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A press release, supposedly from Central Bank workers, circulated through WhatsApp and was even published in La Patilla on April 23. Though I still have doubts about its authorship, it tackled an openly discussed issue nowadays: public workers are resigning or requesting their retirement en masse because bad salaries no longer compensate the inconvenience of working according to the whims of the Gobierno Obrero.

The Chávez government built a massive public payroll, that reached 2.6 million in the second semester of 2013, an increase of 92.7% when compared with the first semester of 1999. And this didn’t just happen by chance. Chávez claimed that the working class was the essence of the socialist project, and he was absolutely right.

Chavismo wants citizens to depend on the State, and it helps if they’re poor. Why? Dead simple: to guarantee loyalty and votes.

As anyone remotely following Venezuela knows, the productivity of the public sector (GDP of the public sector divided by public payroll) decreased exactly by 14.2% during Chávez’ government. If this wasn’t shocking enough, PDVSA’s payroll more than doubled between 2004 and 2013 and its productivity, well, check it out for yourself:

Source: IESA, “Venezuela: Energy in Figures 2013”, p.16

The lack of official data makes it difficult to prove that the productivity of the public sector has continued to decline during the Maduro government. However, the collapse of all major public services and even PDVSA’s production levels seem to be proof enough.

Truth be told, working for the public sector used to have its perks: relatively good salaries and great work benefits (including HMO). Of course, some workers didn’t do a good job or work at all and still collected their salaries (and some even got to participate in very profitable corruption schemes).

But since the economic crisis ahora es de todos, no public servants, with the exception of the ruling party high ranks, are immune to it. El Metro de Caracas and Ciudad Guayana’s basic industries don’t pay enough to eat. Doctors that work and, most importantly, save lives in public hospitals, are demanding “dignified wages.” PDVSA’s workers are even passing out on the job.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that workers are resigning en masse. 18,000 professionals and technicians resigned from Corpoelec between March 2017 and March 2018, and around 25,000 PDVSA workers of all ranks left their posts between January 2017 and January 2018.

It’s pretty telling when nobody wants to work for a government that has proudly proclaimed itself a “Gobierno Obrero.” Maybe, just maybe, such government actually works for the interests of the ruling party and ran out of money to keep the loyalty of its workers.

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    • Well, if they are reposeros, I don’t think they botter to resign. If they are paid for doing nothing anyway, they will stay there. More probably, the better ones are who are leaving, the ones that search for a better life abroad.

  1. Yeah, but then there are those huge severance packages. LOL

    “In Venezuela, five years of severance pay now buys a coffee”

    When Yolanda Abreu got her check for severance pay after five years working as a cardiologist, she let out a laugh of sheer disbelief: it was barely enough for a cup of coffee.

    Like her, millions of Venezuelans have seen their salaries decimated by rampant hyperinflation that is expected to drive prices up by 13,000 percent this year, IMF figures show.

    Her story hit the headlines after she tweeted a photo of the check for 156,584.29 bolivars, which equates to about $0.20 on the black market.

  2. Yesterday, a lady in Atlanta gave me a story of her rabid-facebook-chavista friend back in in Venezuela. She was a plump middle aged professional who is now skinny and going hungry. This story is consistent with the complaints I read in Aporrea. As much as they blame ‘la siniestra guerra economica’, they too are going hungry while they spew meaningless encouragement.

    I was reading the analysis of Ortega’s Nicaragua in the Economist over the weekend. In addition to the oil infusion made from Venezuela, he presided over economic growth and had achieved a consensus with all sectors to achieve this. This is a stark contrast with Chavismo which has antagonized EVERYONE, and as of late, foreign oil companies which would be the only way for them to boost desperately needed funds.

    Chavismo is proving to be its worst enemy, and I am not sure that making everyone one poor and dependent buys them loyalty. Moreover, I think Maduro’s biggest threat is coming from Chavismo itself.

