“Righteous and courageous.”

That, in addition to “blonde and tall,” is how El Tiempo, one of Colombia’s most important newspapers, described Luisa Ortega Díaz in a profile published in May.

Generous adjectives like these fall in line with the narrative that the Venezuelan Prosecutor General has been building ever since she left the criminal gang she was part of for ten years, also known as “the Venezuelan government.”

This revised version of history portrays her as a heroic woman who risked it all when she defied the regime in 2017, and omits any mention of the decade she spent aiding and abetting first Hugo Chávez, and then Nicolás Maduro.

Ortega’s portrait as a symbol of valor is completely inaccurate, yet the media, the international community and even people in the opposition accept it.

As Venezuela’s chief prosecutor, Ortega was the nation’s main executioner: She co-signed the unjust imprisonment of hundreds of dissidents, supported the extermination of the free press and repeatedly defended the regime from accusations of human rights abuses and authoritarianism.

Ortega was the nation’s main executioner: She co-signed the unjust imprisonment of hundreds of dissidents, supported the extermination of the free press and repeatedly defended the regime.

During her reign over the Public Ministry, Venezuela went from a prosperous nation to one of the poorest, most dangerous and least democratic places in the world.  Yet, while she and her chavista friends enriched themselves by impoverishing the country, Ortega spent much of her time going to international conferences, as documented on her Twitter page. Absurdly, one of her last major projects at the Ministry was compiling a report of victims of government repression from 1958 to 1998—a flawed but democratic period that, when compared to the current one, seems like Disneyland.

While Ortega turned a blind eye, Venezuela’s homicide rate increased to the highest in the world, with her Public Ministry allowing 92% of murders to go unpunished.

These days, the reformed Ortega says her biggest regret is that she didn’t speak out against the Maduro regime sooner. She’s careful to direct her criticism at Maduro almost exclusively, and still speaks of Chávez as a benevolent revolutionary figure whose “humanist” project was derailed.

But she did more than just stay quiet: She allowed countless of innocent people to be sent to jail and, worse, actively tried to clean the regime’s image by serving as their spokesperson in the international stage.

Like in 2015, when she stood in front of the United Nations and denied that judge María Lourdes Afiuni, incarcerated by a direct order from Hugo Chávez, was tortured, beaten and raped in jail.

Or in 2014, when CNN’s Ismael Cala asked her about allegations of human rights abuses.

“We’re currently experimenting what’s called a fourth generation war, which means it’s not a war that’s fought with rifles or cannons, but through social media and the press,” Ortega replied. “But we’ve always been a nation that has bravely faced attacks against the Venezuelan State. And in this case we’ll also face the attacks and come out victorious.”

What about political prisoners?

Nope, there is no such thing in Venezuela, Ortega claimed with a straight face.

Despite her unquestionable role in the Venezuelan tragedy, Ortega now lives in exile, seemingly absolved from all guilt. While many of her victims, like Lorent Saleh, rot in jail.

“Political prisoners are sent to jail because of their ideas and values. In Venezuela’s case, the people who are in jail have been detained because of common crimes,” she told Cala. “For example, in Leopoldo López’s case, some of the crimes he’s accused of are inciting violence, conspiracy to commit a crime and damage to property.”

Interestingly enough, Ortega now cites López’s arrest as one of the ways she defied the Maduro regime. You see, the government wanted to accuse the opposition leader of homicide and terrorism, but the “courageous” Ortega refused to cave in to the pressure from Diosdado Cabello, and instead charged López with the aforementioned crimes.

Despite her unquestionable role in the Venezuelan tragedy, Ortega now lives in exile, seemingly absolved from all guilt. While many of her victims, like Lorent Saleh, rot in jail, she travels around the world in a never-ending media tour, meeting foreign leaders and taking part in pointless pretend trials against Maduro.

Ortega’s time as head of the Public Ministry has apparently been erased from both her version of history and the public’s collective memory, and many of those who suffered at her hands, like López’s’ wife Lilian Tintori, now stand beside her as part of the resistance.

Venezuelan journalists like Isnardo Bravo even asked her if she has presidential ambitions, a suggestion Ortega doesn’t rule out and which seemed alarmingly possible when she toured the Colombia-Venezuela border recently, kissing babies and making promises, much like someone with political ambitions would do.

The irony of how those babies are growing outside their country because of a criminal regime that Ortega directly supported for ten years seemed to get lost amongst the camera flashes.

Ortega should be treated like what she is: a reformed criminal who is now cooperating with the good guys.

But let’s be clear: the idea of Ortega as president should send shivers down the spines of every Venezuelan who wants to see the country go back to a democracy where morality matters. While we should welcome anything she can contribute to the cause, we shouldn’t celebrate such a clearly morally-corrupt figure as honorable—and much less as someone who should ever be allowed anywhere near political power again.

