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Simple comments during a friendly reunion show the rise and fall of one of the former stars of Venezuelan politics, Henrique Capriles Radonski: “Se quemó“, “Tuvo su momento“, “Aún sigue esperando el tiempo de Dios“. It’s hard to imagine that today, “El Flaco” has been reduced to an orphan with few followers and fewer allies.

Back in 2012, Capriles was a young politician who brought hope and euphoria to the opposition. During two presidential campaigns, against Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, he caused a commotion everywhere he went.

Algo bueno está pasando,” was the catchy electoral song as Capriles toured the country, in one of the most spectacular political campaigns of Venezuelan modern history. Even in small houses, small towns or barrios, you could find at least one Capriles poster. The opposition felt victorious when he raced against Chávez, but even more when Maduro was candidate. This young, skinny guy wearing a tricolor hat, talked about a better country, as he faced the issues that concerned us all: energy crisis, corruption, crime and food and medicine shortage. He seemed like the leader that could finally defeat chavismo.  

He seemed like the leader that could finally defeat chavismo.

But after this journey, and according to the CNE, he was good… but not enough: Chávez was reelected with 55.07%. La patria le ganó al progreso.

A year went by and a lot changed: Chávez died, affecting chavismo from the inside. Miraflores seemed closer than ever. Capriles was back, better and stronger.

The international media was crazy about him, and catalogued him as “the best card of the opposition”. Capriles was rocking the political scene as a true rock star: your girlfriend was talking about how handsome he was, your aunt prayed for him at church, your grandma had his face as a screensaver on her cellphone. Capriles meant hope and it was taking over the country.

But it didn’t last long.

After he lost the presidential election against Maduro, according to the CNE results, everything went from bad to worse. Some hold him responsible, while others say that he didn’t defend his obvious victory.  Everyone fell slowly out of love with him.

Now, he’s rarely named in the media. After being a force bigger than his political party, Primero Justicia, he now seems like an uncomfortable person inside the party he founded. His online show, Pregunta Capriles announced a long hiatus, but nobody noticed. He stood against Henry Ramos Allup, the leader of Acción Democrática. “As long as Allup is in the MUD, I’m not going to be a part of it,” he said. He was also criticized by Chúo Torrealba, former secretary of the MUD. He decided he was no longer part of the MUD, as he catalogued it as a mere electoral platform. Capriles was signaled as a temperamental brat that divided the Unity.

But it seems there was no Unity left to stand with. He isn’t the only opposition leader that has disappeared from the headlines. Most of the leaders are in exile or detained. Leopoldo López is on house arrest, without the possibility of being elected or even making a public statement; Antonio Ledezma is now in Spain, after he escaped from house arrest; Freddy Guevara has been a “refugee” at the Chilean embassy in Caracas for more than 10 months; Juan Requesens was arbitrarily detained, publicly humiliated and unreasonably charged in a stale legal process. The list goes on. The MUD has no voice anymore, and the opposition stands leaderless amidst social and economic collapse.

He isn’t the only opposition leader that has disappeared from the headlines.

The image of a happy and triumphant politician is a distant memory, as is the idea of a strong and capable opposition. Now Capriles is seen as a sad public figure, and the opposition as a representation of defeat.

Capriles’s name was out of the media for a while. But, a few weeks ago Capriles was again all over the political chit-chat after the “TSJ en el exilio” pointed at him, regarding the Odebrecht case. Euzenando Azevedo, the guy in charge of Odebrecht in Venezuela, said that Capriles received millions for both his presidential campaigns, in a video obtained by Now, the TSJ en el exilio wants answers. Azevedo said that he never talked about money with Capriles, but after a meeting with him, he agreed with his representative to contribute with $2 million to the campaign.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to talk about the relationship between Odebrecht and Capriles in January 2017. The newspaper noted that the company “made donations through third parties to the opposition-controlled government of Miranda State, where some of its biggest Venezuelan projects are located”.

Some speculate that this is part of a fight between Capriles and the TSJ. However, this seems like the last thrust of Capriles’s dying leadership.

Voters are now questioning Capriles’s agenda, strength and ethics.

