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You can see them everywhere. They stroll the streets like they own them, their rifles hanging on their shoulders or in their hands, a finger on the trigger even though there’s no immediate danger. Their bullet-proof vests make them look bulkier, but that can’t conceal the fact that some of them aren’t eating as well as they used to.

SEBIN, GNB, PNB, FAES, CICPC, CONAS. In Venezuela, we know you have to be cautious when you see these letters. Members of any of those bodies wave their guns and their pissed-off attitude around like testaments to their manliness and volatility.

They’re hardly ever alone. If you see one, chances are there’s more somewhere nearby. And it’s not strange to see them drive by in dread caravans, in their bleak uniforms that always remind me of insect swarms, riding their motorcycles that sound like howling beasts, or in ominous vehicles plastered with their service branch’s initials, with complete disregard for traffic regulations or citizens around them.

Members of any of those bodies wave their guns and their pissed-off attitude around like testaments to their manliness and volatility.

They’re a load of big bad bullies often far worse than malandros, corrupt to the core, armed to the teeth, set loose on a civilian population ravaged by every possible plague a country can endure, with full license to do as they please.

The regime loves them, however. They use them for every possible task, from guarding electric substations to cracking down on municipal markets. Back in 2014, when the critical generalized shortages were just starting, you could always see an officer from one branch or the other guarding supermarkets while people stood in long lines to be able to buy the now mythical price-controlled products. That year, we also had a taste of how much these guys enjoyed repressing civilian demonstrations; the OLPs and last year’s protests ratified their commitment to cause suffering, and it’s gotten worse.

Their pumped-up manners and their drawn weapons are a disrespect to the most basic decency, an insult to every citizen of this country, but they seem to take pride in them.

And it’s true: they’re dangerous. Security forces in Venezuela may arrest you at the least provocation, downright rob you or even kill you in certain contexts, with utter impunity.

To be honest, we despise and resent them more than we fear them. And last weekend, we had a clear image of how cowardly and useless they truly are. Despite all their bravado and the way they exhibit their blood-stained, metal peacock feathers for everyone to see, we now know they’ll break down and run at the first sign of trouble.

The scene is equal parts pathetic, discouraging and funny. The equipment they tend to carry around makes them seem well-trained, professional, but most of them are no better than street punks with a badge. Right after this shameful incident, which the regime calls an “assassination attempt,” SEBIN officers were recorded by security cameras kidnapping constitutionally elected lawmaker Juan Requesens in a building in Terrazas del Ávila. This is just the latest of a long string of violent, arbitrary arrests these guys have carried out.

A friend of mine once told me a saying I’d never heard before: “Some men grow old, but they never become true men,” and I guess that’s the deepest root of toxic masculinity. Since they never learned how to be true men, they fake it, but in the face of danger they wouldn’t last ten minutes. 

A day will come when these criminal show-offs will regret their very public cult to violence, when their institutions are dismantled, cleansed from their poison and their indignity, free to fulfill the purpose they were meant to fulfill. Fancy that, security bodies that will actually defend the people, instead of running for cover in shameful disarray.

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  1. “A day will come when these criminal show-offs will regret their very public cult to violence, when their institutions are dismantled, cleansed from their poison and their indignity, free to fulfill the purpose they were meant to fulfill.”

    Only if real men make it happen.

    • I’m not outraged or anything, so you can spare me the “snowflake” epithet. This is for your enlightenment. See, here’s the thing. When you talk about “real men”, you are being imprecise. Furthermore, reasonable people may have grounds to deem you misogynistic or homophobic. See: Real men are characterized by having a Y chromosome. That’s it. Nicolás Maduro is a real man. So is Osmel Souza for that matter, and neither of them can or will effect change in Venezuela. By stating that only men can make change happen you are negating the possibility of women rising up against the regime. Were we so lucky to have a pair of women like the Trung sisters, who fought and won Vietnam’s independence from China, or Joan of Arc, the French heroine, or the Apache warrior Lozen. Do you really think that María Corina Machado has no role in our fight for freedom and that she should go back to the kitchen and make you a sandwich?

      In addition, the phrase “real men” has been used since time immemorial to imply straight men only. You may not mean it like this, but the phrase carries a cultural baggage and that’s why you shouldn’t use it unless you mean to exclude gay men (in which case you should just say “straight men” and be done with it). In any case, were we ever so lucky to have a General von Steuben on our side, or an Alexander, or a Lawrence of Arabia.