Ortega should be treated like what she is: a reformed criminal who is now cooperating with the good guys. Her reward should be a lesser prison sentence, determined by how much she can reverse the damage she caused.

If she were to single-handedly bring down Maduro, I would be the first to forgive all her sins. That being said, I dream of a day when Venezuela is once again a democracy, and a place where a fair judge and system decide her fate.

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  1. The list of “never forget” is long:
    Cecilia Sosa
    Napoleon Bravo
    Chino y Nacho
    El Conde del Guacharo
    Gabriela Ramirez
    Any banker living in “exile”

  2. Readers and backers of Caracas Chronicles, despite the difrences in opinion the time has come to boycott this website and remove the editors livelyhood due to his collaboration with Chavismo/Socialism. We had already seen his uncritical support for Socialisim in Colombia in the elections. Why do I say this you ask, he stupidly hanged all by himself with this column.


    It might be necesary that a future Venzuelan court bring charges for againts for Collaboration With human rights violators.

    You can’t support this type of transparant collaborators; people who would use any method to take down a real Venezuelan stateman like Octavio Alvarez Paz but would be an apologist for any non Venezuelan Chavista.

    Starve Chavista Chronicles funding

    • I don’t understand the constant bullying that CC and Francisco Toro are constantly subjected to; and in their on site, no less. CC publishes reportage and opinion pieces that are well-written and from perspectives that are generally unavailable elsewhere. If you don’t like the content, don’t visit the site and stay in your own echo chamber. You have the right to say whatever you want, but you are wrong calling people names and misrepresenting their positions just because you disagree with them. If you have any proof that CC aided and abetted criminals, present them publicly. Having opinions and exercising free speech is only a crime in despotic states. If anything, Toro and his staff deserve much credit for documenting what’s going on in Venezuela.

      • He wrote an apologist colum for every non-venezuelan chavista out there. You talk about misrepresenting who’s talking about speach I’m just talking about taking your money and not givng it to someone that doesn’t deserve it anyone in any developed country is free to do that. They published a column giving uncritical creedence to the socialists in my country You don’t think i’ll be a little bit bothered. There is no reason that CC has to be the top Engish speaking “oposition” source from Venezuela.

        So you think misrepreseinting is ok when it’s not your opinion. The column on Colombian elections is my evidence, lending help to chavistas/chavista allies by being their apoligist is something to be investigated. Also I only say they should be tried a trial will reveal if they have some conections to these criminals.

        • Venezuela is the example to the world that socialism is a complete and total failure. They tried to dub it socialism for the 21st century, but same old shit. Quico cannot own up to this fact: socialism always fails, everywhere.

          If you have seen what socialism has done to Venezuela, you would understand why most of this message board is irate to all apologists of this regime and well as those who want to bring the same policies to the West in the form of “democratic socialism.” Chavez lied. Bernie Sanders and that bitch Ocasio Cortez lie.

          I am not as Trumpian as most here (but I will be his biggest fan if there is an international intervention), but this “closet socialist attitude” is something Quico has to own up to and that is why most everybody here loves to rub his nose in it.

          • Jacques, also, Quico is a Falsonista. He actively supported (or at least tried to trick us into supporting) Henry Falson and much of the fake opposition who are largely responsible why have arrived at this point. This is why you see so much smack talked here. Otherwise, most of what is written here at the arepa is fine.

          • “and that bitch, Occasional Cortex” (FIFY)

            aka Karla Marx, aka, Hotsky Trotsky, aka Mao No Dong, aka Pol Twat.

            She thinks “socialism” means free stuff paid for by “taxes on the rich”.

            Maybe a visit to Security Prison 21 would enlighten her, but I doubt it.

      • Jacques, you are obviously fairly new here and I am not, so let me explain.

        In 2016, Mr. Toro published a post about how a certain candidate for President of the United States was not like Hugo Chavez in certain ways. That brought a whole new readership to this site, immediately and continuing who, characteristically, misinterpreted the post, but correctly sensed the moderate liberal inclinations of its author, were appalled by what they sensed, and decided to come back every day to revisit the source of their outrage and lend comfort to those similarly outraged.

        After that, the comments section quickly converted from a consistently interesting source of commentary and debate, involving a fairly diverse crowd (by politics, gender and national origin), to what it is today: Crazytown, Venezuela Edition.

        The blog remains consistently interesting, generally informative, and critical of the regime. As for the comments, however, and as is the case in Crazytown, any nuance, serious examination or challenge to the Crazy Orthodoxy (real or imagined) is generally interpreted as one of three things: communism, sexual inadequacy, or Anti-Americanism.

        If you go back to posts in 2015 and earlier, if that is still possible, you will see that there was lots of robust debate, and that most of the abuse against the authors of this blog came from a very small minority consisting of about two commenters, both of whom were staunch supporters of the regime, one who went under the name “Get a Clue”, and the other whose name I can’t remember.