After more than 20 years of political career, voters are now questioning Capriles’s agenda, strength and ethics. He is no longer a public idol, and instead, he is under public scrutiny, with no one beside him to lend a hand. He stands alone, but we all do. A headless opposition cries for help, and everyone pretends not to listen.  


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  1. Is nice that a country can look to a politician for “leadership”, but what about the citizenry? In a vacuum of leadership why haven’t they rebelled?

    As a leader, you cannot lead those who are content with their lot. It is glaringly obvious that El Pueblo LOVES all the freebies that Chavismo bought them and are waiting for version 2.0

    • The remaining ‘citizenry” is clueless, older, ignorant, uneducated, unskilled, often corrupt and complicit and culpable themselves. ‘Gloria al bravo pueblo’, huh..

      Why are countries like Haiti, Nicaragua, Kleptozuela or Zimbabwe the worst shitholes of the planet? Because their PEOPLE aren’t as great or worthy as we’d like them to be. Europe is Europe and the USA is the USA because their PEOPLE are less corrupt and much better educated. Hard working. Even Colombia or Costa Rica or Peru have much better Pueblos that we do, that’s why they do better.

      Why is Chile the best country by far to live in Latin America? 17 tough years of Pinochet. Got rid of Populism and the threat of ‘socialism’, educated its people, put them to work. Tough love. Barbaric and ruthless sometimes, yes. But necessary sometimes. Now look at Chile today. That ship sailed for Klepto-Narco-Cubazuela long ago, when they got rid of MPJ. Now there’s MUD and more MUD,and it’s clueless, complicit and often corrupt pueblo people. Good luck with that in rebuilding the destroyed 5th world nation.

      • This reinforces your argument

        Safest Countries to Retire to in Latin America
        Chile. Global Peace Index Rank: 29/162. This coastal country is the most peaceful in Latin American, according to Index rankings. …
        Costa Rica. Global Peace Index Rank: 34/162. …
        Uruguay. Global Peace Index Rank: 44/162. …
        Argentina. Global Peace Index Rank: 60/162. …
        Panama. Global Peace Index Rank: 64/162.
        Safest Countries to Retire to in Latin America | Investopedia…/safest-countries-retire-latin-america.asp

    • ” In a vacuum of leadership why haven’t they rebelled? ”

      Yes, without leaders, the rebellion won’t happen, the “you’re your own leader” is a hollow and gangrenous myth.

      “As a leader, you cannot lead those who are content with their lot. It is glaringly obvious that El Pueblo LOVES all the freebies that Chavismo bought them and are waiting for version 2.0”


      • In a forum it is polite to disagree, then to offer a reasoned rebuttal.

        First, the “hollow and gangrenous myth”?

        Leadership comes from inspiration. At one time, Oscar Perez was a pretty boy cop who made Rambo-esque videos. Somehow or other, he inspired several like minded individuals to follow him. The results were not spectacular, but there it is. Leadership from the front. How does that happen in Mythville?

        And then, the eloquent and loquacious “No”… I expect from the insinuation that El Pueblo loves the freebies and awaits the reincarnation of Chavez?

        Spend an hour over at Aporrea. Even the forum, which is awash with dissident Chavists. They don’t want Capitalism to re-manifest under any circumstance. They want Maduro and his lackeys GONE and want the glory days of Chavismo brought back. Chavismo might be lacking in results, but they sure know how to keep the faith (and the hatred). Better yet, watch the various “man on the street” interviews, with the impoverished El Pueblo demanding that Maduro “do more”, as opposed to RESIGN and allow open elections?

        If I live to be one hundred years old, I will never forget the rail thin, middle age, nearly toothless crone who wailed, “Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a Chavista. But If I don’t get my (pernil/CLAP/government handout) soon, I may not vote for Maduro next time!” She didn’t have FUCK ALL, but by God, if she waited around long enough in her red hat and shirt, someone was bound to give her some free shit.

        I am not hopeful for Venezuela. Its the culture.

        • Short of reading comprehension tonight? Well.

