela can be.”

    70% of the remaining Kleptozuelans? Or should I say Pueblo-People Kleptomaniacs?

    Pathetic. Most of them do indeed deserve what they got.

  12. About “true victims”.

    Important point. It’s not really the vastly corrupt, lazy, ignorant, uneducated, (did I say corrupt? Enchufados by the millions and complicit with the Narco-Regime?) who are to blame. It’s the previous corrupt AD/Copey/MUD. 4 decades after MPJ (who would have saved Venezuela from becoming the shithole it is), they failed to EDUCATED the useless, Zombie, corrupt “pueblo” they have today.

    I blame the previous MUD’s, not “el pueblo”. Poor, ignorant, uneducated urban peasants, most of them. It’s the same MUD, unfortunately, that will take over one day, IF the USA and Pompeo are king enough to saves their sorry asses from themselves. For a while..

    • Correction: Not “kind enough”. IF the USA deems it in OUR INTEREST to save their sorry, corrupt, uneducated, 5th world butts. We’re still waiting to see if it’s in OUR INTEREST, but I do believe it is, for multiple Geo-political strategic reasons, and, as always, for $$$. Since the lazy, clueless bastards could not free themselves from that Tropical Chavistoide Narco Tyranny, we’re gonna have to intervene, briefly, militarily, only because it pays dividends for US, the USA. Not because of any “humanitarian” crap excuses. There are many other shitholes in the planet that need lots of “humanitarian” help, which we provide by the billions already. More than the entire EU combined. Kleptozuela is just too big and too rich to let go, as we did with little Cuba, or Nicaragua or Bolivia.

      It’s in OUR INTERESTS to kick them Chavista thugs out. A few choppers will do it in a couple weeks, after we coordinate this shit properly with the MUdCrap and some military malcontents.

      Consider yourselves lucky and blessed, Kleptozuelan corrupt and lazy and ignorant people. We’ll save your sorry asses sooner than later only because it PAYS for US.

      • I also believe it is in the interest of the US to end the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.
        The regional leaders that unanimously condemned Trump’s remarks about military intervention, are beginning to whine and ask for help as the refugees overrun their borders.
        Politically, it would be a much easier sell to the American people if the US was assisting a Venezuelan force rather than exercising an unprovoked invasion.
        The big picture is the collapse of Cuba when they no longer have Venezuela as a partner in their parasite / host relationship.
        Will the Caricom countries continue to support Maduro in the OAS when the free oil stops flowing to their countries? The US should cease any aid going to any country that supports the Maduro regime.
        The regime will collapse eventually. The question is, how much carnage will occur before the collapse.
        Polls show that 60% of Venezuelans disagree with the election boycott. I do not know how accurate the polls are. If the people don’t vote, they aren’t invested in the outcome. If they vote in the rigged election, a revolt when the fraudulent results are announced, may be the last chance to remove Maduro and the illegal ANC.
        Amazingly there is not much of a media focus in the US. Compare Venezuela to Somalia. It was the media attention that pushed public opinion and eventually made President G. H. W. Bush to send troops into Somalia. That level of attention doesn’t exist in the US media. The media seems focused on hating President Trump and ignoring much other world news. Too bad Maduro isn’t right wing. The press would be all over him.

  13. I understand not giving personal funds to folks who still believe in the Chavista way but I do not understand the wholesale vilification of everyone who still remains in Venezuela. At some point successful countries move on from divisiveness including blood soaked civil wars and that requires putting past differences behind you. Continued scratching on old wounds delays healing and produces scabs. If 30% of Venezuelans still support the Chavistas you still have to live with them and you won’t get them to change their minds by calling them stupid.

    • Bill, only 1/3 supported Chavismo in the last/probably only non-fixed election ever, of the AN some 3 years ago. Today, with things/economy intolerably worse, 15-20% non-coerced support for Chavismo in a non-fixed election would be tops.

  14. I got the 30% figure from the number of chavistas elected to your parliament/congress and I agree that it is probably outdated now. Thanks Net.


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