        It would be interesting if those two would come back, and we’d have “Crazy on Crazy”, on the topic of whether Quico was (a) a supporter of communist human rights abusers, or alternatively, (b) a fascist pro-American imperialist corporate media shill. Both sides would marshal their respective imaginary points and their self-generated outrages.

        On second thought, that would not be interesting.

        • I suppose we should all be grateful that you are here to provide us with the “correct world view” even as you attack us for being too old, for being white, for being gringo, for being American, for being married to latinas, for being conservative, for opposing socialism at every turn, for supporting our president.
          Again, thank you for being the lone voice of reason in this wilderness.

          • Nope, you should be grateful for people with critical thinking…

            By the way, true Venezuelans do not care much if you are white or brown or black, and we do not call our girls Latinas, we call them Maracuchas or Caraqueñas just because the skin color is of way lesser interest for us than perhaps the size of their ass, except for las Gochas which interest then moves to the front rack.

            Now gringos, poor things, everything starts and ends with the skin color or the race. After a civil war and years of attempting to erase that stupidity, you all think that Trompo is there to re-assert the lost power of the whites. Good luck with choosing such a messiah.

            And who in its right sense will support crazytown Trompo?…ahh neo Nazis, I guess I got my answer already.

          • Lorenzo, don’t be a little man. Read and learn, don’t just go for the cheap gain.

            Just because I believe Trump is despicable does not have anything to do with his skin color (which is mostly orange nowadays).

            My point goes, as apparently needs further explanaition for your challenged intellect, that the agenda of furthering the interest of certain people based on their skin color or race is wrong at several levels. Racism goes beyond whites and blacks, it is also being used by Mexicans (la raza) and other minorities that seek benefit by playing the racial card. And in US there are a lot of chances to move the ball to the goal line just based in race. That is perhaps a by product of a system that is still staunchly focused on race.

            My point also focus at the perhaps last perk of being Venezuelan. That is we seldom look down at the skin color to assess someones value. Yes, we sort of have a level of bigotry of social and other issues but the true of the matter is that we don’t care. Nowadays we may care if you are for or against the beasts but I doubt someone will get forbiden of climbing a “perrera” because he/she is black or white whatsoever. And guess what, the National Guard will shoot your ass color blinded.

            I can’t hate whites just because I will hate my grampa and grandma. Or hate my sister-in law. Or hate the catiras, gochas, portuguese, canadian, gringas and all that large spectrum of girls that happen to be…well white. On your lenses I will have to hate my boss and my best friend as well. My kid’s friends and my kids teachers.

            So, go back to sleep Lorenzo and find a better argument.

          • “My point also focus at the perhaps last perk of being Venezuelan. That is we seldom look down at the skin color to assess someones value.”

            Strongly disagree Alberto. And my first exposure to how Venezuelans assess someone’s value via skin color was many years ago when I congratulated my country manager (who was black) about how handsome his newly-born, second son was. He shook his head as he responded, “thanks, but he’s much darker than his older brother”.

            I’ve heard countless examples since…..including the commonly-used saying, “working like a black to live like a white”. IMHO, Venezuelans are keenly aware of even the slightest shades of skin color of those around them and constantly judge other’s social position based on it. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m just saying it’s real, probably a cultural thing, and that I encounter it often.

          • Just the type of immigrant I want moving in next door. A know-it-all little pissant Venezuelan with attitude, that is going to lecture me on culture, racism, and, especially, politics and good citizenship.

          • Lorenzo, I will answer you line by line so you will understand why I will ask you to write Santa a letter, this December, to get you more intelligent:

            “Just the type of immigrant I want moving in next door”. Unless you live in a neighborhood with houses starting at $1.2M, I doubt it.

            “A know-it-all little pissant Venezuelan with attitude”. You are double dipping on little combined with pissant. Yes, attitude but I think the right one, at least I am able to sustain an adult conversation.

            “that is going to lecture me on culture, racism”: I just did that and that is why you are hurt and dizzy. Assuming “Loranzo” is your real name, you most come from or are either Italian or Cuban (or why not?), Venezuelan. In either case, not from English, Irish or other anglo-saxon immigrants that would very seldom call a kid “Lorenzo”, shame on you dude.

            “and, especially, politics and good citizenship.” Of course you little troll, I will keep putting my ideas and my thoughts there to be challenged upon and to have a good healthy discussion on how to steer not only my country of origin, Venezuela, but the country that I happen to be also a citizen which is the US, where my kids are growing. And guess what?, my IRS tax bracket for 2017 was $96k and my last traffic ticket was in 2008, and I voted for first time couple of years ago, how about that for good citizenship?.

            So Lorenzo, make sure you write Santa two letters, just in case one is lost in the mail.

