At Least 23 Dead During FAES Operation in La Vega

Human rights activist Vannessa Rosales will be in house arrest for helping a 13-year-old rape victim have an abortion. Family members have denounced the executions of at least 23 people in La Vega. The SIP condemned Maduro’s regime's new wave of aggression and attacks against the media.

  • Last Sunday Guyana rejected the decree signed by Maduro, which establishes the territory for the development of the Atlantic Façade. He called it “deeply disturbing.” President Irfaan Ali explained that they spoke with a Venezuelan diplomat to highlight their rejection of the decree. Maduro’s Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza rejected the statement made by the president of Guyana because according to him this is only about “affairs of our internal jurisdiction”. He accused President Alí of insisting on confrontation and protecting the interests of Exxon Mobil. 
  • On Monday, Craig Faller, commander of the U.S. Southern Command, visited Guyana for joint maritime operations in order to intercept drug trafficking from the Venezuelan border, among others. The regime is outraged by Guyana’s military exercises with the U.S., even though they were announced last week. Today, Delcy Rodríguez assumed that they’re provoking Maduro’s regime. Rodríguez and Vladimir Padrino López, Maduro’s Defense Minister, called on the governments of the Caribbean to denounce this perturbation of peace from a U.S. ship. 
  • The “flexibilization” week started on Monday, even though the data presented by Maduro himself on Sunday night show that the cases in the country have been increasing for four consecutive weeks. 
  • Pediatrician Haydee Parra de Soto died in Zulia and nurse Rosa Mireles in Bolívar for complications tied to COVID-19. 
  • From December 31st till Monday, the dollar went from 1,027,812 to 1,559,949 bolivars, a 51% increase. Economist  Asdrúbal Oliveros explained that we had the same inflation in the first week of January as we had during the entire month of December. 
  • Avesa reported that human rights activist Vannessa Rosales will be on house arrest for helping a 13-year-old rape victim have an abortion. Over 200 NGOs demanded a fair process for this teacher and caseworker from Pueblo Nuevo. 
  • Provea reported that at least 23 people died during the police operation in La Vega on January 8th. Family members have denounced detentions and executions. Provea called on Ombudsman Alfredo Ruiz to make a statement since the deaths have been attributed to FAES. 
  • The SIP condemned Maduro’s regime’s new wave of aggression and attacks on the media and journalists. They ask institutions and democratic governments around the world to do the same. 
  • Alex Saab’s lawyers presented videos with testimonies by members of their team, family photos and a doctor’s testimony as evidence. Meanwhile, the Cape Verdean Supreme Court is still reviewing the case in order to determine if he’ll be extradited to the U.S. or not. 


Naky Soto

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