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The editors of the satirical magazine Mongolia, one of Spain’s most controversial publications, usually defend their shocking covers (which have even taken them to court) with a peculiar argument. According to them, the jokes don’t matter, what matters is the position of the person making them: if you mock someone strong while being weak, you’re brave; if you mock someone strong while being strong, you’re comfortable; if you mock someone weak while being strong, you’re a son of a bitch.

The jokes don’t matter, what matters is the position of the person making them.

If we use this theory to classify Mario Silva, he’d surely fit the third category.

Silva, founder and host of La Hojilla, has spent over ten years cruelly and insensibly slandering and mocking people in various sectors of the opposition: leaders, activists, journalists, political prisoners or human rights advocates.

That tone made it Hugo Chávez’ favorite TV show, confessed by himself, and this was probably what saved Mario when he was pulled off the air after Ismael García released an audio of him talking about Aramis Palacios, member of the Cuban G2, accusing Diosdado Cabello of corruption (claiming that “we’ll be completely fucked” if Cabello takes over PDVSA) and confessing that Fidel Castro told him once that he didn’t understand how Chávez “didn’t scrap elections.”

But the real issue isn’t Mario Silva himself as an agent of terror, it’s his way of doing television and radio, or writing or op-eds, a miserable style that has been spreading over time to become a model within the ranks of the Bolivarian Revolution.

But the real issue isn’t Mario Silva himself as an agent of terror, it’s his way of doing television and radio, or writing or op-eds.

That’s where Zurda Konducta’s hosts came from: Pedro Carvajalino, Oswaldo Rivero (AKA Cabeza e’ Mango,) Fidel Madroñero, Ricardo González and Llanfrancis Colina, as well as Miguel Pérez Pirela and his “Cayendo y Corriendo.”

But the impact of these characters on public opinion has waned, opening the way for Jesús Silva.

Silva (unrelated to Mario) has become infamous for something that probably makes his family hide their link: he voices chavismo’s unspeakable thoughts with people, in turn, reacting with brimstone, especially on Twitter.

He seems to enjoy it, as if that’s the reaction he seeks. His latest gems include mocking journalist Alejandro Cañizalez for committing suicide due to financial problems, arguing that he only needed to get the carnet de la patria (which was followed by a shameful apology on Aporrea); announcing that in case of an intervention by United States military in Venezuela, he’d be forced to kill dissidents, even preventively and, more recently, writing that he regretted singer Evio Di Marzo’s death, since his life was worth more than that of his brother Yordano, because he was a “revolutionary artist.”

Even though he announced on June 1 that he’d withdraw from “social media controversy” to focus on “the reconciliation process declared by the government,” Jesús, who hosts a TV show and seems immune to the Hate Law sanctioned by the National Constituent Assembly, has found a business in this manner of expression, just like Mario Silva did under Chávez’ protection.

Jesús, who hosts a TV show and seems immune to the Hate Law sanctioned by the National Constituent Assembly, has found a business in this manner of expression.

He announced that “retirement”, by the way, with a video most likely edited himself, of people saying his name on TV for 44 seconds. That’s probably the most eloquent description of his personality you’ll ever find.

The only reason why Silva reached these levels of attention is the exposure that media outlets (even theoretically “impartial” ones) have given him. This is a school of journalism where Roland Freisler would’ve felt at home, a despicable Ministry of Truth whose goal is not reporting, but discrediting others, and there are several shows a day with different hosts, but the same tone and target. Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

This is chavismo’s journalism, a model where you can say whatever you want as long as you wear the red cape, but raising your voice from the opposite side? Perish the thought!

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  1. I’ve read this guy at Aporrea. The guy is an insufferable asshole. He plays a Marxist faux intellectual.

    From all the Aporrea writers, he and Nicmer Evans are the only ones that can string a coherent idea in proper Spanish.

    • I agree he is an insufferable asshole. Pretends to be Marxist and brags about making his own money. Several Aporreans scolded him for both the threat to kill opposition members in advance, and his shitty tweet regarding the singer’s brother. Maybe he got pissy and took his ball home, but I have not seen any new posts from him since then, and he used to post there daily.

  2. People who are power obsessed, wield lots of power and are very conceited about their pretentiously operatic ideological identity usually find a perverse pleasure in attacking or destroying the dignity of those who disagree with them , in demonizing and belittling them with brutal ferocity , in finding novel and atrocious ways of expressing their hatred, of maligning their despised rivals ….doing so allows them to experience a form of sadistic catharsis as they bestially trample over others humanity . Mr Silva mind and personality are specially attuned to this type of behaviour , he revels arrogantly in the pugnacity and brutality of his comments and condemnations , he is a born thug and bully, people who enjoy his rants share in this personal quality , it says a lot about Chavez that he found such delight in Mr Silvas TV program. It says a lot about the nature of the regime that rules us the poignancy with which it favours Mr Silvas public rants and attacks …..!!

