Clearing the Field with Bullets

Pemones in Bolívar denounced that over 100 people invaded their territory for illegal mining; one dead and eleven injured inmates (some with gunshot wounds) was the result of a mutiny in a Merida Police jail; Médicos Unidos reported that at least 334 healthcare workers have died of coronavirus in Venezuela.

  • Six people died in an alleged clash on Friday, February 5th between soldiers of the Army and a new FARC cell in the El Cuero sector, Agua Linda, in Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas. Journalist Javier Ignacio Mayorca explained that the casualties are most likely Venezuelan soldiers and added there were several clashes with irregular groups in Amazonas and Bolívar. Journalists Sebastiana Barraez and Carolina Azavache reported that the operation was led by General Juan Carlos Terán Hernández, under the Operation Jiwi 2021 codename. They said that it’s reported that the Army is trying to clear out guerrillas so Russians, Chinese and Iranian officials can work on the Mining Arc. 
  • On Saturday, Colombian magazine Semana published a piece revealing how Iván Márquez, Jesús Santrich alias El Paisa and Romaña are hiding and moving in Venezuela. Semana assured there are 36 structures composed of 4,900 armed men. The investigation revealed pictures of the camps, arms and the aircraft used to move cocaine. 
  • Maduro asked for “the least possible partying” during Carnival, and repeated that the flexibilization begins on Monday and it will end on Wednesday, February 17th. He said this measure is possible because of the low number of cases of coronavirus in Venezuela. PAHO reported that a few days ago that both the regime and the opposition have the will to work towards obtaining vaccines of the Covax mechanism. Maduro warned that he’ll only work with Sputnik-V, the Russian vaccine.
  • He accused the media of silencing Jorge Rodríguez’s claim of the explosion they managed to prevent at the AN. He criticized Colombian institutions for allowing this and accused the Spanish government of turning a blind eye. He encouraged Capriles to run for governor, even though chavismo barred him from running for office. He also said that Metro workers gave him a plan to reactivate and finish the works that was paralyzed by Odebrecht’s “fraud and failures”. 
  • In Perú, draft law # 7028 proposes deportation of undocumented or irregular migrants or those who commit crimes. Most of Peru’s crime statistics, by the Center for Economic Development, prove that “Venezuelan immigration doesn’t have significative impact on crimes like robberies, homicides and sexual violence”. 
  • Pemones in San Luis de Morichal (Bolívar) denounced that over 100 people of an alleged “mining union” under alias “Fabio” invaded their territory for illegal mining. 
  • One dead and eleven injured inmates (some with gunshot wounds) was the result of a mutiny in a Merida Police jail. The fight allegedly happened to take over control of the prison. Chavismo hasn’t said anything about it. 
  • On Sunday, there was another mutiny in a Monagas Police jail, in Maturín. One person died and 16 were injured after a grenade exploded. 
  • Médicos Unidos reported that at least 334 healthcare workers have died of coronavirus in Venezuela. 
  • On Sunday, Armando.Info published the story about how Alex Saab bought Corporación Inlaca. The transaction was over 16 million dollars and happened in March 2019 when Saab was already “a special envoy” of Maduro’s regime. 
  • Boats Lady Nayera and Sea Wolf and 12 fishermen who were detained on January 21st by the FANB returned to Guyana on Sunday. The fishermen were accused of fishing in Venezuelan waters.

Naky Soto

Naky gets called Naibet at home and at the bank. She coordinates training programs for an NGO. She collects moments and turns them into words. She has more stories than freckles.