          ** “First, the “hollow and gangrenous myth”? ”

          I was talking about that rubbish of the “you’re your own leader, and if you ever dare to ask for leadership then you’re as messianic as chaviztas, and you aren’t a chavizta, aren’t you?”, which has been drilled into the opposition base’s minds for years, feeding the absurd fallacy that claims that the social movements “happen spontaneously” just as the myth claims the “caracazo” happened, because the myth of the “pueblo arrecho” is like a drug to the masses, specially the oppressed masses in Venezuela, where they can at least THINK that somehow they can get a payback on chaviztas without all that “leader” thing.

          ** “Spend an hour over at Aporrea.”

          God damn (To not to say the other scatological expression), who the hell told you that the “average” (That means above 70%) of Venezuelans have their heads full of manure like the boot-lickers that roam in that latrine?!

          ** ” I will never forget the…”

          So you consider ALL THE POPULATION, COMPLETELY EVERY-SINGLE-EVER-TOTAL human being inside Venezuela is the same as that fucking brainless imbecile?

          ** “Its the culture”

          Ah, yeah, there goes the victim blaming again: “The criminal is ALWAYS INNOCENT, it’s the victim the one to blame!”

          Fucking castro might order to carpet-bomb random cities just to keep the people quiet in Venezuela and people like you would come and say “See? They just EXPLODED when they had a missile dropped in their place at the middle of the night! They deserved it because they didn’t move some days before from there!”

        • For all the hate you give populists, which I share, you sound like a right-wing populist. Just as bad as a left-wing one.

          Believing in mass populist like revolts. Just silly.

  2. The MUD is corrupt, the Pueblo is corrupt. Lazy and uneducated. Nothing new. Result? Klepto-Narco Cubazuela. Worse than Haiti or Zimbabwe. And not much will change until el pueblo is better educated and the corrupt (most people) start going to jail. Simple as that, yet it won’t happen in decades to come. MUDcrap is MUDcrap, and El Pueblo is El Pueblo. Clueless, ignorant, corrupt, complicit. The get what they created. Chavismo was just the logical result. Ese pais se jodio, especially now that most of the few, honest people Venezuela once had are long gone, and gone for good. It ain’t rocket science.

    • You’re right, seems like the full Cuban model is just months away. With all the private sector destroyed and the exodus, what’s left?

      • Oh… Mass slaughter of the population (Polpot) and strategic starvation on a more grand scale (Stalin) are still real options.

        There will be no rebellion. The corrupt are on both sides, and yet CC provides useless bio’s of kleptomaniacs who want your votes.

        It’s fair to call Venezuela a shithole. They did it all to themselves.

  3. DolarToday is reporting this,
    “Sudeban reports the blockade of 316 bank accounts for “illegal remittances”.
    The regime is trying to force the people that are sending remittances to use the regime’s exchange houses.
    Maduro mocks former Venezuelan professionals that are cleaning toilets in the US and other countries.
    Yet the regime seeks to fund the “revolution” from the wages of these toilet cleaners.
    The regime will be forced to track the parallel exchange or not get any foreign money.
    DolarToday is showing 90. Over the last few months this website has been behind the curve. Using the DolarToday exchange, people sending / receiving remittances are forced to lose 1/3 of the value.
    As the spread widens, there will be a growing incentive others fill the supply deficit. The lack of physical Bolivars makes it more difficult.
    The only bright side to the Venezuelan economic collapse is that there is no counterfeiting.

    • Hahahaha… cleaning toilets is beneath “professional” ex-pats? That is an indictment of who?

      When is the last time that El Pueblo had toilet paper? To flush down a toilet that regularly flushed with water that was remotely potable? (In the real world, the water that comes to my toilets is the SAME water that comes to my faucet)

      And El Pueblo elected this guy?

          • And all the other elections under trampamatic lottery machines that allowed them to switch the numbers at their leisure, that’s been proven since 2004’s recall referendum.

            The regime simply assigned some USELESS posts to make people like you to believe that “benesuelans are a bunch of stupid turds who want socialism”

          • Always an excuse?

            All the elections were frauds… except 2015? Unless your insinuation is that Chavismo’s plan was to lose BIG in 2015. For whatever nefarious purposes?

