1,000 Covid Cases A Day And A Megagang Attack

The shooting in la Cota 905 was documented by neighbors and silenced by state media and the regime. PCV denounced persecution of its members and Maduro announced a civilian-military-political plan 

Photo: EVTV Miami

  • On Tuesday, a man died of respiratory arrest in his car, after being denied entry to the ERs at the alleged “sentinel” hospitals and private hospitals in Barquisimeto, Lara state. Hospitals don’t admit patients because they don’t have supplies and private hospitals demand a minimum entry fee to guarantee that the treatment they provide will be paid off. There’s no room for a story like this in the official narrative. If it did, it would be an excuse for the punishing government that doesn’t accept its responsibility over the drama of a collapsed health system, and won’t tolerate that private hospitals cover the necessary space. The distance between the fantasy on state media and what we go through has been enormous but they don’t care about that. That’s why they enforce censorship: life and death have to fit their screenplay. 
  • Delcy Rodríguez reported last night that there were 1,010 cases of COVID-19 for a total of 68,453 cases they’ve admitted to, and nine deaths bring the total to 564.
  • There was an armed conflict in La Cota 905’s El Nazareno sector, in western Caracas, between officers and criminals of the gangs of El Coqui and El Vampi. Neighbors in the area started reporting the gunshots and added pictures, videos and testimonies about the evolution of the conflict. Journalist Román Camacho reported that from the highest part of nearby La Vega, there were gunshots, too. According to reports, the clash left four criminals dead. Néstor Reverol, Defense Minister, hasn’t issued any statements about the case last night. 
  • The alleged American spy that was going to attack Venezuelan refineries revealed plans of sabotage against Venezuela, so Nicolás announced a civic-military-police union in all states (2,361 peace quadrants), “to guarantee stability, peace and elections.” He didn’t say a thing about what happened at la Cota 905, even though he was bold enough to conjure threats to the governments of Colombia and the U.S. He said that the DEA is one of the agencies responsible of attacking Venezuela, that the CIA will participate with “covert operations of a terrorist nature” and that President Iván Duque ordered “the mafias and drug trafficking groups” that will be part of “preparing criminals and terrorists to attack Venezuela” in the next few weeks. That’s why he reactivated the Presidential Command “which can respond in real time, 24 hours a day,” said Nicolás. This story of spies and destabilization was told earlier by Diosdado Cabello. 
  • The National Assembly asked the international community to stop human rights violations and crimes against humanity by the Maduro regime. After the Independent Mission’s report that establishes responsibility of officers, deputy Bozo said that the ICC must act regarding the human rights violation. “The international community must know that when there are crimes against humanity, any limit of sovereignty should be trespassed,” said Delsa Solórzano. Américo De Grazia suggested turning to the Prosecutor of the ICC to document all cases. He also proposed the removal of Nicolás’s regime from the UNHRC and sanctions from other nations. Deputy Richard Blanco demanded debating Article 187.11 of our Constitution, which would allow the President to request international aid, and approving military missions in the country.
  • Primero Justicia asked in a communiqué to investigate the transparency of handling assets recovered abroad and about Operation Gedeón with a delay of only four times. 
  • The caretaker government responded with the bribe accusation, that was never formal, and the contract with the CRA, and that it was reported to the State Department and the Treasury Department that those weren’t our representatives. 
  • Meanwhile, the PCV denounced that members have been victims of “censorship, harassment, political persecution, attacks, layoffs and moral lynching.” Yes, the communists said it.
  • Pdvsa started loading an Iranian tanker with oil, told Reuters a source. The tanker arrived at Jose with 2.1 million barrels to be used as dissolvent early this month. 
  • On Tuesday, the 75th UN Anniversary was held over the internet, with presidents discussing key topics: —Donald Trump briefly mentioning the situation of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, and assured that the U.S. will accompany these nations in their “fight for freedom”. —Jair Bolsonaro said that Brazil has provided attention for almost 400,000 Venezuelan refugees through Operación Acogida. —Sebastián Piñera called for a transition government to hold free elections in Venezuela. He said our situation was dramatic because the regime violates our liberty, human rights, democracy and quality of life. —Iván Duque said that the regime is a threat to the world because it’s sustained by “resources from drug trafficking and it shelters terrorists”. 
  • The U.S State Department sanctioned “robapartidos”: Miguel Ponente (PJ), Guillermo Luces (VP), Chaim Bucarán (UNT), Bernabé Gutiérrez (AD) and Williams Benavides (Tupamaro).
  • The regime’s lawyers said before a court in the UK that they recognize their de facto power over Venezuela which would grant them power over the gold at the Bank of England. That Nicolás controls Venezuelan institutions is the basis of their defense to control one billion dollars worth of gold. Meanwhile, the gold reserves at the BCV have plummeted, without explanations. 

Naky Soto

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