    • And the final ‘Nuestro Insolito Universo – Chavismo edition’. Story from yesterday.

      The secret police hauled the radiologists of Clinica Santa Sofia and charged them with money laundering. Their crime, quote and take payment for their services in US$.

      So much for respect to workers.

  3. “The Chávez kleptocrats built a massive public payroll, that reached 2.6 million in the second semester of 2013, an increase of 92.7% when compared with the first semester of 1999. And this didn’t just happen by chance. Chávez claimed that the working class was the essence of the socialist project, and he was absolutely right. Chavismo wants citizens to depend on the Narco-State, and it helps if they’re poor. Why? Dead simple: to guarantee loyalty and votes.”

    What no one ever wants or dares to admit is that most of the “pueblo” is not only complicit, they are culpable leeches and thieves themselves. Not all, but most of them. Yes, most of the remaining adult population – not just Chavistas, or government officials – average people: guilty of participating on countless Guisos, at all levels of the crooked society. From the low “obreros” to mid-management to the top. In every industry. Public or private. Leeches, thieves, thugs. Most of them.

    The Media always blame “Chavismo” or Maduro, Cabello, and a few other politicians. The fact of the matter is MILLIONS of regular Kleptozuelans are to blame for the shithole they helped create. To the tune of over 5 Million public employees on government payrolls everywhere (alcaldias, local ‘governments’ projects of all types, financial guisos, food guisos, gasoline or oil guisos, electricity guisos, police and military, all corrupt as well, you name it. Plus millions more on their own “private” mordidas, contractors, distributors, union thugs,.. There are very, very few honest workers in Kleptozuela, let’s face it. Only a few perhaps in Empresas Polar work hard and make an honest living, somehow. Most of the other honest workers left the country long ago: it was almost impossible not to be corrupt and live in Kleptozuela. So we got the hell outta there long ago.Those who remained usually had several ilegal “jobs” on the side, the past 2 decades. No one can possibly live on 4 dollars per month “minimum salary”, so go figure.. Puro Tigre, Puro guiso.

    What created Chavismo and sustained Kleptozuela’s hellhole are its own regular, corrupt, uneducated People. Low moral values. They maintain it to this day, 20 years later. Most of them complicit and culpable. Now even die-hard Chavistas who even voted for Maduro too, and will vote again for him are leaving and complaining, after being leeches and stealing for years and years, especially in shitholes like PDVSA.. Ay, pobrecitos, huh? Poor people, huh? Now that they helped steal everything, there’s nothing left to steal, so they are pissed-off and even hungry, those who didn’t become millionaire. Pobrecitos? Que la gocen, I say. Not all, but most of them crooked leeches, Millions of them, and not just ‘chavistas” or politicians. But no one dares say it out loud.

    • Kleptozuela Kleptozuela Kleptozuela blablabla
      El Pueblo Kleptozuela Kleptozuela Kleptozuela
      bla bla poor people Kleptozuela Kleptozuela

      Don’t you realise how repetitive you are? What
      is your aim? Do you feel excited when you write
      those words time after time here?

      The information value is zero.

      Please, go to a psychiatrist.

      • ReTards like Klepleretta here have a problem with calling things for what they truly are. Klepto-Cubazuela is way more accurate, after the official death of what we knew as Venezuela, long ago, but too many syllables). But hey, la cultura ofende. Tard.

        Either they don’t say ANYTHING about the specific topic at hand, or they say dumb crap, thankfully little of it. The former much more than the latter.

        No wonder Copernicus, the only real modern Revolucionario, btw, he was the real Pioneer, then came retard Klepler with not much to add except dumb numbers, the Galileo, the dude with REAL OBSERVATIONS cane around.

        So they resort to old-age ad-hominem crap with zero to say about specific issues. The specific posts of the day. ZERO.