            I may not have been born and raised in Venezuela, but I know what I see and hear from my interactions with Venezuelans. I have been visiting regularly for 30 years. I read Venezuelan news (online) and watch whatever I can. While I may not be an “expert” on Venezuela, I sure as fuck am better versed on Venezuela than some the ordinary whingeing online malcontent from Venezuela knows about real leadership, as well as what freedom and liberty are all about and how patriots grab it and never let go.

            So yes. I am of the opinion that most Venezuelans don’t want the responsibility that comes with liberty. AND they (and their political leadership) are quite content with that.

          • 2015’s election was a fraud too, MUD actually won over 150 seats, you are the one saying that “except 2015” thing.

            What did chavizmo lose on 2015? I don’t see how they lost anything, the AN reduced to 109 congressmen was completely nullified as it couldn’t do anything that required the needed 2/3s, but not only that, it was outright banned from doing anything with the “contempt” accusation AND having open regime collaborators like HRA and JB who quickly surrendered any vestige of opposition in the AN to the regime and continue the same strategy that MUD (AND chapriles) have been doing since day one: TO WASTE THE PEOPLE’S TIME.

            “I sure as fuck am better versed on Venezuela than some the ordinary whingeing”

            No, you’re the ordinary whiner that keeps babbling about how “benesuelans are a bunch of stupid shits who like socialism because they voted for it”, the exact kind of lie that chavizmo has tried to pass for truth for years.

          • Well, I think the results of the last 19 years proves who is correct and who isn’t.

            Venezuela doesn’t deserve the likes of Oscar Perez.

          • “Venezuela doesn’t deserve the likes of Oscar Perez.”

            According to you, the country deserves chavizmo, just because they “won” a fraudulent and rigged election.

            And yes, the last 19 years prove who is SOLD and WORKING for the regime, passing as “opposition” but only wasting time.

  4. I felt uncomfortable reading this article. It seems like we are all waiting for the oh so strong saviour to help us all. Yes, Capriles was a good leader and I think he still is, but as ElGuapo mentioned above he can’t do sh^* if the population doesn’t put in their part as well. Don’t want to become a keyboard warrior, but I see Capriles’ irrelevancy as a disappointment with the opposition/politics in general, not because of what he did or who he is politically. And I’m sorry but in that video Azevedo mentioned several opposition leaders, and what a surprise that it was only him who the TSJ decided to look into.

    Let’s stop all the criticisms, the Government is the culprit here, and us as Venezuelan citizens/residents have to put all our focus on bringing them down, even if the process isn’t perfect, even if the people next to us aren’t the best, they are definitely better than the sh*& we have in office.

    • “… if the population doesn’t put in their part as well.”

      Because all the times people went to protest showed that they were such lasy asses. SURE.

  5. It would be the richest absurdity of all absurdities if Luisa Ortega Diaz were to act as Prosecutor against Capriles before the “TSJ in exile”. And symbolic of elements of a resistance (in exile) that had completely lost its moral compass.

  6. So, the focus of the article is the fall from power of Capriles? No one left (tongue in cheek) to save el pobre peublo. Who cares about the $2,000,000. No one, its just typical corruption.

    Noted you don’t list MCM as a viable leader… thank god fucking Allup only listed once, no Rosales or Falcon.

    And you you still wonder why Venezuela has over last 20 years become the shithole of Latin America? Sure the poor uneducated masses have a responsibility, but no more than the corrupt polical leaders who feigned a campaign and then folded before the CNE like a cheap Sears tent. Apparently the only political leaders not suited for office are the uncorrupted.

    Btw, remittances? Not from me. When they get hungry enough to do something productive I’ll reconsider.

  7. Gaby, excellent/incisive article. The tragedy of Capriles is that, having really won/but CNE-denied against NM, he was afraid to “cobrar” (FG had squads of FRAUD-shirted activists near Miraflores, called-off by Capriles, later replaced by Govt. Maracay-based grease-painted paratroopers) to avoid a bloodbath, and he confided in the crooked Govt. promise to open the crooked questioned 5m Actas to prove the fraud, plus in his belief that “El Tiempo De Dios Es Perfecto”. Now, both he and the crooked HRA Oppo have been literally relegated to the dustbin of Communist history, his middle-class base has been all but obliterated/emigrated, and, the only hope for Venezuela itself is not its pathetic uneducated/miserably-poor/incapable Pueblo, but the U.S. geopolitical/strategic necessity to stop the spread of the Castro-Communist plague to neighboring countries/L.A. Region.

