Lunch Break: Champions in Diphteria and Impunity

While civil society demands justice and protection against diseases, the National Assembly promises to denounce the ecocide in Guyana and the new president of Argentina takes office

Photo: El Nacional retrieved
  • From July 2016 to November 2019, diphtheria in Venezuela has caused 291 deaths, 20 of them this year, according to PAHO’s most recent report. We’re the Latin American country with more cases of this disease that could be prevented with a vaccine.
  • Families of over 100 Venezuelans murdered by repression in the protests of 2017, created the Alliance of Families and Victims 2017 (Alfavic) to demand justice and respect of their rights, seek the truth and stop impunity or this crimes ever happening again.
  • On Tuesday, the AN approved an agreement to commemorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and exhort the ICC to start a process against Nicolás and other officers of his government for crimes against humanity. The AN condemned the TSJ ruling about CNU representatives, for violating the Constitution. They also approved an agreement where they declare Reinaldo Muñoz’s actions as prosecutor void. Caretaker President Juan Guaidó, announced the creation of a commission to investigate illegal mining in the Orinoco Mining Arc and denounce the ecocide derived from these activities. The AN ratified the approval of the CIDH invitation. Ismael León denounced the “Scorpion Operation” where they want to bribe and pay deputies off to vote against Guaidó on January 5th.
  • Ricardo Cusanno, Fedecámaras president, said that the sanctions on the regime have been as hurtful as “the 2007-2008 expropriations” because of all the restrictions that Venezuelan businessmen are enduring.
  • The regime announced a bonus through the carnet de la parria: “Navidades felices” for 100,000 bolivars.
  • Mike Pompeo asked his Russian counterpart, Serguéi Lavrov, thy his country recognize Juan Guaidó as the Venezuelan president: “The longer Maduro remains in power, the deeper Venezuelans’ misery,” said the U.S. secretary after the press conference following their meeting in Washington.
  • The day Alberto Fernández was being sworn into office, Elisa Trotta, Juan Guaidó’s representative in Argentina, met with two American diplomats, sub-secretary of State Michael Kozak and advisor Mauricio Claver-Carone, who reiterated their commitment with Venezuela. The new Argentinian government took a picture with Jorge Rodríguez, who represented Nicolás in the event. “If I ever lose track and steer from the commitment I’m making today, take to the streets to remind me what I’m doing. I promise I’ll get back on track without hesitation,” read the new president under his vice-president’s eye. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner swore in with ten judicial processes opened against her for alleged corruption, five of those with precautionary prison requests.
  • On December 10th, we celebrate Human Rights Day commemorating ratifying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but over 100 states and territories keep violating prohibition of torture, denying freedom of expression or religion, equal rights for men and women, according to Human Rights Watch.


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