      The thing is, Lorenzo, that you may very well be neither homophobic nor misogynistic, but you are coming across as such. Using this type of language makes the experience of reading your comment more confusing, less pleasant, and less constructive than if you just spent a bit more time searching for the right words to express what you actually mean.

          • hahaha, we should have gave Jaques a trigger warning. The CCS chronicles for now on is a safe space because the PC crowd demands it… hahaha. You deserve the snowflake epithet Jaques. Go cuddle with your boyfriend and let him tell you some rainbow-washed version of history to make you feel better.

            Fact of the matter is that we need real men and real women to stand up against the dictator. If that real man likes downing the sausage, whatever, that is his thing–and what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. But a real man is not going to cry about some PC bullshit.

            Yes, every snowflake is different and special, but they melt under the slightest pressure…just like the GNB at the sight of the slightest danger.

            Again, go run off to your safe space Jaques. Good article Javier!

          • But you see guacharaca, that doesn’t play in the world of the perpetually outraged. The narrative is that every comment, no matter how innocuous, is a slight against the liberal core constituency. Gay, women, African ancestry… and if you can find a gay woman of African ancestry… JACKPOT! The trifecta!

            That is why fewer and fewer take the snowflakes seriously.

      • I mean, if you’re gonna rant about Lorenzo’s remark, you might as well rant about the author’s same remark. I think both the article and Lorenzo’s comment are spot on, don’t really know how you think this is homophobic.

        Sounds like you want to be offended.

        • Oh and Osmel Sousa Is as homophobic as your average Cafetal doña. Know your gay culture before you go around throwing names of gay icons, makes your comment seem less like an actual criticism and more like token allyship.

          • I didn’t talk about Osmel Sousa in the context of his being gay. I just mentioned him as an example of a real man with a Y chromosome as opposed to a woman. I could have also mentioned Henrique Capriles or Lorenzo Mendoza or Andres Galarraga, it doesn’t matter. I talked about gay people in a different paragraph.

        • As I said in my post, I was not offended by Lorenzo’s comment. I just found it tiresome. Most importantly, I didn’t (and still don’t) understand what he meant to say. I noticed that Javier Liendo said the same sort of thing, but I’m not going to quibble about this stuff with him, who actually lives in Venezuela, takes the time to write about what’s going on there for our benefit, and otherwise writes very well.

          • Jacques your viewpoint is the reason that gay people fail in representational politics……its all about you.
            Talking of “tiresome” you need to get a grip, you old queen and blog somewhere else, as you are clearly not over the target here.

      • Dear lord. The pile up of outrage following my comment would make one think I’m Iris Varela showing her face at El Arepazo II. Relax, people. It looks like you’re the ones who need a trigger warning!

        • “Iris Varela showing her face [anywhere]” is triggering for sure. She’s even nastier on the inside.

          Jacques, go back and look at your original reply to Lorenzo. If it is your desire to persuade someone to not use the phrase “real men” you don’t lead with “This is for your enlightenment” after which you lecture and scold. What did you think would be the result?

        • Since it was me who made the remark that didn’t offend you, jacques, allow me to clarify.

          javier wrote:
          “A friend of mine once told me a saying I’d never heard before: “Some men grow old, but they never become true men,” and I guess that’s the deepest root of toxic masculinity. Since they never learned how to be true men, they fake it, but in the face of danger they wouldn’t last ten minutes.”

          In-other-words, according to the author, there are, “FAKE MEN,” and then there are, “TRUE MEN”.

          So spare me the lecture. It was not me who made the distinction.

          And you know what? Fact! If these pissant bullies are ever defeated, it will be by an organization comprised of at least 95% people with the Y chromosome and more than your average amount of testosterone..

      • My God. Did you take your meds today?

        If Naky writes a piece about real women, would that make you happy?

        You sound like one of those nutty, politically correct but factually wrong liberals who screwed up the EU.

      • You made this issue about being sexist?

        The author clearly means a real man is different than being a scared little boy.

        Go away, you’re drunk.

  2. Who is running the show in the FANB? Face paint on parade?

    The FANB is peacocking, when in reality, they haven’t fought anyone. Who are these “rough men” with tricolor painted faces? What is next? Are they going to start dressing like the Pope’s “Swiss Guard”? (who are actually highly trained and highly skilled)

    They are not fooling anyone. This is all show and no go. The USSR used to (Russia still does) have these sorts of parades all the time to whip up patriotic frenzy… its all marketing. We have seen the measure of these men while on parade on August 4. They scattered like roaches when the light comes on.