  8. Capriles sigue siendo el líder para un sector importante de la oposición. Esta pieza es extremadamente injusta, simplista y subjetiva. La autora no hace un trabajo profesional al escribir sino brotar líneas destructivas que no hacen sino reflejar su gigante desprecio hacia Capriles.

    La verdad, me extraña que esta pieza haya sido publicada en Caracas Chronicles.

    • What has Capriles done for Venezuela? Where is the leadership? It takes more to be a leader than to sit around complaining about Chavismo… whining is what politicians do. Leaders lead by example. Where is the bloody nose? The black eye? For Gods sake, why did some movie-star cop have to be the one to finally show more BALLS in Venezuela? (50 years from now, there will be a monument to Perez… I doubt anyone but History or PolSci Majors will remember Capriles)

      Contempt? Sure, there is plenty of blame to go around, but the author is calling a spade a spade. Capriles is just your garden variety self-important politician, who is what we call a “blister” were I am from.

      “Always showing up when the hard work is done”.

    • I’d add, criticizing Capriles for his name not being in the media is an odd line of criticism for an opposition politician in a country where the independent media has been destroyed. Criticizing him for his underperforming results from the CNE is similarly an unusual line of argument – recriminations that he lost the vote suggest an endorsement of the corrupt body that ratified that loss. And the allegations or concerns raised through the TSJ in exile, a body which has recognized as a “Prosecutor” in exile the person who led the prosecution and jailing of Leopoldo Lopez, really begs the question where ethical problems and moral failings demonstrably lie.

      In short, must we inadvertently endorse the worst elements of Chavismo to justify our disappointment that Capriles did not bring down a dictatorship?

      Capriles campaigned hard, he campaigned fearlessly, he reached out to all Venezuelans, and he campaigned well. That is part of his story, and it is worth acknowledging.

      • I read the entire article. Who is it biased for? Clearly, Capriles is being called to the carpet, as being culpable in bribes, etc. And rightfully so. But cui bono? If it is biased against Capriles, who benefits? Is there some other MUD leader who is being given accolades? I certainly didn’t see anything in this piece that offered any sort of glorification to Chavismo.

  9. Let’s step back a little and ask HOW ARE HONEST POLITICIANS SUPPOSED TO FINANCE THEIR CAMPAIGNS? I would really like to see how the math has added up in previous campaigns, both in terms of the use of funds and the source of these. It might be that ambitious politicians do not see a way around striking a faustian bargain.

    • That’s the problem, since DAY ONE, chavizmo cut ALL THE LEGAL WAYS to mount an opposition or to EVEN LIVE without having to kneel before them.

  10. I undrrstand part of this article but not all of it. I understand Capriles is no longer popular because his middle class base has emigrated. I understand that all of the remaining Venezuelas are too corrupt and too stupid to support him but I do not understand this charge off illegality for receiving campaign funds from Oderbrecht. At the time of recept was he serving on an elected or appointed post that would have resulted in some illegal award of a contract or is it oer se illegal to receive campaign funds from a corporation. I simply cannot believe the opposition benefits from this type of infighting; only the Chavistas do and the attention that CC pays to thus rump court in exile is silly in my opinion.

    • I don’t understand it either.

      How is it illegal for him to receive a campaign contribution from a foreign company, before that company was even accused of any wrongdoing?

      What is the point that is trying to be made here?

  11. It’s always stunning how quickly Capriles fell out of grace with the opposition base. Chavismo made sure to (politically) annihilate other leaders, but aside from the 2013 election fiasco, they did little with Capriles.

