Lunch Break: Shut Down the Media & Colonize the Parliament

The TSJ just reacted to the Parliament's moves for independence; The made-up opposition is acting like it has leverage to negotiate with chavismo; The free press is under siege, with two new casualties.

Photo: Contrapunto, retrieved.
  • Twenty-four hours after the CLAP faction objected modifying the Internal Debate Rules in the National Assembly authorizing virtual quotum, the TSJ allowed it and voided the AN’s decision. Sanctioned Justice Juan José Mendoza, who presides over the Constitutional Chamber, said that the modification can’t proceed judicially because it “collides” with the Constitution. According to Mendoza, this modification violates substitute deputies’ right to work and he insists that in order to legislate, being in the country is mandatory (even if they didn’t ask the same from Hugo Chávez, who governed from Cuba through digital signatures.) It was unnecessary for Mendoza to speak about “violating Constitutional and republican foundations” with this modification because, apparently, using new technologies stimulates dissolving the rule of law and a “fake” exercise of power. Mendoza said that any decision or action by the National Assembly in contempt would be null.
  • Caretaker President Juan Guaidó said on Thursday, during the meeting with heads of public and private universities, that defending universities is one of the points on his agenda for 2020. Deans said they’ll keep resisting and defending universities and the country. Union representatives expressed their support and commitment to remaining on the streets during 2020 until they achieve freedom. 
  • Javier Bertucci, member of the tailor made opposition that pretends to negotiate with chavismo, said that they’re trying to release several political prisoners before December 24th. According to him, they’re still discussing who would benefit from this and he expects chavismo to announce it in the following hours. 
  • The National Press Syndicate’s secretary general, Marco Ruiz, condemned the arbitrary shutting down Venepress and Telecaribe. 
  • On Thursday afternoon, there was another fire in the Los Ruices electrical sub-station in Caracas. The explosion caused a very brief shortage in different areas. It’s the second time something explodes there in less than ten days. 
  • The U.S. Senate approved the “Venezuelan Emergency, Democracy Assistance and Development Law” (Verdad project).

Naky Soto

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