Ambushed in Cota 905

On Thursday, PNB officers did a police operation in El Valle and El Cementerio to find criminals controlling the sector. When the failed operation ended, El Coqui’s gang started shooting at the police from the area above the La Planicie tunnel.

  • On Thursday, PNB officers did a police operation in El Valle and El Cementerio to find criminals controlling the sector. When the failed operation ended, El Coqui’s gang started shooting at the police from the area above the La Planicie tunnel. 
    • A CICPC commission was ambushed and at least four officers were wounded. 
    • The Special Actions Brigade (BAES) armored SUV received dozens of gunshots while they rescued and moved injured officers. 
    • Inspector César Castillo died at the hospital. 
    • There are many photos of the criminals because the officers were ordered to leave the sector and leave the patrol cars on the highway, which were then vandalized. An action clearly intended to humiliate authorities. 
  • Deputies of the National Assembly elected in 2015 approved 100 million dollars to buy more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This figure’s in addition to the 30,309,040 million dollars that were already approved for COVAX. 
    • The credit requested by the Delegate Commission to its BCV is for a total of $152,330,533, destined for the vaccine and for covering expenses of the ad hoc boards, justices in exile, etc. 
    • The funds will be withdrawn from a BCV account abroad that’s under the custody of the Federal Reserve Funds Bank in New York. 
  • Maduro’s Assembly electoral nomination committee reported that 103 out of 158 nominees for the CNE board of authorities are eligible. 
    • Most of them have ties with PSUV, have been ministers, deputies, and ANC deputies. 
  • ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab said that two  PDVSA Agrícola workers and other three citizens that allegedly stole two turbines are now undergoing their trial. 
  • Maduro appointed Josué Lorca as his new Ecosocialism minister. He said that Lorca is in charge of carrying on with the “excellent job” that previous minister Oswaldo Barbera had been doing. 
  • CONATEL allowed eight new internet providers a license to operate in seven states of the country. 
  • Médicos Unidos de Venezuela reported that 15 healthcare workers died of COVID-19, for a total of 499 healthcare workers since the pandemic started. 
  • Ana Rosario Contreras, president of Caracas’ Nurses Guild questioned the vaccination figures released by Maduro’s Health minister Carlos Alvarado. He said that 200,000 healthcare workers and 50,000 political volunteers had received the vaccine. 
  • Tarek William Saab said that his office has received 9,624 cases of violence against women and that has successfully seen 4,721 conclusive cases. 
  • Leopoldo López said that Maduro’s regime intends to request his extradition from Spain. 
  • The IACHR expressed concern for the TSJ decision ordering El Nacional to pay Diosdado Cabello 13 million dollars for “moral damages”. 
    • They called the State to abstain from using pressure mechanisms to silence journalists. 
  • The Food and Nutrition Survey for 2020 – 2021 by the Venezuelan Observatory of Food Security and Nutrition shows that 90.7% of Venezuelans suffer from severe, moderate and marginal food insecurity. The states with the worst numbers are:
    • Amazonas (83%)
    • Apure (53%)
    • Falcón (53%) 
    • Delta Amacuro (50%) 
  • The Venezuelan Chamber of New Entrepreneurs and Exporters requested simplifying the process for international commerce. 
  • The president of Maduro’s Assembly Energy and Oil commission Ángel Rodríguez estimated that they’ll have the 60-day emergency plan for fuel distribution that Nicolás demanded. He thinks that there’s fuel, but it’s poorly distributed. 
  • Julie Chung, acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs celebrated that the World Food Programme will start working in Venezuela. 
    • Maduro’s Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza aggressively replied Chung’s tweet saying that if the U.S. wants to alleviate Venezuela’s situation, they should lift sanctions and release Venezuelan resources. 
    • Chung replied with what chavismo should do if they wanted sanctions relief: “Mr. Arreaza, if you want sanctions lifted, we suggest: holding free and fair elections, respecting human rights and press freedom, releasing all 323 political prisoners, stopping persecution against the opposition, stopping harassment of NGOs.” 
    • Arreaza assured that this tweet will serve to “prove before the ICC and the UN” that the U.S. takes arbitrary measures.
  • Newspaper La Voz de América assured on Thursday that a new negotiation process between Maduro and the opposition
    • Sources said that Norway held during March new rounds of conversations with chavismo and the opposition, represented by Juan Guaidó. 
    • Another source said that the negotiation will happen under “observation of international allies”. There are more reasons for skepticism than for a negotiation. 

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