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Let’s put the cards on the table, Henri, because on the morning of May 21, I don’t want you, or anyone on your team, to blame your defeat on us voters.

From what we know, your presidential campaign is an actual thing. You’re actually running to reach the throne and play the transition, which is fantastic. You’ve traveled, you’re campaigning, you’re getting support from recognizable faces and names and you have an economic plan. You’re aware that chavismo won’t release its hold on power without an attractive proposal. Fine, reading that scenario and playing with those cards is politics. Wanna know why public support eludes you then?

Because you’re treating us, voters, like idiots.

Dude, we know.

We know this election won’t be settled by ballots. We know it will all come down to what groups in the status quo accede to give up, we know Nicolás Maduro is doing his best to draw people to the voting stations to justify and legitimate his rule. We know the mere call for an election like this breaks the law. We know chavismo will play its game and we know you don’t have enough people to watch all the voting stations in the country.

But, more than anything, we know that if the past predicts the future, then you’ll accept whatever the politburo decides. So don’t blame your political shortcomings on us, because your job is to convince us to vote.

Just because most of us never got a college degree, it doesn’t mean we can’t see what’s going on.

When you stand in that podium being more of an asshole to Luis Almagro than you’re to the PSUV, we know it’s because you’re telling chavistas that, with you in power, they’ll be safe (that’s why you say shit that voters perceive as horrendous), and we know that’s why you’re a presidential candidate in the first place. Everyone who posed a threat to the government is either jailed, barred from running or in exile, so stop acting like you reached your current status because you’re the only sensible voice in the septic pit that MUD turned the political opposition into. You’re there because chavismo chose you as their rival.

We know.

We know the economy must be liberalized, the exchange controls must be taken down and foreign investments must be attracted. Stop, you and your crew, being pedantic about knowing this and tell Francisco Rodríguez to get off that elitist high horse; just because most of us never got a college degree, it doesn’t mean we can’t see what’s going on.

You know who’s really great at being pedantic? Henry Ramos Allup. Last year, he advocated for a shutdown of the protest in the face of those leaders who wanted to radicalize (we know this too, Ramos), saying the MUD would run in governor’s elections “and people would have to vote” because it was the only option. Welcome to planet Earth: voters won’t support you just because you’re opposing chavismo. Politics in this country have never been decided by who’s more qualified, they’re decided by who tells the best jokes. And if the people perceive you as a two-faced lizard in human skin, it doesn’t matter if you truly have holy water inside your veins: tu pasado de perverso te condena.

Don’t blame your political shortcomings on us, because your job is to convince us to vote.

What was our electoral 2017 like in Venezuela? The government pulled eight million votes out of its ass in the election for the National Constituent Assembly and nobody in the oppo said a thing. Smartmatic, the company in charge of the voting technology, was so appalled by the results that it refused to validate them. And where is Andrés Velásquez today, why isn’t he a governor despite the ample evidence of being cheated out of office?

Do you know what happens if we jump on your train and the reds do this again? Besides the legitimacy thing, we’ll be demoralized as a society, which is precisely what they want. The problem with your speech, Henri, is that you’ve molded it so much to please chavismo that people are convinced you’re in league with them and, regardless of the actual truth, in politics perception is reality. Say it out loud: “Guys, we know these elections are a humongous trap, but we’re aiming at a transition where we will be better than we’re now, because it’s almost impossible to make it worse. We know they won’t concede easily and we know that on the 21st, we’ll probably have to fight for our win. We’re gonna need you all for that struggle, because the government won’t fall without internal pressure. Believe in me this once, because I swear to y’all I won’t disappoint.”

If we were living in a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to say that because everyone would see how breaking chavismo is good for us all. But that’s not the country we have, so you need to work with this reality. Reinhold Niebuhr said: “The art of politics consists of directing rationally the irrationalities of men.”

And tell Carlos Raúl Hernández to stop saying electoral conditions don’t matter because, for voters, they mean the world.

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  1. What a disgrace that the opposition is constantly entertained and distracted discussing about the “elections” while Maduro is executing plans to remain in power and planning what would be the next distraction.
    Still waiting for any piece on this blog that talk about Soy Venezuela or other Venezuelans that are trying to organize and take real action against Maduro.

