A Piece of the Venezuela You Love

We are re-launching our Cinco8 + Caracas Chronicles store: new design, new products, all related to the nation we keep deep inside.

Let your neighbors and coworkers see, in the middle of winter, that what you really want is to be on the beach. Let them see it on a tote bag or a notebook of yours, that reads Choroní, Parguito or Pantaleta.

Make your baby, niece or grandson wear a onesie that reads “corazón de arepa”, because that’s what they have. Or your sister wears a “corazón de aguacate” t-shirt. Give your parents a clock with a modern UCV motif, and show a “keep calm and ask a Venezuelan” sticker on your laptop or your fridge. 

Let everyone know that, yes, you miss your country, that you still belong there, even if you’re far away. We know you keep reading the bad news about that country you left behind. Because not all is lost.

We know that’s what you feel because we feel it too, so we re-launched our store for you. You’ll see everything is in USD and is delivered outside Venezuela: yes, it’s an expat-only store, for now. But everything we earn through it will be spent in Venezuela, among our authors and photographers, because great journalism can’t be made for free. 

Click here, look around, order what you want. Since today’s what we call black viernes there’s a 20 % discount on the entire store, til Sunday. Use this opportunity to gift something nobody else can sell. 

And please, spread the word.