          • MRubio, I didn’t say that there is no bigotry in Venezuela, there is and a lot, but it tends to be focused a lot less on race than on perhaps social status or sexual tendency (ask any LGBTQ, they know what I am talking about it).

            That example you are using is good to illustrate that point. An African-American will never dare to utter those words, someone will get really pissed at him. I have heard worst, “work like blacks to live like whites” that is perhaps coming from the time of the slaves and that infamous joke about the kid and the methylene blue color.

            Venezuelans tend to joke about race and sometimes they take it seriously. Chavez tried unsuccessfully to play the race card and as far as I know my grampa-in-law still call gramma “mi negra”. Sometimes is plain ol’ good ignorance that allow us to call a white dude “catire” or a black dude “negro” or a fat ass “gordo” without no more consequences than the tone you use as long as it is friendly. I think that is wrong but ultimately does not, in most cases, create the friction and bellicose as in US. Who might be having a better take on the whole thing? I don’t know, perhaps US is already in the right path by having very tough conversations about the subject.

            The good news about Venezuela, is that >60% of the population is brown and getting fucked by Maduro is a color blinded affair. Most people carry the full spectrum of mixed races (I do for example). I think that is an advantage. Unfortunately we are very focused in the stereotypes, where a white girl is a Victoria Secret model, a black girl will ask for a UNICEF donation and an Asian dude most probably owns a Chinese restaurant in Maturin. Going back to my “ignorance” comment.

            I have to confess that I miss that freedom of racial conscience. Particularly when my Autralian best friend which is married to a second generation Asian-American and have been living in US for 18 years pulled the racial card out of nowhere for first time since I know him.

        • Good answer. that being said, Toro has been nowhere for quite a while (like the opposition) and quality of CC has gone down as well as the comments and people that participate. Perhaps the effort is in the paid section?.
          I have been reading this blog since Nagel had it (circa 2010) and it is almost the perfect case of “crea fama y acuestate a dormir”.
          I personally do not share Mr. Toro lukewarm approach to almost everything. His pragmatism combined with some lack of social sensitivity puts him at odds with his earlier portrait of someone with clear ideas of how Venezuela got broken and how to fix it for the long term. That pragmatism is reflected in the “new” CC.
          I tend to hit hard the “collaborators” that show a superficial and obvious view of certain Venezuelan aspects. This article is almost one of them whereas nothing new is said and you end up with a “duh” moment. Thus, CC as it was in 2015, is gone.
          About Ricky G, well everyone is entitled of an opinion but I share some of Toro’s view on this one. First because what Venezuela has it is not Socialism but the most in you face money and power grab ever seen in South America by a bunch of thieves that sold Socialism the same way some people sells religion “keep them in the dark and feed them shit”. Now, I don’t mind using Vzla as the prime example of how tropical mierda communists destroy a country. But whomever things that Vzla in the 4th was a somehow capitalist (right) form of government is pissing off the bucket (meando fuera del perol). Same as some people assures that this is some sort of communism. It has always being a mix of the worst of capitalism and the worst of socialism mixed with the worst of democratic representation (read multi party politics). Chavez and combo sold an enhanced form of the left that already existed just to sell something new…what is new here (in reality) is the dictatorship of military thieves selling their souls, moms and sisters to the god damn Cuba in exchange of a pyrrhic power which appeal to a rather small bunch of ignorants.

          • Yeah you have to be more practical he ok’d the Colombian election article uncriticaly supporting a former cuban backed guerrila and Chavez advisor.

            So what am I supposed to think, and we can speculate that maybe in CC editors mind it seems like Venezuela will not recover in his lifetime his lifes is destroyed in a sense and who knos what that does to your mental helath. Just like a kid with an abusive family he’s not going to be happy with the maybe not as rich kid but that is able to have a content life with his family.

            The destruction of Venezuela may have lots of these types of psyche shattering effects. The editors at CC are still human and sometimes hen they’re alone and have nothing to distract themselves thin how th $%&/$& do the decendants of Bolivar and sons and daughters of European immigrants can’t even manage to do better than a buch of Indians and blacks that live next door that have been killing each other for the last 40 years.

          • That is not true Ricky G. In fact -and I am sure one of the busy people who is “monitoring” me can confirm- I don’t think I have expressed any views whatsoever on Colombian politicians or politics here in years.

            In the past, I’ve been very critical of the Chavez regime’s relationships with Colombian guerillas and their presence and activities in areas of Venezuela, a problem which my own travels in rural areas has forced me to be acutely aware of.

            But why am I saying this? You obviously don’t care and just make stuff up. Crazytown, man.

        • “In 2016, Mr. Toro published a post about how a certain candidate for President of the United States was not like Hugo Chavez in certain ways.”


          • He meant, WAS LIKE HUGO CHAVEZ.