  12. Capriles is nothing but better educated than average pueblo-people, so that should tell you a story or 2. Just as corrupt as pueblo people, when given a chance. Simpy another average Kleptozuelan, which explains where Venezuela finally ended up: in the Guaire river, along all of its corrupt and uneducated MUD. Ain’t no Rocket Science. Palo con la baba, eo else. For hose who remain, welcome to Zimbabwe in Petare or Barlovento. Enjoy. if you get the chance, fly over to another Hellhole Called Haiti, perhaps repetitive voodoo treatments under some burning sun will cure galactic corruption and massive ignorance there too. Dream on.

  13. Leopoldo? Now that dude could have done something. Harvard educated, with some real cojones, no mud crap. Cuba knew it. So they broke his spirit.

    Even MCM is probably scared to death by now, Can’t blame’em. I blame the previous MUDcraps – AD/Copey for not educating the stupid and corrupt pueblo people.

    • Pissed the hell out of me that Lopez stepped back and allowed Capriles to take the lead spot.

      He did it for the good of the country, or so he thought.

      • He was disqualified (Ilegally) from running to any election, but his fixation with his idea of “defeating chavizmo in elections” led him to “give the baton” to chapriles the backstabber.

  14. And I blame any corrupt Kleptozuelans/ corrupt military left who do not have the cojones or moral values, to use a few DRONES to explode where they should; while people innocent suffer or die, everyday, escaping the mess they helped create. Corrupt, Ignorant Bastards, all of them. Burn in hell, hopefully one day, along with all of Chavismo. You deserve it and you know who you are, probably filthy rich by now. Capriles? Burn in Hell. You too, Borges and Henry and all the rest of that MUDcrap. Slow burn, hopefully.

      • And you don’t think hate is needed to destroy Chavismo?

        (It disgusts me that the word “Chavismo” even exists.)

        Jacques, you don’t seem to have a clue. The enemy hates us, and if you don’t hate this enemy even more, you’re going to lose. You can’t “love” them into changing.
        Are you French? With a history of trying to love the Nazis?

        I just can’t understand how you can criticize those of us with profound hate for Chavismo, with people and kids starving and dying for lack of food and medical supplies and services…

        And yet you suggest that WE need psychological help!? Let us hate those who need hating.

        You obviously have no concern at all, no emotional attachment, because it doesn’t affect YOU!

        My God, you disgust me. Kids dying, and you’re more concerned about those of us here hating those responsible for this.

        Get your fucking priorities straight.

        • Usually there’s a sense of reluctance when these things are called for. It’s the warrior’s code. Killing is done of out necessity, not out of pure wrath.

          What Jacques isn’t talking about “loving the enemy”. It’s about being calm and poise. It’s being level-headed and unlike an animal.

          There’s reason we had the nuremberg trials instead of executing them on site. There’s a reason the Nazis committed suicide instead of allowing themselves to be captured.

          The hate described seems is sinful to say the least. Wrath is one of the 7 deadly sins. It’s a low emotion and pitiful.

          If every single Venezuelan felt the way you feel when there’s a government changing, the country isn’t going to be governable anytime soon.

          Your hate is useless. It does nothing and serves no practical purpose. If it serves no practical purpose and only hinders you, pragmatically it’s best to let go of that hate.

          You can’t talk about moral values while perpetuating hate. It’s literally not compatible. It’s hypocritical.

          Disgust is a different emotion and one I share regarding El Chavismo.

  15. Nuevamente al leer los comentarios, veo la misma estupidez de “mi político no tiene culpa de ná y tampoco el gobierno chavizta, es todos los demás que son una mierda, Venezuela es una mierda (Menos estos políticos)”

    Además de la otra imbecilidad de “Venezuela está perdida, se jodió por un siglo, que arda en la mierda”

    En serio, si tanto odian a Venezuela para satisfacer su onanismo ridículo repitiendo todo el tiempo las mismas dos estupideces, es mejor que dejen de venir a la página y se terminen de olvidar del país (Por no decir a donde deberían irse).

    Por cierto, chapriles se suicidó políticamente cuando le dijo a la gente “váyanse a su casa a bailar y a cacerolear”, ahí su capital político (Que no era suyo de hecho) bajó de cualquier cantidad a CERO de un solo trancazo, le ESCUPIÓ en la cara a TODA la base opositora ese día.

