Agreements for the Well-Being of the Country

Representatives of 22 countries met in Andorra for the 27th Ibero-American Summit, where they questioned Delcy Rodríguez’s presence and they called Maduro’s regime a dictatorship that violates human rights.

  • On Thursday, Juan Guaidó, political parties and representatives of the civil society presented the manifest of the unified platform “Union for the country’s future, democracy and well-being”. 
    • Guaidó highlighted that, despite the differences among political parties, agreements can be reached: “Recovering this country is above our differences.” 
    • The goals of this platform are solving the humanitarian, economic, social, ethical and human rights crisis and working for fair, free and transparent elections. 
    • “Rejecting a vaccine is denying the right to live,” he said. 
    • Guaidó told Maduro: “If you control anything, go to La Cota 905 today. You’re useless. You don’t control anything.” 
  • Representatives of 22 countries met in Andorra for the 27th Ibero-American Summit, where they rejected Delcy Rodríguez’s presence and they called Maduro’s regime a dictatorship that violates human rights. 
  • Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno rejected the presence “of a government with no political ethics or respect for human rights.” 
  • Colombian President Iván Duque warned that having an irresolute posture on the Venezuelan dictatorship would legitimize its abusive practices. He asked countries to continue denouncing the regime’s abuses. 
  • Chilean president Sebastián Piñera called Venezuela to uphold the commitments and respect freedom, democracy and the rule of law. 
  • Uruguayan president Luis Lacalle Pou said: “We’ll seize this moment to tell Nicolás Maduro (…), firmly, that he must open the doors and windows to a democracy.” 
  • The Brazilian representative said that the attendance didn’t imply recognizing Maduro’s regime and the Paraguayan representative emphasized the precarious human rights and undemocratic situation in Venezuela and advised reinstalling the rule of law through free elections. 
  • Delcy Rodríguez requested countries where there are frozen funds to release the resources so Venezuela “can fight the pandemic”. Maduro said that the visit of the World Food Programme was “ a great achievement for the revolution,” as if David Beasly had come to Venezuela to learn from chavismo, as opposed to helping a famished country. Maduro proposed a 60-day emergency plan for supplying fuel for farmers and agro producers in the country and ordered his team to present a supply map in 72 hours. 
  • The committee of Maduro’s Assembly in charge of nominations to the National Electoral Council’s board of authorities reported that the period for candidates to contest objections against them is over.  “Next week, we’ll take the step of appointing the new board of authorities of the National Electoral Council,” said Maduro yesterday, proving there’s the separation of powers in the country. 
  • Maduro’s Assembly deputy Luis Eduardo Martínez revealed that the Inter-Parliamentary Union delegation will arrive in Venezuela in early May to check on the human rights of deputies elected to the National Assembly in 2015. 
  • Diosdado Cabello assured that many Venezuelan NGOs have ties to terrorism. 
    • Over 600 NGOs have publicly rejected the demand to register before the Office Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing. 
  • The WHO reported an increase in coronavirus cases for the third week in a row, with a record 5.2 million cases in the world, despite around 1000 million people having been vaccinated. 
  • The PAHO is waiting for Venezuela’s second payment for COVAX to advance in assigning the corresponding doses. 
    • Ciro Ugarte explained that “the conversation about which vaccine will be available to Venezuela continues.” 
  • The Inter American Press Society denounced that “there’s an implacable dictatorship” in Venezuela which considers independent journalism a permanent enemy. 
  • Andry Sarmiento, from the human rights committee of the Platanillal community, reported to Kapé Kapé about the deaths of four-year-old Axel Caribán and 75-year-old Margarita Ponare, members of the Jivi Indigenous tribe, presenting severe malnutrition. 
  • The OAS accused Maduro’s regime of “deceitful arguments” sent to the UN Security Council about the violence in Apure: “The dictatorship intends to blame the Colombian government, without evidence or justification, for the events in Venezuelan territory,” reads the communique. 
  • Fundaredes demanded the government to present a complete report one month after the conflict in Apure. 
  • Jake Sullivan, White House security advisor, expressed his concern for the health situation in Venezuela and asked the regime to allow humanitarian organizations full access. 
  • More than 47,000 Venezuelans achieved protected status in the EU in 2020. 
    • They are 17% of all people who received the status and 96% of them got their protected status in Spain. 

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