            And, as one of canuckle’s minders, I do believe it was he who once compared the average US republican voter’s motives to those of the average chavista. That was back in the days when this comment section was free of all the right wing riff-raff he so despises for corrupting the free-flow of ideas and honest debate that took place here.

            If I’m wrong on that count cuckles, feel free to correct me.

          • Does Trump have a TV show where he sings songs for several hours? ‘Cause I could see a similarity if that was the case.

            Is Ivanka worth $4 Billion? ‘Cause, again, some similarity would be evident.

            Has Trump been appropriating US companies and shutting down the US economy? I’d certainly have to admit Cnuckler is onto something if this was the case.

            Did the US wipe 8 zeros off the dollar? Did Hugo have a terrible comb-over? Did Hugo cut the corporate income tax rate? Help me out. I’m trying to see some of these similarities.

          • MRubio, you’re wrong. Quico’s point back in 2016 was they were different. Yes. It’s true. That’s one of the great ironies of this running alt right pile on he unintentionally provoked. It is based on a misreading. You guys should all be back in front of your televisions screaming at Anderson Cooper.

            I say Quico was wrong, and that Trump and Chavez are identical. Showman demagogue narcissists who fill their administrations with family members and supine mediocre flatterers and attendants, have long standing relationshps with a coterie of criminals, seek to politicize and undermine the justice system and the rule of law, attack the press as the enemy of the people, have a particular obsession with CNN, love Russia and other authoritarian regimes, have a core following of crazy know nothings and opportunists who play on people’s basest fears and resentments. Possessing of the strategic and management abilities of toddlers. Lovers of Twitter. Pathological liars. Paranoid fantasists about a US deep state. Admire the North Korean dictator. Think Vladimir Putin is a more reliable source of the truth than the CIA, FBI or New York Times. Deep psychological wounds from screwed up parents manifesting in thin skin, bizarre obsessions, screwed up relations with women and frequent tantrum throwing. Like to humiliate closest allies in their administrations and play favourites like prom queens. Are not capitalists, but corrupt rent seeking third rate con men. Have the US Justice Department running all kinds of investigations around connections to fraudsters, money launderers, and organized crime.

            Those are some similarities, for starters. The similarities are endless, the one major difference being that most Americans are well aware of their Crazytown, and they don’t like what they see. Chavez by comparison had a period of high popularity and it enabled him to abuse his power to the point where he eliminated all checks and balances.

            But why do you people always want to talk about Trump? Is it some kind of mental condition?

        • You could not have said it any better. I used to be a regular visitor to the site since 2005(I used to live and work in Venezuela in the 90’s) but gave up as the one time comment section that was analytical and had great debate became full of hate and name calling.The equivalent of the You Tube comment section.

          • But Canuck didn’t even respond to my comment he just assumed that I had said somtheing about him.

            Chez, nobody designated CC for anything read my comment in the other article I’m going be the one having to deal with the fallout in a worse case scenario and Colombia doesn’t have the resources to deal with a patchwork of warlord wastelands.

          • Chez, I can’t vouch for the dialogue here too many years back because I was not a frequent visitor. I did read the comments section from time to time but mainly posted over at Devil’s Excrement before Miguel’s biking accident that left him with a serious brain injury.

            Anyway, I think there was something of a perfect storm of events that brought many of the voices from the right to this site. Miguel’s accident and the loss of his site, the Dec election of 2015 in Venezuela that showed everyone that Venezuelan’s were fed up with Maduro et al, the dramatic political events that unfolded in both Venezuela and the US during 2016, and finally, the election of His Orangeness against all odds.

            Now, I do disagree with your and Cannuck’s characterization that this site somehow no longer has robust debate and an exchange of ideas. Looks to me like it has plenty of both, most every single day.

            Sure, plenty of people are frustrated with the situation here in Venezuela and express their anger often. I’ve had my own weak moments as well and have lashed out at others though now that I’ve accepted the reality that Venezuelans themselves are not likely to throw these bums out, I’m much more at peace with the situation.

            I don’t know your political leanings, nor really care, but suspect that you, like cannuckles, are probably left of center. And I suspect that influences your view of this site today. How you might ask? I’ve spent many years talking politics on many different sites and have found that those that are left-leaning tend to be the most intolerant of opposing viewpoints. And don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of intolerance on both sides, but try to post a conservative veiwpoint on a site like the Democratic Underground and see how quickly you get your ass tossed to the curb.

            The frustration many of us on the right felt when we first started posting here was based on the total hypocrisy of Francisco Toro and others blasting Trump’s efforts to do SOMETHING while they’d sat on their hands for 8 years of the Obama Administration who’d done little.

            Cannuckles is a very bright guy and I admire his intelligence. He’s also very bigoted and intolerant of those who would dare challenge his long-held beliefs. The man can toss out personal insults with the best of ’em and does so often. If you don’t believe me, just look at his post above. I suspect that his past love of the “robust debate” on this site was mainly based on the fact that few ever challenged his looney left ideas and ideals.