        No wonder TESS is out in orbit, and that Kepler obsolete satellite was dished out by Nasa. No use for that if you’re looking for Intelligent Life, or any possibility of it emerging anywhere, anyway, in the entire universe. Out with the old..

        Leave the planet, Klepleretta Retard. Or skip my posts and STICK to the Specific Topic at hand with your old, dumb crap.

      • How come you don’t inform us here of your Nazi heritage? You know it’s true.

        You should embrace it and be PROUD of it, Kepler. Kiss those postcards from your father (or grandfather) who wrote how they were doing their proud duty killing Jews and Slavs in the Ukraine and Poland and elsewhere.

        You’re the only poster here…and previously on The Devil’s Excrement…that even TALKS like a Nazi!


        Just the way you communicate, how you write…it’s like not normal. There’s no soul, wit, enlightenment, or cleverness there. You’re just a boring, stale person…with the balls to accuse others of that.

  4. Hmmm..the topic reported on was the fact that no one wants to work for the government, a very important development especially in a country where the govetnment is so powerful. Eventually Chavismo will implode maybe, hopefully without bloodshed. Will Venezuelans revisit their views on socialism and turn more to private enterprise. Who knows, certsinly I dont, but people walking out of government jobs en mass could be a sign of real headwinds for a command economy in the new Venezuela.

    • Chavismo imploding on it’s own is wishful thinking, as has been proved over and over. Unless the balance is tipped, they will remain on the top.

      And there will be bloodshed, too. Not only to get them out of office, but to get rid of foreign intelligence services operating in the country and urban guerrillas known as colectivos. The pranes will not go down peacefully either.

      Venezuela -will- become a battle royale.

    • Bill, this is the crux of the problem. Chavismo promised socialism, but it wasn’t. It was thieving fascism.

      But socialism is every bit as bad (whatever REAL socialism actually is), that based on the above, people still long for it, as if real socialism is the fix for the damage Chavismo caused.

      Shit, we had Bernie Sanders in the states who might have won the primaries if the fix wasn’t in, and he’s a fucking socialist NUT!

  5. It’s been a 100 years now since the “red revolution” in Russia and socialism has been tried over and over again and again. It has NEVER worked ANYWHERE EVER. Not only because it’s an unsustainable economic model, it’s hugely unfair as well. You can’t punish the wealthy for being wealthy/successful. I work in an industry (super and mega yachts) where I see enormous wealth, the vast majority of these people made all that money themselves. They’ve earned it and may do what ever the hell they want with their riches. Socialism is just another word for envy, “you have so much you should share it with the less fortunate”. BS!!!! Socialism has no incentive for people to become successful, it teaches them to be depended on the state. Look what it did/does too the country with the largest oil reserves know to mankind. Socialism IS the worlds cancer and I hope I live long enough to see it eradicated completely, banned by law so it will never fool the people ever again.

    • In the US we have people that vote for a living and people that work for a living.
      The people that vote for a living are the majority in some areas. Those same areas are plagued with high crime, single parent families and just about every social ill you can think of.
      Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program created generous welfare targeted at the females. This made the males irrelevant in providing for their families. The result was an explosion of single parent families, crime, lower education rates and higher murder and incarceration rates.
      Two years in a row, Ames and Sioux City Iowa were under water during extreme floods. There was very little attention by the media after these events.
      The self reliant people simply went to work and cleaned up the messes.
      Compare that to New Orleans where a high percentage of people were on welfare and sat and waited for years for someone else to provide for them.
      If a social scientist were to do an in depth study, the only conclusion would be that welfare / Socialism / Communism is the most destructive government that man can create and inflict on a population.
      The expansion of welfare in the US has created multi-generational poverty and despair. The dependence on government has held entire groups in bondage to the political party that promises them more benefits. In reality they are guaranteeing them more suffering.
      We used to be told that idle hands are the Devil’s plaything. Our parents were very correct. Man is made to produce and have a feeling of accomplishment. The reliance on government destroys all of that incentive.


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