“We’re not going to respect the human rights of any criminal.” The phrase doesn’t come from the commander of some mercenary group, it came from Zulia government secretary Lisandro Cabello. “Some demand respect for human rights, and that’s good, human rights are important, but what about the victims’ human rights?” He then adds: “THis is how they end, and how they’ll end.

“We’re not going to respect the human rights of any criminal.”

He said it on a Monday during one of his press conferences focused on “citizen security,” after regional police officers massacred a group of men who recorded themselves shooting a woman to death in front of her daughter at Maracaibo Lake’s Eastern Shore.

Cabello has made a habit of starting the week with these reports. He seems proud of carrying out operations where alleged criminals are “neutralized” while he claims that governor Omar Prieto’s promise to turn Zulia into the “safest” state in Venezuela will soon be a reality.

The most radical citizens might believe this to be an appropriate security policy and that the men who killed the Zulian mother had it coming, but this just makes me think of that brilliant headline published by El Chigüire Bipolar a year ago: “Man says the OLP should kill everyone forgetting that this might include him.

The official version of reported cases of police violence during Prieto’s administration, and even before him, tend to lack credibility for one simple reason: they’re all the same.

The “criminal” always resists. He always dies in a “confrontation”. He was always trying to flee. He always has a “suspicious attitude.” And he was always guilty, even though no judged had determined it yet.

But the truth is that no “criminal” behaves the same.

But the truth is that no “criminal” behaves the same.

In May, a 27-year-old man called Luis Losada was murdered inside his home and in front of his daughters in the Cerros de Marín community in northern Maracaibo, allegedly because he stole some TV sets. The police issued a statement talking about “crossfire” and the local press called him a “bandit”. However, witnesses said they only heard one shot: the one that ended his life.

Losada’s wife —who was present during the incident and was beaten out of her home— said to Radio Fe y Alegría that municipal police officers told her they knew her husband hadn’t stolen anything but that, according to them, he knew the culprits and they just wanted to “scare” him into confessing.

After they took him out of the house all bloodied and put him in a truck, the woman cautioned them that she’d written down the plates of the vehicles they were using and that she’d denounce them if something happened to her husband. The officers reacted by threatening her, telling her that if she did that, they’d find her in the same vehicle —with the same plates— and kill her the same way.

More than two months after the incident, Luis Losada’s relatives are still waiting for the culprits to meet justice.

Lisandro Cabello was in charge of Cabimas’s prison, he was an ANC member and became famous for his outlandish excuses regarding the blackouts Zulians suffer every day, like that time when he claimed that the cause of the outages was that the state was too close to the sun.

More than two months after the incident, Luis Losada’s relatives are still waiting for the culprits to meet justice.

But he doesn’t seem to be the one behind this policy of terror. However, Prieto said, upon being questioned about Losada’s case: “You already know how Cerros de Marín works.”

This governor was previously the mayor of San Francisco municipality and he used to give the same treatment to alleged criminals in that entity. His policy went beyond politics: during the protests in 2014 and 2017, there were no demonstrations in that municipality because they were “banned” and nobody dared to break the “rules” because they knew the authorities would behave roughly on them.

“Liberated territory,” said some people in San Francisco as a mockery, when Prieto was mayor.

The complete opposite to the administration of Francisco Arias Cárdenas, who was very careful not to show that he and his people abused human rights, at least in his speeches, perhaps trying to prevent an eventual trial against him.

But it seems Lisandro and Omar have no fear of The Hague.

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  1. Under communism-socialism rule NO 1 has rights period. These cunts make up their rules as they go along. And still there aren’t millions upon millions upon millions in the streets all day every day.

  2. “We’re not going to respect the human rights of any criminal.”

    He also has the luxury of defining who is a criminal, of course.

  3. @ MRubio….John requested that anybody who spotted you on here to pass on a message. John says for you to contact your girl in Caracas…there is a package there containing kidney medicine and other things. If you have already received this message please disregard.