            I do wish to give a shout-out to Boludo Tejano at this point who does an excellent job of linking us back to articles and comments on this site demonstrating that cannuckles is often both miserably wrong, and usually a total hypocrite when trying to revise history.

            It’s just one of the many aspects that keeps me coming back. Good day to all.

        • That was genuinely funny Canuck!!! The comments section can still be interesting, but it used to be much better. I remember an article about bitcoin that had well over 100 comments and they were fascinating and incredibly informative. People with true inside knowledge came from out of the woodwork to explain how Blockchain / Bitcoin works. Many good contributors we no longer hear from.

          • Perhaps part of the problem with lack of contributors is that this cancer has advanced to something comparable to the terminal stage and there’s not much more that can said to the patient.

            CC continues to do its job to chronicle what’s happening, but let’s face it, unless someone tries to knock off Maduro with a drone or something, there’s not much new to talk about. It’s pretty much plowing the same ground over and over again. That was most definitely not the case from late 2015 on when there was an active opposition movement, street protests, recall drive, battles both within and outside the Asamblea Nacional, etc.

            When the ANC vote was held, everything came to a screeching halt for the most part. I’ll give Maduro credit for that, he said that the ANC vote would bring peace (while I thought it would bring a shit-storm like we’ve never seen before). He was right, I was wrong…..recognizing that the definition of “peace” basically means surrender on the part of the opposition.

  3. Ortega Diaz should give a full and candid accounting of her record, demonstrate genuine and profound remorse for her role, fully cooperate with investigations into crimes against humanity, corruption and other criminality by the regime with all competent international authorities- including those actions taken under her supervision, knowledge and guidance- and be extremely grateful that she is not suffering a fate similar to the victims of the regime whose persecution her office was in charge of.

    She of all people, was in a position to be well aware of the lawless trajectory of this regime both under Chavez and under Maduro. She chose to support, benefit from, and forcefully advocate on behalf of that regime, and be an instrument of its abuses, until a point where the regime appeared to be under serious threat from mass demonstrations.

    Were the killings of young demonstrators captured on cell phones and in broad daylight too much for her to stomach? Was it the visibility of the abuses that triggered a moment of clarity? Did it become all too probable that if she continued on her existing course, that she would wind up on a docket in an international court if she were to say, go shopping in Paris?

    Nobody should share a stage anywhere with this person – which no judge or college of law should recognize as a lawyer much less a “prosecutor” – and not take the opportunity to call her to account for what she has done to her country, and what she has done to the people she swore oaths both as an advocate and as a public servant at the highest level to serve and to protect.

    • Gotta agree with Cnuckler on this one.

      But, if John McClain can go from “imperialist warlord worse than Hitler racist” in 2008 to “the greatest American patriot who fought the Orange Ball of Hate (that is literally Hitler)” in 2018, then I’m sure Weasie Ortega can turn her image around. Maybe they will fly the Venezuela flag at half mast for a few years when she keels over.

    • Excellent comment. Luisa Ortega continues to be Fiscal General, is helping condemn Maduro in international forums, and can be a key participant in the transicional government in exile. Her participation is extremely important as a stabilizing element in what comes after Maduro falls.

  4. If and when we get Chavismo post Maduro we are going to get a bevy of unsavory characters trying to whitewash their misdeed. Just wait for the cadre of murderous generals announcing the liberation of Venezuela expecting unaccountability on merit that they own the bigger guns.

  5. Germania, congrats on an extremely well-written/excellent article. While LOD is currently useful, one should not forget the inner-dwelling red-beret-wearing street agitator accompanying a Che-lookalike on the streets of Maracay in her youth, who now would say (along with FT)–NEXT TIME WE”LL GET IT RIGHT!

  6. “Ortega should be treated like what she is: a reformed criminal who is now cooperating with the good guys”. That prettly much sums up the flawed and *Manichaean* understanding of politics of the piece.

    So, I extrapolate: USA, Temer, Lula, Colombian government, “The Resistance”, MCM, Falcon, Borges, AD, Chavez, these are merely good or bad guys in a story that refuses to play out the way it should have.

    C’mon Caracas Chronicles, I certainly don’t share your politics or political economy, but I don’t expect to see the buratlity of the government replicated in your articles.

  7. Perhaps the effort is in the paid section?


    Why wouldn’t it be. This is just a rant forum here. If I could justify paying over a grad a year for the paid subscription, I would.

    • I don’t know about how you handle your money but the only way I will pay here is if I have a refund option.

      Toro is such a comemierda (shit eater) that Naky is having cancer treatments and he got a huge boost of readership thanks to her, and no one in CC have had the very minimum amount of sensitivity to write best wishes to her or to provide public support for her current circumstance.

      I rest my case.