  3. It’s a pity these videos don’t have subtitles, because a lot more of people would know what kind of **** are these silvas:

  4. The majority of so-called opposition, especially Braudio Polanco, make a living off this misery. And as typical frustrated left not in power don’t resist critical analysis or critical thinking. You are all similarly corrupt and please start to suggest a solution, just one per knucklehead. Thanks

  5. C’mon, Braulio, these guys come by it naturally. MDS pre-Revolution was a chofer for the U.S. Embassy, got the hots for a U.S.Marine (unrequited love), and was fired; JS, I believe, is son of the founder of the Ven. Communist Party–and, came the “Revolution”, and it was all glory from there.

  6. Does anyone understand why the European Commission decided to send 47 million dollars to Venezuela for humanitarian reasons? Do they really think that much, if any, of that money will be spent on humanitarian aid? Maduro has stated that Venezuela does not and will not accept this kind of aid so I guess he will feel free to fatten the bank accounts of key loyalists.
    I can hardly believe this.

  7. @ Another Gringo…..unbelievable! I guess Forrest Gump said it best….”Stupid is as stupid does”. Bunch of geniuses in Brussels!

    • “Another $5.9 million will support conflict-prevention measures to reduce social tensions and violence…..”
      Can this be for real?
      Does anyone know, has Bernie Sanders been flying to Europe lately?

      • I think that you will find that the money gets spread over a bunch of NGO initiatives. If you follow the money far enough, it will get back into the pockets of the wealthy and powerful in Europe. Guisos anyone?

    • I think that we will eventually learn that all the proceeds were used procure Mad Man Ernie, Tarek and some other higherups (?) their daily arepa (and couples kilo’s of coke to distribute from leadership of EU. YEA Don’t LOL.) (Anthony Bourdain was big into Coke.

  8. What I normally do is when he (or any other Chavista) gets too extreme is report them to Twitter or FB as inappropriate content for hate speech. Sooner or later their account will be eliminated, and they’ll have to start all over again.

      • Not when they use the freedom of speech to instigate genocide.

        And much less when a wretch like silva doesn’t support freedom of speech in the first place, communist nazis like him don’t deserve to enjoy that right.

      • If you violate the terms of use on a platform you don’t have freedom of speech there. I didn’t make the rules, and no one is being thrown in jail. It’s the rules of the platform. You can start your own social media networks, but hate speech isn’t protected on the ones they use.

      • If I own a website, as far as I am concerned it is “My ball; my bat; my rules.” Social media platforms have every right prohibit hate speech.

        Soceties have rules and norms of behavior. I fail to see why the internet should be different.

  9. Mario Silva, powerful? He’s a loud mouth psychopath in a failed state. See how he fares up after the fall. A movement should get initiated right now: No Immunity or amnesty for Chavistas.

    • He is not powerful but acts as if. He is in such desperate need of attention that at a certain level I pity him.

      It is clear he would have the prestige and knowledge of another scumbag: Hermann Escarra. He will never get to his level, therein lies his frustration.

      • The fact that he isn’t in the same sack of the useless morons like nicmer evans, giordani and navarro, the “disgruntled” or “critical chavismo” could be considered as proof that he isn’t as weak as we thought.

        Also, he directly threw a bucket of diarrheic manure on diosdado and he’s still in his latrine, so that also could be taken as a show that he isn’t as weak either.

  10. The most creepy part is that there are thousands of people that fanatically agree with those assholes, the kind of people blind enough to keep supporting chavismo sincerely no matter the circunstance around them. These shows serve to keep them that way.

  11. That Jesús Silva character is really, really pathetic, even for #TropicalMierda standards. He not only has the gall to defend his enchufado trips to the Imperio and constantly link to himself on his Aporrea articles, but also runs a bunch of sock-puppet accounts on Twitter to promote his own ego.

    From what I can tell, all tweets by “Sandra Arguello” @SandraArgu89, “Clementina Valderrama” @lapropuestatve1, @LaPropuestaTVES and @PuebloDeAPie are (apart from your boilerplate Chavista propaganda retweets) nothing but incessant praise towars Silva, gushing incessantly about how smart, good-looking and loyal he is. And, unlike his main account, those four are still actively posting to this daye.

    The only one I can think of who reaches that level of insanity (on chavista Twitter, at least) is “Vision 360” @OJOVENE, who constantly spams his godawful MS Paint creations as “MEME REAL” at anyone who dares speak anything opposing him. More than just your regular social media chavista/madurista believer like @Lubrio or @tongorocho, he’s more of an anti-anti-chavista; a true incarnation of negative partisanship.


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