    Venezuelans who love their country don’t have to take down the FANB. They will evaporate into the mist very quickly when the wheels come off (Delcy, Aristóbulo, Diosdado, Jorge, Tarek and Elias board a private jet laden with dollars to Cuba). And now that the cash cow is gone (CITGO), the money to pay their protection is gone.

    Your enemy are the colectivos, the GNB and FNB. When the colectivos are afraid to come out of their barrios, and the GNB and FNB are afraid to put on their uniforms is when you will know when things are going in the right direction.

  3. “pathetic, discouraging and funny”…. great writing. In addition I am guessing there are lots of them, too many to punish so they will be part of the post Chavista Venezuela.

    • Much obliged, Bill!!

      And I think their very nature will act against them in the end. Yes, we’ll have to deal with much crime for years to come still, after these guys are gone, but these guys depend on our dysfunctional system to operate. A functioning system like the one we’d have to implement to get this country going again, will necessarily purge them.

      • Javier, Just want to tell you that I appreciate the work you do here daily at CC.

        Though the CC comments section can be like cruel, vulgar, and most days, a play ground full of arguments on “word placement and meaning” to writers and commenters alike, I believe most if not ALL here (Judy, venny trader would not be on that list,) have Venezuela central to there hearts.

        I see the pain in the expat community.
        and horrors of all of you still in-country.
        Forgive or better yet, ignore the arrows.
        But do take the criticisms and counter arguments
        Those are the jewels of your profession.

  4. There are quite a few insignificant men , leading absolutely drab and mediochre lives , whose egoes are burdened with a sense of humiliation at their insignificance and who when given a badge and a gun and an uniform and some frenzied slogans to go after some dehumanized ‘fiend’ feel invested with an exultant sense of might and haughty superiority which tranforms them into bullies and brutal braggarts in their treatment of other men ……!! It happened in nazi germany , in the Italy of Mussolini, among the red guards in communist russia and china , Men who are encouraged to be brutal to show off their macho credentials ……….. (maybe some US cops unconsciously share this ethos) , its always been this way. It may be worse in Venezuela because culturally we are among the worlds greatest cultists of macho might and power …… evidenced by Gert Hofstedes comparative world cultural rankings where we averaged 81 points out of a 100 in the parameter that measured this cultural trait .

    • Sadly, we in the US aren’t immune to it either. Give a “little man” a bit of authority and they abuse it. There was some of that in the military, but it is largely in the civilian sector in my opinion. (Assholes don’t last long in the Army)

    • “Men who are encouraged to be brutal to show off their macho credentials ……….. (maybe some US cops unconsciously share this ethos)”

      and maybe some canadian cops, and Spanish Cops, and British cops, and Fijian cops, and …..

      Yes, please remind us that the USA should always be included on any negative list of attributes.

      • It is as I said a very common human trait , present in the US as in many other countries , Im sorry that it bothers you to be reminded that americans are also human , even if some people like you think of yourselves as possesing a demigodly status…….., goes to show : not even our admired america is free from having some stupid people among its people !!

        • Bill, my point was simply you can include the USA on any list. We have pedophiles, rapist, murders, macho cops. You name an evil, and any country on this earth has a member.

          It is just tiring to hear comparisons that have little bearing to reality.

          What would you think, if I wrote a restaurant review for Zagat, saying the Indian curry served to me in Denver, tasted like worms, much like the Arepa Venezolana?

          Yes, we all know that 99.99% do not, but .01% do. So it would be a valid comment. No?

          Wonder if “some people like you” would comment otherwise. Or would you be silent?

  5. If you insult Maduro and his friends, then there is no way out. Please use factual arguments; I can guarantee they know how to read. and people living outside Venezuela will better understand what you mean. If you’re asking for help, don’t go low. Stick it to them on the top. Not at the bottom. This is why Trump calls Venezuela a shithole.

    • I’m sorry you didn’t like the article. Perhaps you sympathize with Venezuelan security forces and Maduro? Also, why do you present Trump’s opinion as if it mattered? Do you sympathize with him too?