      • No one? That’s simply not true. Many here have wished her well. Just today I mentioned that we’re praying for her recovery.

        Now, if you’re talking about CC staff or contributors, that’s another story, though I would suggest that neither you nor any of us here know what’s been said to her by others behind the scenes at Caracas Chronicles. I suspect she’s received tremendous support.

        BTW, I don’t believe she reads or understands English well enough to read this particular site.

        • FWIW, the google translator app on most all PCs works pretty well for English to Spanish translation, and vice versa. In fact, I think Naky’s translator (Javier) uses it, and I don’t blame him.

        • I meant the editors not the commentators. The issue is public, she announced it in her own blog. Announcement that was never translated by Javier Liendo (by the way).

  8. To the people that constantly talk about left-wing politics of the editors…..so what? I am a center-right person who is able to read opinions I don’t agree with, such as the Washington Post article about Colombia, and I don’t go crazy but rather just think “ok that was an interesting a different perspective” and move on.

    I find ideas and news coverage on Caracas Chronicles I don’t get anywhere else….boycotting is the last thing I will do.

    • Problem is CC doesn’t have to be the main English speaking site about Venezuela, DDM Guild hy did the editors Ok’d the uncritical pro chavista article on the Colombian elections. why would making favorable articles to fomer chavista advisors do anybody any good?

      CC can continue that’s fine they can be as relevant as Myspace.

      As long as Canada/ the US/ etc exists newsites have to earn your money. Venezuela deserves better oposition.

    • The problem is, this site is supposed to be the “insider source” of what’s happening in VZ…with Toro being quoted as “the” expert.

      But he’s not. And this site isn’t the source for definitive news and facts.

      It’s simply lousy journalism, if you can even call it journalism.

      Naky is the only reason to visit here.

      • If that’s truly the way you feel, Ira, then why in god’s name are you such a frequent contributor to the comments section? Nary an article gets posted that I don’t find a comment from yourself attached to it.

        So, if you truly detest the writing so much – as you have just implied – just stop reading! Leave. Be gone. Vayase. Dare not to darken the comments sections doorstep again.

        Just like with TV, if you don’t like what you’re viewing, change the channel.

  9. John—I got your info via Raúl, thanks, hope to hear from you tomorrow.

    GR—nice article and the correct conclusion in my opinion, let LOD give the info she has and then allow her a shorter sentence based on what she provides.

  10. I find the articles in CC extremely informative and usually well written! The comments section has lately been too bitchy and negative. Thanks to Canuck for hanging in there and providing his balanced opinion. This was another excellent article!

    • Canuck’s a fucking idiot. A Trudeau socialist.

      Except he never mentions why tens of thousands of Canadians come down to Florida where I live every winter for health care procedures, and no Americans go to Canada for the same.

      Canada doesn’t allow it. Won’t pay for it. And Canada has immigration restrictions a thousand times more rigid than the U.S.

      Yet this fucking lying, hypocritical asshole has the nerve to attack Trump and “old, angry, white, Americans” at every opportunity.

      Yeah, he’s real balanced. Put on your fucking reading glasses.

      • Ira, Canadians go to Florida for the sun and the big hearted, easy going, friendly people. And the connecting flights.

        Also, if you want to have your head examined in Canada, you can in fact get it done, but you’ll have to pay.

      • Moving to Canada is easier than moving to the U.S. Go check their immigration website and it’s pretty straight forward.

        Funny, I live in Florida and I have never heard of anyone going to Florida for healthcare. While, I have heard of plenty of Canadians living in Florida taking a trip back home for health procedures due to cost.

        Also, commenters like you are the reason we don’t have interaction with the authors in the comment section.

      • IRAte, when peoplle comment about the decline in logical, reasonable discussion between the CC journalists and other commentators, it’s about you and PC. Your rants do not add any value to the discourse. While the leftist Chavistas, like Arturo, left liong ago as their logic to support this dictatorship has crumbled, and it has been replaced by angry old white men ranting far right BS, driving away reasonable debate, which is necessary for a democracy. As PC shouts 1000’s of words from his keyboard, which when read together is little more rants of an idiot, or you demeaning opposing views with curses and demeaning names, it demonstrates 2 things. Neither are as educated or civil as you would like us to believe, and secondly, you’re not here to help the Venezuelan community. You’re here for your own spleen reasons; spleen venting and trashing naything that is not far right and white. Maybe talk to your Dr, take a break from posting, let your blood pressure stabilize, take a walk. Come back when you have something to offer.

        • Arturo. I remember that guy. GAC, Arturo, one other guy. They had to have been on somebody’s payroll, the way they all just suddenly disappeared after years here.

      • Geez Ira, would it be possible to tone down the vitriol?

        Cauncklehead clearly loathes Chavismo as much as anyone here. In terms of his personal views he seems a typical Canadian to me, which in my view makes him a good fellow. Yes our neighbors to the north think differently than we do…but they are the best neighbors on earth and I am grateful for them.

