“Security Bodies Have Committed 472 Extrajudicial Executions During Q1”

CICPC is the most lethal force with 65 executions and FAES ranks second most violent with 56 in the first quarter of the year. An investigation by the IVIC’s Molecular Virology Lab concludes that "every state presents the Brazilian variant since April". FAES chief in Guárico José Gregorio Palacios, was murdered in Cabruta by an alleged guerrilla group that has taken control of the area. naky

  • National Electoral Council (CNE) rector Pedro Calzadilla reported that there will be one thousand points to enroll and update data in the Electoral Registry across the country, from June 1st to June 15th. 
    • According to Calzadilla, there’s a total of 21,070,528 registered voters. 
    • He said they approved special rules to elect councilmen and legislators, like establishing that 60% of positions will be elected by proportional representation and 40% nominal vote. 
    • Professor José Ignacio Hernández said this is serious, the fact that CNE established electoral rules executing Ruling No 68/2020 of the TSJ Constitutional Chamber, that illegally modified electoral law. He said that it severely affects the election’s integrity. 
  • ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab said that he sent a new report to the ICC, on his office’s actions on human rights violations but said he hasn’t received a response. 
    • According to Saab, the most recent report contains data on alleged achievements in legislation matters and institutional renovation. 
    • Saab said that the men charged with the rape and murder of Yusleidy Salcedo in Mérida, will remain behind bars while the appeals court makes a ruling. He also said that they detained two Colombian citizens in Falcón for drug trafficking.  
  • Deputy Adriana Pichardo said on Thursday that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet is monitoring the case of political prisoners being taken to common jails.
  • Lawyer Joel García warned that overcrowding in these prisons will be horrendous and highlighted that their lives, nutrition and health are in danger. 
  • Deputy Delsa Solorzano confirmed seven political prisoners were taken from DGCIM headquarters to Yare II, Rodeo II and Rodeo III. 

  • It’s been three years of Maduro’s illegitimate reelection. He celebrated faking a televised council to present proposals for the working class. 
    • Maduro proposed speeding up SUDEBAN processes, promoting “free social media training”, creating a sort of local Amazon through the Patria system, and opening special credit lines with easy payments. 
    • Maduro mentioned the recent case of Lácteos Los Andes and Colonel Luis Piligra Jiménez and asked public workers to take on the task of ending corruption. He said that social benefits will now be calculated in petros.
  • The WHO assured on Thursday that all vaccines that have been approved so far are effective against all variants and mutations of the virus.
  • During an investigation by the IVIC’s Molecular Virology Lab, director Dr. Flor Pujol said that “every state presents the Brazilian variant since April. She explained that it’s 90% of the cases studied so far. 
    • The study is being carried out in Zulia and Táchira and will end in June when they’ll announce the results. 
  • Maduro’s Assembly started working on the draft law for educators, which politicizes teaching and is trying to turn education and left-wing indoctrination into the same thing. 
    • The law doesn’t even contain changes in educational policies for the development of the school system but it does threaten teachers’ liberties. Teachers have denounced this project that’s also tied to the communal state draft law. 
  • The secretary-general of the Foreign Ministry workers’ union, José Patines, assured that 153 public employees were detained because they protested for their workers’ rights. He said that most of them are being charged with treason. 

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