      • You are right, Javier Liendo, Mr Trump’s opinion has norhing to do with your excellent report. There will be a need to punish those in the military and the government who committed outrageous crimes or these folks will return to haunt Venezuela in subsequent governments. Well done.

      • I’m a Republican and in must confess I would have never voted for Hillary. Much less for a Sanders and his kind. And I support my party.

        I think you opened a can of worms? The title is prone to provoke and changing those men (Y-Chromosome) is certainly necessary.

        I have never seen so much negative commentary.

        Very little constructive, in what way that will solve Venezuelan problems?

        After the bad going invasion of Iraq, the USA made a bad mistake: they eliminated the existing army, and left the country without any means to protect against terrorism.

        In other words, I understand your wish but the outcome might be disastrous.

        Still, you opened the can of worms

        • Again, I’m sorry you didn’t like the article, but judging by your opinion, perhaps you should re-read it. You entirely missed my point.

  6. Establishment mouthpieces presuppose that masculinity is bad and thus a legitimate basis for criticism. That’s the same kind of bigotry that condemns skin color, origin, culture, age, and religious beliefs. Pseudo journalists are so deeply indoctrinated that they can’t even recognize their promulgation of the bigotry of their masters’ anti-male agenda. (“Well done, good and useful journalism schools.”) They attack the person more than the conduct. Frequently they excuse the conduct.

    Replace the word ‘Masculinity’ in the above headline with any race or religion and see if you still feel as good.

    Venezuela can only continue downward until you change your hateful culture.

  7. To my nonprofessional eye seems the painted warriors in the photo are carrying 1903 Springfield rifles. Unlike some countries, where WW-I and WW-II vintage weapons are used strictly for goat and pony shows, in this instance it probably indicates the lack of funds after spending so much for face painting.

  8. I just started watching a great series on Netflix called “Commandos.”

    It’s a 12-episode documentary about the training of Singapore’s elite Commando brigades, if a brigade is what you call it.

    It’s really fascinating, because these are NOT macho guys trying to look tough. They’re regular young kids coming out of civilian life who apply for this advanced training simply because of pride of self, which is different than macho. They do it to become better men.

    Most interesting is that equally important to the combat and physical training involved is the humanity and justice training involved. Singapore isn’t turning out just ruthless killers. They’re turning out soldiers with a heart, soul and brain.

    What kind of training do you think a soldier gets in VZ?

    • If anyone decides to watch it, I highly recommend you turn captions on.

      Although they all speak English, the accents are pretty heavy and hard to understand at times.

  9. “A day will come when these criminal show-offs will regret their very public cult to violence, when their institutions are dismantled, cleansed from their poison and their indignity, free to fulfill the purpose they were meant to fulfill. ”

    Such a day may never come for many of those illiterate Latinonazis. You see, as usual the fundamental reason behind their power trips, bloated machismo and need to steal, abuse and offend defenseless others is – you guessed it – lamentable levels of ‘education’, deplorable moral values and abysmal lack of any sort of real intelligence.

    For starters, If they were better educated, at least they would be more respectful and polite, even when abusing power and stealing. If they had ANY real, decent moral values instilled by their dismembered families, they would not behave in such cruel manner and commit such daily atrocities against other people.
    And if they had any sort of real Intelligence, and saw reality for what it is, they would, of course, be fighting tooth and nail AGAINST the genocidal narco-tyranny.

    That’s what happens when you let too many chimpanzees on the loose, and give them guns, in any tropical Narco-Kleptocracy. As usual lack of real Education/Intelligence, and Galactic Corruption – the root of all Kleptozuelan crap.

    • And the only way such abominable brutes might one day truly “regret” any of their crimes, is the day they get some sort of real education and become humans, as opposed to spoiled VeneMonkeys, which is exactly what many of our beloved pueblo people are, whether we want to admit it or not. Monos.

    • Judging by the fact that they don’t accept comments on their website, I would guess they would block all negative people on their FB page. Which means 99% of comments.

      Also funny how they claim FB has been attacking/ prejudicial against left wing sites, when it was actually right wing.

      • Which “wing” an opinion goes under these days is completely in the subjective eye of the beholder.

        But, yes, they are a propaganda site that has to support the increasing unsupportable.

        “But if you ant money for people like Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”

        • I’m pretty sure the original backlash was because of anti-Republcan bias.

          Trying to do PR damage control, they went all over the road bending over backwards and sideways trying to be, or at least appear to be, neutral.

