Three Femicides in Less Than 48 hours in Venezuela

The Human Rights and Citizen Commission counted 19 femicides in Bolívar during 2020 and over 28,000 cases of gender violence; Daniela Figueredo Salazar was detained and murdered at Polizamora cells in Miranda, by a Polizamora officer who allegedly abused her.

  • There were three femicides in less than 48 hours in Bolívar: Milanyela Carvajal, 22 years old, was murdered in El Algarrobo mine in El Dorado town on March, 14th. Her partner José Gregorio Tovar Estanga is the main suspect. Alyamil Josefina Torres, 26 years old, was strangled and her corpse presented signs of sexual violence. She was found on March, 15th in Ciudad Piar. CICPC director Douglas Rico announced that three suspects were detained. The third corpse hasn’t been identified, they found her at Cachamay park in Puerto Ordaz, on March 15th. 
  • The Human Rights and Citizen Commission counted 19 femicides in Bolívar during 2020 and over 28,000 cases of gender violence. There have been 506 femicides in the state since 2013. 
  • Daniela Figueredo Salazar, 19 years old, was detained at Polizamora cells in Miranda. She was murdered on March 13th by a Polizamora officer. She was taken to the hospital but entered without vitals. Inmates at the center told NGO Una Ventana a la Libertad, that Polizamora officers and one officer who’s an inmate, Pedro García, harassed them and forced them to have sex: “He’s the one who forces us to have sexual intercourse with him and other active officers. Last night, several men came in, one of them showed Daniela his gun and a shot was fired when he pointed the gun at her,” said the inmate. Officer Daniel Galarraga Ortega, 24 years old, has been arrested. 
    • Deputies from the Delegate Commission requested international institutions hold investigations on Daniela Figueredo’s murder. 
    • Deputy Yajaira Forero reiterated that women are more vulnerable in prisons, because on top of violations of due process, overcrowding, denying sanitary attention and food, they must endure harassment and being forced to have sex with officers. 
  • The vice president of the Electoral Nomination Committee  José Gregorio Correa requested a ten-day extension on nominations for the CNE board of authorities. 
  • The first debate of the draft law on integral attention for senior citizens was held, in a country that pays senior citizens a pension worth 50 cents. 
  • Jorge Rodríguez presented a proposal to work under  Maduro’s  7+7 system: they’ll attend and debate in the AN on flexible weeks and work remotely on video conferences the other weeks. One year into the pandemic, there’s no evidence that this system works. 
  • Communications minister Freddy Ñáñez reported that they opened administrative cases against Inter and NetUno for alleged profiteering. 
  • NGO Médicos Unidos Venezuela reported the deaths of six more workers of the healthcare sector, for a total of 360 deaths in the sector. 
  • Marisabel Rodríguez, Hugo Chávez’s ex-wife, reported she received the Russian vaccine against coronavirus, despite not being a healthcare worker, teacher, or senior citizen. 
  • Fetrasalud executive secretary Pablo Zambrano reported that CICPC officers made 16 workers of JM de los Ríos Hospital strip, a human rights violation, allegedly justified because of a claim stating that medical supplies were being stolen from the hospital. 
  • UCV rector Cecilia García Arocha announced she filed a petition before the TSJ to void the payroll disposition using the Patria system because it represents a violation of financial autonomy.
  • UCAB’s Human Rights Center reported that the R4V platform updated the figure of Venezuelans who have left the country, and it’s now up to 5,577,077 people, which proves that the migration flow hasn’t changed because of the pandemic. 
  • There have been mass marches in Bolivia demanding the release of interim president Jeanine Áñez, who was detained for political reasons. 
  • Guyana announced that they’ll present the allegations requested by the ICJ on March, 8th, 2022, in the border dispute with Venezuela. Venezuela has one more year, until 2023, but has said that they don’t recognize the ICJ’s jurisdiction in this conflict. 
  • Cape Verde remains firm in its position to extradite Colombian citizen Alex Saab to the U.S., a country where he’s wanted for money laundering, confirmed today the General Attorney Luis José Landim.
  • According to Colombian fiscal documents, Operation Gedeón, a massacre that was framed as a failed coup, was designed by former officer Clíver Alcalá from Bogotá, said Europa Press. Maduro’s Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza, said that Venezuela denounced the plan even in its planning phases and that the Colombian government didn’t do anything about it. Who did Clíver Alcalá really work for?

Naky Soto

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