        Man, we all hate chavismo. We are all broken hearted for amada Venezuela. Is it too much too ask that we treat each other with respect?

        • “Cauncklehead clearly loathes Chavismo as much as anyone here.”

          This is true but he loathes it for different reasons than many of the readers here. Chavismo has become a black eye on his beloved socialism/ marxism . His people were trumpeting the glories of the revolution early on but no more. The story of Venezuela no longer fits their agenda.

          • Dude. Seriously.

            If you think Canadian democratic socialists are in the same category, even loosely, as vile, pathologically lying, sociopathic, authoritarian, corrupt, sinister, drug trafficking, opposition starving, national treasury looting, brutal, murderous chavista thugs…I really don’t know how to respond to that.

            Do you know any Canadians? I do. Honestly, they don’t seem that scary to me…

          • Sorry hombre, when I referred to “his people” I didn’t mean Canadians in general. I meant his socialist/Marxist comrades in arms around the world.

          • Not all Canadians are Marxists or bigots against whites married to Venezuelans, or think that anyone who disagrees with them must be a white supremacist worshiper of Hitler.

            Not all American Millennials think Occasional-Cortex is the second coming, for that matter.

  11. MA famously said Let them eat cake. Venezuela may have one of the slowest internet speeds but its people allows its ‘leaders’ to get away with telling them Let them eat data! When the cellphone system and internet crashes, which can’t be too far away now, that’s when el pueblo will rise up and topple these ‘leaders’. I know I’ve been saying this for sometime but I stand by it. It’s a miracle they’ve been able to keep the internet going this long!

    • “When the cellphone system and internet crashes, which can’t be too far away now, that’s when el pueblo will rise up and topple these ‘leaders’.”

      Sorry, UKobserver, but my on-the-ground limited polling data (taken as recently as YESTERDAY), doesn’t back that up. We were without phone service here, both movistar and movilnet (Digitel cratered here locally well over a year ago) for most of a week (it returned yesterday mid day) and no one seemed the least bit bothered. And I’m talking about the same people who generally need phone and internet service in order TO EAT. Without phone and internet service, there are no wire transfers and since there’s no cash on the streets, people don’t eat if they can’t do transfers.

      As I said not long ago, I was sure the end was near when beer and cigarettes became almost impossible to find and too expensive to even consider buying, but it wasn’t to be. Venezuelans seem to have an incredible ability to withstand being served shit sandwiches daily by this regime, and still look the other way.

  12. Luisa Ortega ain’t neither blonde nor tall. She’s just another Kleptozuelan THIEF, a whore of the lowest caliber.
    She jailed Leopoldo, and many others for MONEY and power. Thus, she’s responsible for cutting down the very best Venezuela had to become president. The only real threat to Chavismo. A Harvard-educated dude with solid moral principles, ready to fight Chavismo to the ground. The real deal. So that BITCH Ortega sent him to jail, along many other political prisoners, following orders from her Hero. none other than the Despicable Chabestia himself.

    She deserves an EXTENDED jail sentence, if not a bullet to the head.

    Why is that so hard to say or comprehend?

    If Leopoldo had not been broken and jailed, perhaps Venezuela would have been saved in time. Or at least thousands of innocent people would be alive today, instead of hungry, dead or forced to leave the country.

    That filthy blonde de agua oxigenada should be 6 feet under, if any real justice were to be served. Right next to Delcy and TibiBitch and la “primera combatiente”. 4 whores that should be in jail, or dead for their unspeakable crimes.

    Get that right. Heck, she should be sent to “La Tumba” for the rest of her filthy days, better than dead. That’s what those whores all deserve, a bit of their own medicine. Torture in La Tumba. Hunger, and some of the same things they put thousands of people through. Heck, I’d chain them all by the Rio Guaire, for public display, feeding them whatever they can collect there, for years to come. That’s what they deserve, at least.

  13. Instead, people talk about forgiveness.. unbelievable. While Chavista whores like that have Millions of Euros that they stole stashed away in multiple bank accounts. While they have croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast in fancy restaurants, after sending over 3 Millions poor Venezuelans into exile, on foot, hungry and desperate, into prostitution or drugs, many of our Venezuelan women today.

    Luisa Ortega, Delcy, TibiWhore and La primera combatiente, heck even Cabello’s pretty daughter, should all be send to Cucuta for a life of prostitution, hunger and drugs. Yes, that’s where they should all be sent. To Brazil or Peru, to be abused, like the thousands of Venezuelan victimized women are today.

  14. “Now, if you’re talking about CC staff or contributors, that’s another story, though I would suggest that neither you nor any of us here know what’s been said to her by others behind the scenes at Caracas Chronicles. ”

    She may have asked them to not say anything. I would understand completely.


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