    • Thanks Tom!!! Let John know please that I’ve gotten the message. Communication via phone out here has all but collapsed, at least with movilnet, movistar still working on occassion, hence I’ve been able to get on line. I’ll see if I can open yahoo and send him an email.

      We’re still processing our last bit of corn into masa and selling it at 100,000 bs to the kilo, in cash, which is about giving it away. There’s a line in the morning and again in the pm. What we have on hand should last another week or so, after that, nothing else in sight. My woman made a trip to Punta de Mata today and said the city was shut down due to protests over lack of food.

      As Naky would say, we go on.

      • @MRubio….it sounds like you are almost without outside communication ability…but of course that is part of the master plan. Did your hogs arrive? Hopefully between the hogs, chickens, and garden you can keep food on the table….it just gets uglier and uglier.

      • Tom thank you for passing on the message. I just came home and saw it.

        MR, It has been impossible to contact you. The last I heard from Vicky, she had left a message with Crystal’s Mom but had not had a reply. I haven’t heard from her to find out if the arrangements had been made so I was trying to reach out to you.

        You are going to enjoy some of the items in the shipment. There are more seeds for the pueblo in it also.

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        What a mess. Tomorrow I need to transfer money to Vicky. If I am unable to contact her, I will see If it is possible for you to pass the message along.

        • If someone can bankroll/expense it for MRubio, some level of satellite connectivity can be less than $100/month.

        • John, I just checked that email and have not received anything. Contacted CC and asked that they share my info or provide yours.

          • Hi Waltz
            They have been helpful in the past.
            Hopefully someone will check their e-mail.
            Thee communications in Venezuela are getting very challenging. Like everything else the system is probably collapsing due to neglect.

          • It’s more than neglect, they also don’t have money to replace batteries etc PLUS they have a lot of theft due to reselling of copper cable and even fiber optic cable. The scrapyards just over the border in Colombia must be booming.

  4. I am sure that anyone who objects to complete subjugation and starvation by the state can be deemed a criminal. It sounds like they may start standing groups of 10 or so at a time in front of a wall as they did in Cuba.

    • When they did this in Cuba, they first extracted from each prisoner 4 liters or so of blood, which they then sold on the black market for foreign exchange. The prisoners executed could barely stand. In Venezuela’s case, they will barely be able to stand for lack of food, and may not even have an amount of blood necessary to make this “business” worthwhile. I believe most people can be defined by only one extreme barbaric, or sublime, act they commit in their lifetimes–this is the act that defines the rulers of C, and will guarantee the heat will be high in their “afterlife” (for those who believe).

      • Further proof that the proletariat is owned for profit by the marxist elites (ie: just a piece of property to be liquidated), yet some useful idiots here say that’s not slavery.

  5. Bad behavior – sure. Venezuelans should be thank you the regime is merely evil thieves, and not true believes in Marxism. Because this is nothing compared with the likes of Lenin/Stalin, Mao or Brother Nos. 1-5.

    MRubio – Good to see you still commenting. I keep wondering when the cc web site (among others) is blocked by Maduro government. Maybe if you have a satellite based system that they cannot censor ….

    • @Another Gringo…I think you are right in that we (hopefully) won’t see extermination carried on on a massive scale but I am pretty sure that will be of little solace to those who will be exterminated on a more modest scale.
      You still in the south seas? Or have you made it to Big Sky Country yet?

      • I just watched the “Enemies of the People” documentary on You Tube. It is surreal in a disturbing way how ordinary peasant farmers (including women) were turned into torturers and bloody executioners (using metal poles and knives). Then they go back to being ordinary farmers. “Just doing what they had to do to avoid being killed themselves.” This guy demonstrates how he cut throats with a knife, and explains how he had to switch to neck stabbing to kill his victims because his wrist would hurt too much after a while. And they just blend in to society as if it was all just a bad dream. Takes nearly three decades for the world to finally arrest Brother Nos. 2 and 3 and 5. Brother No. 1 managed to die of natural causes without ever being confronted.