          As if that’s even possible.

        • Actually, their FB page has only 10k likes, and no comments allowed anyway.

          Unless I’m missing something, it’s locked, and just appears to have links to their website.

  10. Last military “parade” I was in, we wore our ACU’s. No guns**. No “war paint”. Just officers and enlisted men, walking in formation and acting respectfully. No jingoism. No uber-patriotism.

    But the red ascot… now that’s Beau Brummells stuff right there!

    Guns are a no-no. A person dedicated to using it to kill will find a way to use it. Ergo, US troops do not carry ANY gun (a dummy or otherwise inoperable) while in formation. Too easy to exchange a fake with the real deal. (Honor guards are another deal.)

    • The red ascots…and bright emblems on their helmets…aren’t too smart in an infantry-strategical sense either.

      I wouldn’t even have to put on my glasses to hit those targets with a .38 revolver from a hundred yards.

      And of course, the PAINT!

  11. Its not the whole Venezuelan armed forces that supports the regime , they are purged all the time even for the tiniest slip of the tongue or for not applauding the presidents speeches with enough enthusiasm, they are spied upon constantly and given promotions and job ‘opportunities’ if they display loyalty whatever their inner feelings …… , their commands are deliberately divided into dozen of uncoordinated pieces so they can never talk or plan anything on their own. they get promoted and given job opportunities for displaying loyalty whatever their inner feelings , the govt isnt interested in winning their unconditional support only that they be be made incapable of launching any coup . The regime does however conentrate their prozelitizing efforts in certain key military commands , the GNB for example are known from way back for being heavily inclined to corruption , so their loyalty is the easiest to buy.
    The regime is now trying to inmitate other tyrannical regimes in giving the military a piece of any business which the govt may have , they do it in Iran, in Cuba, in Egypt , in China . Of course in todays conditions there are no business opportunities which the regime can offer its military to buy their loyalty ……

  12. They have always been CHOROS CON CHAPA. Thefts, kidnappings, murders, you name it. Everybody that has been around the streets in Venezuela knows that.

  13. The soldiers display M1 Springfield Garand rifles. Didn’t the Madburro government had a factory of Russian AK-47? M1 is a great rifle but in these days it would only serve the purpose of snipers killing protesters.

    Now, these fellows look all but good soldiers. You should not feel intimidated.

    • Actually, the rifles in question appear to be bolt-action Mosin/Nagant 1891/31 rifles, which is an Obsolete World War II-era Soviet rifle firing a 7.62 rimmed cartridge; basically a slightly improved pre World War One Russian design (circa 1891). These were sold commercially in the US for around $100 as military surplus collectibles until a few years ago, when the Crimea invasion cut off further imports from both Russia and the Ukraine. An M1 Garand or M1 carbine would actually be a major upgrade in firepower over a Mosin-Nagant

      • This man knows his gun!

        Even though pretty ancient, it’s a great, powerful hunting rifle for long distances nowadays, but worthless for jungle combat.

      • Nuts I am. 100% accurate.

        And you are what? So you live in the shithole? Or in the USA? if you live here, you’re simply bringing the same bad behavior and have learned little of this country.

        You disguise behind a pseudonym. I provide my full name so you can look me up.

        Envy and Hatred never were good companions in life.

        • Pseudonym? What kind of an idiot are you?

          My name is Ira.

          Who the hell would use a horrible name like Ira as an alias?

          I live in the U.S., spent several years on and off in VZ…

          Whereas you seem to have spent most of your time sniffing glue.

      • Hey, Einstein:

        We all know the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel. “Squirrel” is generally used as the all-encompassing term.


        How fucking stupid and arrogant are you, thinking you “caught” someone in a mistake?

        The guy’s name is DALE for Christ’s sake, and you don’t think he knows what a chipmunk is?

        You seem to operate at a much lower level than the rest of us.

        Chip and Dale. Look it up.

        • Ira, I think you better go to Israel fight the Arabs. With all the rage you carry on your shoulders, you better go serve in the Israeli army and if you become civilized, please be back then.

          I hope one day we see each other face to face to see how brave you really are.

    • Good (but short) article and pictures. I made the mistake of clicking on the comments. It’s all Trump’s fault, of course because his “brutal” sanctions turned the Venezuelan people into pirates! And this is what he and Putin want for America. These people have lost their fucking minds.

