“Long live Venezuela, free of chavis… machismo!”

Tal Cual obtained National Institute of Land documents where it’s revealed that Maduro’s regime has been giving out thousands of acres of productive land to private citizens and foreigners; NGO Médicos Unidos de Venezuela reported five new deaths in the country on Tuesday, for a total of 354 deaths in the healthcare sector.

  • “Long live Venezuela, free of chavis… machismo!” was the last warcry of María León, deputy to Nicolás’s AN, when she celebrated creating a commission to study the causes of machismo in Venezuela that will propose policies to eradicate it. Blanca Eekhout asked that they celebrate women’s progress during 22 years of chavismo and summarized it with having inclusive language in the Constitution. 
  • The 2015 AN Delegate Commission expressed its concern for the increase of femicide in the country. They approved an agreement where they highlighted how important it is to keep track of the cases that are denounced: “In Venezuela, there’s a Women’s Ministry merely for political uses, there’s no budget and no policies. There’s no protection for vulnerable women,” said Nora Bracho, who added: “The most machista player is the regime.”
  • NGO Médicos Unidos de Venezuela reported five new deaths in the country on Tuesday, for a total of 354 deaths in the healthcare sector, while chavismo reports only 1391 deaths in the whole country. 
  • More than 100 pharma companies met for two days to study how to increase production of the COVID-19 vaccine: the massive production scale has generated shortages of the main raw materials needed to make it. Producing all of the vaccines that the world needs is an unprecedented task. 
  • The WHO reported that only 268 million doses have been applied in the whole world, far from what is needed to immunize 70% of the world’s population. 
  • In 2020, police and military officers were responsible for 2,853 alleged extrajudicial executions, reported Provea’s Marino Alvarado. 672 of the executions are responsibility of the PNB. Zulia State is the region that has suffered the most from police and military violence, followed by Aragua, Bolívar and Lara. 
  • CECODAP’s most recent report on juvenile suicide revealed that mental health programs aren’t prioritized in the State’s budget and haven’t been tailored to provide special attention for children and teenagers. There are no public policies on mental health and suicide prevention in the country.  
  • NGO Espacio Público denounced 38 attacks on freedom of speech during February. The most common victims are public employees (28%), journalists (24%) and media (20%). 
  • The IACHR rejected chavismo’s intervention in the universities’ payroll using the Patria system: “This kind of measure can generate violations to university autonomy and workers’ rights.” 
  • Some states in the country have started demanding letters and certificates of safe passage, on security officers’ whim, even though it wasn’t previously announced. They are using the excuse of the radical week of lockdown and the new P.1. variant. 
  • Deputy José Guerra reiterated that the current monetary cone is useless because hyperinflation consolidated the loss of trust in the bolivar and with it, the de facto dollarization. Guaidó said that Nicolás’s responsible for “murdering the bolivar”. Currently, even private businesses and stores have their own “currency”, pieces of paper with their dollar value that are worth more than any BCV bill and hold their value for longer, too. 
  • The Transport Chamber denounced that 90% of cargo transportation units, needed for distributing essential products, are out of circulation because of the diesel fuel shortage. 
  • Fishermen from Falcón rescued 18 people on a small boat that were stranded after leaving from Tucacas to Curacao on Monday.  
  • The White House announced that their policy on Venezuela is focused on finding strategies for humanitarian aid and for increasing multilateral pressure so there’s a negotiation in good faith between the Maduro regime and the opposition. The NSC director for the Western Hemisphere Juan González said: “Venezuelans are tired of the current situation, they want a solution, they want democracy to be restored, they want humanitarian aid” and added “We won’t give Maduro legitimacy by meeting with him, we aren’t going to negotiate lifting sanctions with him (…) We’ve seen how Maduro , and even Chávez, used dialogue as an excuse to marginalize the opposition.”  Washington criticizes the lack of unity among the opposition and the erosion of Guaidó’s leadership. He assured that they’ll support governments in the region to attend to Venezuelans’ needs. 
  • Newspaper Tal Cual obtained National Institute of Land documents revealing that the Maduro regime has been giving out thousands of acres of productive land to private citizens and foreigners, among them a Vietnamese group that will be receiving 1,020 hectares and 3,948 square meters in the Veroes municipality in Yaracuy.
  • Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández helped in smuggling tons of cocaine into the U.S., said a prosecutor in the first session of the federal trial for drug trafficking against Geovanny Fuentes in New York.
  • “We need a mighty military power during this 21st century, nobody respects the weak,” said Nicolás to CEOFANB officers and reiterated that the Colombian government was “the worst threat against stability (…) Iván Duque is obsessed, he hates Venezuela and assured that they plan actions to destabilize his regime every day from the Casa de Nariño.

Naky Soto

Naky gets called Naibet at home and at the bank. She coordinates training programs for an NGO. She collects moments and turns them into words. She has more stories than freckles.