        Marxism really brings out the best in people. Those guys were bat-shit crazy ruthless murdering nationalist Maoist/Marxist ideologues. And they might have killed off 80% of the country if Vietnam hadn’t put a stop to it. Even Stalin realized he needed to “throttle back” on the purge after a few million … Yes, the Castros were also bloody murderers, but their actions pale in comparison.

        That movie should be mandatory viewing for all SJW types. Of course, they’d just blame Trump ….

        Anyway … still out in the Pacific (but north of the equator). Will be visiting the new mainland homestead (“Baja Montana”) in a few weeks. Hard to say when it will be ready to move in. Contractors are better at promising dates than delivering, but this is a first world problem to have.

        • Certainly a Cadillac problem as my mom would say. Enjoy yourself before learning the new day to day of the new life.

          Your comment reminds me of a book I read a “dozen” years ago. It was by a New York Times correspondent called, “We wish to inform you tomorrow we will be killed with our families”. As described above, common people unfamiliar with how to kill efficiently, or without the weapons, are the most brutal. This particular book is about Rwanda.

        • Enjoy your time in the Pacific! And watch out for falling coconuts! Lol. Hopefully the contractor will meet the deadline for completing your house in “Baja Montana”.
          That how we refer to Texas here in Oklahoma……”Baja Oklahoma”! Lol

  6. Most people dont care about the human rights of henious criminals as much as they care about the human rights of their victims , the human heart is full of terrible biases , even if established moral codes beatifically see both as equally worthy of protection ………., the first response is spontaneous and natural , the second contrived and embellished ….I mean who doenst want to have a beautiful soul ??

    • Bill Bass, if we make the assumption that accused equals guilty, for example based on our bias/experience, then is not hard to not care. Problem is, sometimes the person(s) are not guilty of any crime (mistaken identity, sloppy police work, purposeful setting someone up). Or sometimes the punishment is way disproportionate to the crime (e.g., death for stealing a tv).

    • “Most people dont care about the human rights of henious criminals as much as they care about the human rights of their victims…” [snip jive]

      Not in LatAm. Just look at judicial system treatment and news coverage of convicted violent criminals. Mestizo culture says “Awww, poor boy” while saying his victims somehow deserved it.

  7. Do understand I do not support the wholesale violation of human rights of those which are accused of perpetrating crimes against other people but am just pointing out how sometimes moral codes impose on ordinary persons values which are misaligned with their natural moral instincts……., which explains how it happens that those moral codes are sometimes ignored in everyday life .
    This is specially true where the exigencies of due process make the enforcement of sanctions to known criminals so difficult (in a country with a dysfunctional crime enforcement systems) and an absolute climate of impunity where some 90% of all crimes go unpunished .
    In a country where impunity is rare or marginal , people will stand as champions of due process , but where the criminal enforcement system is so messed up as ours , then dirty short cut solutions to the punishment of criminals can sometimes become popular…….
    Add to that the endemic proliferation of criminal activities in the country , much worse than in any other country and you come to understand where these aberrant attitudes towards the extra judicial punishment of purported criminals is not generally condemned but welcome. !!

    • Bla bla bla bla bla… it the killers…or whos killing the killers… choose…which victim are you going to be?…..Human rights?..I wonder…do they speak about that under the bridge near January23….or in Chacao….Por favoor….just defend yourself…..there is no enforcement …no one cares…..just you in that moment…..or you can bend over and take it …remenber bills poetry….”sorry Bill”….it will give you solace….pfffft.

  8. Omar pleito has always been a filthy piece of garbage on the same disgusting caliber of the sole-lickers mario and jesús silva and diosdado, who are very machos when surrounded by their goons but wetting and soiling themselves when caught alone (as drogadado did on the 4F)

  9. This is the right webpage for anyone who wants to find out about this topic.

    You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject which has been written about for years.
    Excellent stuff, just excellent!


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