      • If I had a boat that can float from Paraguana to Aruba. Then I will load it with gasoline and sell it at 2 USD/litre. Let’s say 1000 gallons. It will be an immediate gain of almost USD 4000. With zero investment. The advantage of Venezuelan pirates and smugglers is that you don’t need to kidnap a tanker and ask for ransom. You can get the same amount of the average ransom with a few trips selling gasoline – well, no more if Madburro had cojones. The gasoline price will be 1 or 2 USD/litre in Venezuela according to their implicit messages.

        Everyone better fasten their belts. El Caracaso will be nothing compared to what’s coming.


    • The real “Pirates of the Caribean” are located 90 miles south of Florida.
      50 plus years of success in pillaging, looting and destabilizing hosts.

      Venezuela needs more true, true men to give these scoundrels some real education. And “show” the pirates out!

      • Trigger alert…trigger alert…trigger alert…all snowflakes please go to your safe place NOW. A commenter used the hate speech term true true men. Cover yours ears and Run!

      • Give me one reason why my children would go there to Venezuela to get killed by someone who won’t even say thanks? Venezuelan is not a security problem to the USA. It’s just a grain sand in the shoe of some diplomatic people.

        • How many opportunities do you want to take to show how stupid you are?

          You’ve already broken the record, so isn’t that enough for you?

          • Ira, I think you better go to Israel fight the Arabs. With all the rage you carry on your shoulders, you better go serve in the Israeli army and if you become civilized, please be back then.

            I hope one day we see each other face to face to see how brave you really are.

          • You can’t argue intelligently. So you resort to calling me names undeservedly, insults after insults, but not a single good argument to enhance the discussion.

            This is about business.

            My reason is to be here because it helps me with my LatAm Geopolitics class. I learn a lot from the discussion and my humor is stupid on purpose.

            I was told that Venezuelan had become uncivilized. Well. You are no exception.

            Don’t you see that my country of born which I used to love was destroyed by your generation?

            Go please have a life, or as I said before I think you’re in the age who can still serve in the Israel Army and use your .38 revolver to shoot.

            Don’t direct any more personal comment towards me. I promise I’ll find you. You can continue doing your business as usual.

  14. Ten seconds checking the comments and I found the douchebags that come with their idiotic babbling about how “benesuela will never recover because it’s rotten to the core, because benesolans are shit, go and rot in your shithole” and all that stupid stuff.

    Damn, it looks like their main hobby is to rub how “superior” they are compared to their strawman version of Venezuela.

    Now, regarding the article, I’ll refer to this:

    – “A day will come when these criminal show-offs will regret their very public cult to violence, when their institutions are dismantled, cleansed from their poison and their indignity, free to fulfill the purpose they were meant to fulfill. ”

    No, the day they will regret will be the day when they find they ran out of bullets after killing a boy with a bullet straight to the face in front of an outraged crowd and ONE PERSON DARES TO POINT A FINGER AT THEM.

    Venezuela would have gotten rid of chabizmo if the Llaguno murderers have been lynched by the protesters that day.

    • I definitely agree with you that it won’t take forever for VZ to recover, if things are handled properly.

      History has plenty of examples of it happening.

  15. I believe it will recover, in five generations if no more.

    Venezuela is back to the times of Cipriano Castro but with the Internet. He was qualified by their peers as the worst dictator the world had ever seen. Until now, Madburro.

    We have no way out.

  16. I have read this again and again. I miss the point that is…!?

    The Spaniards believe in the plastic explosive exploding just a few yards away but only producing noise but not an expansive destructive wave.

    I say again why are they are not carrying AK47, with all that make-up and that disguise with M1 rifles. These poor kids are also subject to showmanship. Or are they gay? That’s the point, isn’t it?

  17. “A day will come when these criminal show-offs will regret their very public cult to violence, when their institutions are dismantle”
    Have you ever read a Venezuelan history book?
    It’s been two hundred years buddy. It won’t happen.

  18. Para que le pique más que papel tualé empatucao de hiedras venenosas al copito de nieve:

    ¿Saben qué pasó y QUÉ IMPORTA del 4 de agosto? Que los miliquitos “machos vernáculos preña-carajitas rrrrreeeeebbbollluuuuzzzziiiiooonnaaaarrrriiiiooozzzz” ¡Echaron a correr como MA*****TAS CA***TAS!

    You can fill the asterisks and have fun, heheh 😛


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