    El día en que la mud recuperará un ÁPICE de respeto de la base opositora será el día en que dejen de darle patadas en la cabeza a esa base.

  16. I think the nail was driven thru a 2 X 4 with the swipe of one swing. Mr. Rodriguez put it best: ” we want Venezuela poor”. Also the Pope: ” people will vote for those who keep them impoverished”. At this point honestly, anyone supporting non-intervention in Venezuela is a euphamist. The solution is UN-backed invasion. Establishment of a UN interim government; disbandment of the military; reinstitution of the AN; disbandment of all judicial and executive organism; trial of all involved by UN courts; creation of new military in two years; new judicial and executive organism in three years; PVSA dissolved and redone; election of new executive 4.5 years. the current society is done and needs a reboot.

    • It will never happen (UN led military intervention) due to politics. China and Russia have too much to lose if Chavismo folds.

      And in the end, you have the same population 5 years later that wants to be coddled by Chavismo 2.0. Waste of time, treasure and blood.

      • then its time to pull out or make money with the left with the help of cheap labor in a serfdom based society. what a shame.

      • “It will never happen (UN led military intervention) due to politics. China and Russia have too much to lose if Chavismo folds.”

        No, your excuse has been “they’re too stupid to deserve it”

        “you have the same population 5 years later that wants to be coddled by Chavismo 2.0. ”

        Anyone who puts a bullet through the skull of any chavizta boss will be considered as national hero for decades to come.

  17. The “simple comments” about Capriles show first of all the “fall” of democratic culture in Venezuela. Chavismo from the left and MCM, Lopez, Ledezma, Allup, etc. from the right did everything to destroy his leadership as a decent and moderate democrat, who was able to integrate and bring people from different social and ideological backgrounds together. Those who prefer the usage of hate and resentments to obtain their own (mostly economic) aims won and by this, the tragedy of Capriles represents even more the tragedy of the whole country.

    • “Lopez, Ledezma, Allup, etc. from the right ”

      Stopped right here, you’re seriously deranged to believe those parties are anything about “right”

    • They’re all vetoed from all the MUD-controlled media, of course.

      Because that’s been the work of the fakers all these years, waste the country’s time with useless “elections that we might somehow win if enough go to vote” even when the frauds have been consistently proven since 2004.

  18. then its time to pull out or make money with the left with the help of cheap labor in a serfdom based society. what a shame.

  19. I certainly don’t disagree. I am just of the belief that El Pueblo needs to come to the realization that Socialism isn’t the answer, and is the REAL PROBLEM. If looking at the various MUD platforms is any indication, the parties that form MUD are nearly as Socialist as PSUV*.

    1. Any “rescue” of Venezuela will be useless, as El Pueblo will go rushing back to their savior St. Hugo once any “Yanqui invasion” comes to an end. Because as fate would have it, Hugo had the good fortune of dying before the wheels came off Chavismo. El Pueblo awaits its resurrection in the form of a new savior.

    2. Maduro is PRAYING for a Yanqui invasion to save his precious Revolution. Then he can clap his hands and say, “SEE! I told you about the guerra economica! I warned you about the Vile Yanqui! And I was right about everything else!”

    *Project Venezuela is at best centrist, and by the looks of things, only gets the support of… Hell I can’t even find out how much support they have. 4%?

    • “the parties that form MUD are nearly as Socialist as PSUV*. ”

      They all work for the pusv, everybody knows that, and that’s why no one believes in them since a long time now.

      ” Any “rescue” of Venezuela will be useless, as El Pueblo will go rushing back to their savior St. Hugo once any “Yanqui invasion” comes to an end.”

      Because when Pinochet rescued Chile from the commies “el pueblo” was yearning for their famine and daesh-like crime levels, sure.

      ” Maduro is PRAYING for a Yanqui invasion…”

      And that’s why his employees, the MUD-folks, are lobbying to stop any attempt at that invoking stupid excuses such as “sovereignity” and that, right?

      Oh, true, it’s because “benesuela deserbes shabizmo because they’re so stupid!”


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