    • “constantly entertained and distracted”

      You spotted the master strategy of chabizmo to remain in power and the true reason as of why “venezuelans aren’t rioting in the streets right now”, it’s been like that for the last 16 years since shiabbe threatened HRA and the others too much after april 11.

      “…Venezuelans that are trying to organize and take real action against Maduro.”

      But Torovolt! Those are rrrrrraddddiicccccccaallll empantuflados that just want a ton of dead on the strerts!

  2. “When you stand in that podium being more of an asshole to Luis Almagro than you’re to the PSUV, we know it’s because you’re telling chavistas that, with you in power, they’ll be safe…

    A tidy little sentence that accurately sums up this “election”.

    Henri is a Chavist without the party. At best, should Henri beat Maduro (BUWAHAHAHAHA!) he is only a wild-card.

    Any changes with Henri? Would he disband the TSJ? The CNE? The ANC? Not likely… the TSJ would rule that their dissolution is “unconstitutional”, and would rule that folding the ANC is also. The CNE is thus safe. And what keeps Henri in power? The Chavists in the military, who are rue to see their gravy train jump the tracks.

    The ONLY way change comes to Venezuela is when the red shirts in the barrios turn on Chavismo.

  3. Amen, thanks Victor for saying it clearly. None of that sin el chivo y sin el mecate talk. We were always doomed, anyway.

  4. Its all so predictable , the 20M elections are a ‘death foretold. I have no feeling that the pseudo elections means anything , before they were held and even if they were never held the regime had already decided that it would remain in power for ever , its their ‘fate’ , they want to window dress a bit their already made decision by having these sham ‘elections’ even if they and everbody else in the world know full well that the outcome is already decided even before the first vote is cast……….Falcon is gambling that by going along with the farce he will be better positioned if in the end the coming troubles force the regime to look for a way out , an easy transition , there is a reason why the elections are being brought forward 7 months , such decisions are not taken arbitrarily but for a very specific reason , they know that by the end of the year things are going to be so fucked up that no one is going even to try to fantasize that a favourable outcome is even possible ……, its already happening with the oil income channel becoming clogged day by day , how can you rule a country with no money , and yet thats what they want to attempt !!

    • Falcon is self-interest over patriotic interest (the good old Venezuelan way). Elections were moved up to just before the roof caves in. Pray for a favorable N.Korea resolution, because, barring an Iran/other crisis, Venezuela is next on the agenda.

    • They care only about power. It is a narcotic to a politician. If Venezuela has to fall into utter chaos and despair, so be it! Because that is the price of Revolucion! The Revolucion is what is important… people will always die, with or without the revolucion… what does Chavismo care about that? People are born to suffer… Chavismo doesn’t care about that either!

      The ONLY way forward is for things to get so bad for the die hard Chavismo supporters that they turn against Maduro et alli. Chavists must die and suffer before THEY figure it out.

    • Bill….Conoco Phillips is landing some heavy body blows as you have discussed. The took possession of PDVSA assets in Bonaire today and have filed papers to do the same in Curacao and Aruba. Other creditors are lining up to do the same. I think the knockout punch may be coming very soon!

  5. ESE poeta criollo que nepotismo esta Henry Falcon, las sabe tantas de mover su lengua, cree que es dueño de la lengua casados con familias criminal,go fuck yourself , tu que te crees muy vzlno,

  6. To Bill Bass’ point, I would only add that either massive abstention and massive voting end up with the same effect.

    A loss for the opposition.

    The better message to the world is not participating in sham elections.

    I only hope we see folks Anywhere but voting centers, not participating in the #ShamLection

    • How about showing up at the voting stations just to hang out and take pictures and videos and post how nobody shows up to actually vote at any of the voting stations….maybe even get the chance to heckle some of the FUCKING RETARDS (or collaborators) that actually go to try and vote in this farce…. the BEST case scenario is that the GNB show up and start firing teargas outside of each and ever single voting station…massive conflict….the more the better…just to ADD credibility to what we all know is going to go down. I’m going to show up at my little voting station and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to take notes about who’s who and what’s what. Those retards that are selling out will see what it’s actually like to get black balled by whoever will listen. It’s a small town and I know everyone.

  7. Is that you Mr perinola? I missed you bro! keep up the good work. It’s like you are speaking in code, I have this feeling like you are trying to tell us something…..

  8. Pan-roasted chicken thighs with mango/orange pepper/red onion/fish sauce topping on white rice with steamed green beans


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