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Venezuela’s northern coast was just affected by an earthquake that was felt across the Caribbean and throughout the Venezuelan territory. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it was a 7.3 magnitude, while Funvisis reported a 6.3 magnitude and The Colombian Geological Service said it was a 7.0. Regardless, it affected Granada, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago and Colombia, struck off the South American northern coast at 5:31 p.m. local time, 38 km east of Carúpano, Sucre.

What could be the reason for the different magnitudes reported? Journalist Federico Black says a source from Funvisis blames it on the technological decline of the institution:

The earthquake was intensely felt in Caracas while government leaders held a public meeting to talk about the recently announced economic measures. The moments during and after the quake were captured on VTV, as Diosdado Cabello delivered a speech about how these measures will fix the Venezuelan economy: “This is the force of the revolution,” he said, looking confused.

Footage posted on social media shows the intensity of the quake. Many pictures have been posted reporting structural damage of several buildings,  including the iconic (unfinished) skyscraper Torre Confinanzas (AKA Torre de David).

Edwin Rojas, governor of Sucre, said that there has been no infrastructural damage, injuries or deaths reported in any of the 15 municipalities that conform the state, where the epicenter was.

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  1. A WhatsApp sound clip is claiming that this is the first time that the faults of El Pilar and Bocono “joined up”, which means that the likelyhood, location and intensity of aftershocks are even less understood than usual. We might do well to ask a geologist.

      • The US was worried that the new “economic measures” would assure success. Maduro, with his announcements just days prior gave the Imperio no other option but to release its most secret weapon, the ability to control earth’s tech tonic plates. Only logical explanation.

      • Well, Gringos did assassinate El Magnifico by giving him cancer. Much more devious and less obvious than Putin feeding someone a lethal dose of radiation.

        I’ve read the derp on the Aporrea forum, so I know it to be true.

  2. If you are going to do journalism, do it right.

    If you don’t know about seismic magnitudes ask a specialist.

    Is normal to have different magnitudes, organizations use different methods. Magnitudes tend to change because as information is gathered they are analyzed in depth by a group of specialists. Normally, first report is made automatically by the network.

    USGS reported magnitud is Seismic Moment (Mww) and not Ritcher (ML) as you wrote in the article.

    Want to learn more about seismic scales, just check the following link:

  3. Caracas 2:32PM
    Maduro (calls) FUNVISIS.

    Maduro: Was that an earthquake?

    Funvisis: Yes Sir, and it was very bad; a 7.3 !!!

    Maduro: Damn Yankees, I knew that they would trigger something right after my Economic Recovery Address to the nation.

    Funvisis: Sir, an earthquake of this size can not be induced.

    Maduro: You are wrong, and your reading is wrong. Cila and I hardly felt it.

    Funvisis: But Sir, you are in Caracas, so many miles away!!

    Maduro: How do you know I am in Caracas, that is a state secret!

    Funvisis: Sir, I am so very sorry. I must publish these reading now for the nation.

    Maduro: Understand, Publish it as a 2.3, that sounds about right.

    Funvisis: Sir, that’s about 100,000 times smaller.

    Maduro: That’s 5 zeros off – Right? Perfect!

    Funvisis: Sir, can we at least do 6.3? that is 10 times less, and the average Chavista, would not know the difference anyway.

    Maduro: OK, whatever. Hey you see the new Bolivar Soberano. It’s a beauty.

    Funvisis: Yes, sir and your economic recovery plan has the country abuzz !!!

    Maduro: Damn Yankees, I knew that they would trigger something right after my Economic Recovery Address.
    But sir.
    OK, 1 Zeros, but lets call it the

    • That’s something that I didn’t understand, why funvisis is saying that the earthquake is 6.3? When other sources are saying it was above 7.0!

    • A non-event for you Ira, but not one this gringo will ever forget it. I was sitting in my office typing on my computer when it struck. My woman was in the bodega dealing with clients. When shit started falling off the stands, she looked like Yulimar Rojas doing the triple jump getting out onto the street. LOL

      Honestly, as much as things were shaking, swaying and the ground moving, I’m amazed there was not damage to the house.

      • See my other post as well with my apologies. I was drunk.

        Several of the YT videos I watched referenced Maturin, and of course I thought of you immediately. If I just had a dollar for every time you told us your woman went to Maturin!

        And my wife never even heard of it!

    • Non-event, Hell!

      This has damaged the infrastructure big-time, and will cause power outages throughout Venezuela for months to come.

      • You mean the earthquake caused power outages for several years before it even happened?

        Look on the bright side:

        Venezuelans are used to power outages.

    • I was going to post earlier to apologize for that post but I slept all afternoon.

      Yeah, I watched the YT videos, and now see it was pretty bad, although no loss of life (reported so far) and only isolated cases of structural damage.

      Even if was just a 3, it’s the psychological impact which I now realize has to be devastating.

      One guy interviewed said God was just trying to push Maduro out, but God needed a little more push.

  4. The major strike-slip fault system running E-W just offshore is responsible for this seismicity. The fact that there are no reports of tsunami run-ups onshore indicates that there was lateral, not vertical movement involved. It could have been MUCH worse.

    • Can you explain this in English for us?

      A novice would think a lateral fault, E-W, would cause a tsunami to hit the VZ coast.

      So it’s the opposite? That an E-W pushes water in the same direction?

  5. Hi Ira, Mark is right in saying that the fault line involved in this incident has an east west orientation.He is saying that the slippage that occurred was a “sideways” slippage which caused the earthquake. There was no vertical up or down movement of the earth along the fault. When the seafloor rises or falls suddenly and violently the result is usually tsunamis. Hope that helps.


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