Mistreated and Unvaccinated

There have been more complaints about the logistics of the regime’s vaccination plan across the country. PAHO hasn’t received confirmation on Venezuela completing payments to access COVAX. 57% of beds are occupied in the regime’s “sentinel” hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

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  • There were more complaints about the logistics of the regime’s vaccination plan on Wednesday. 
    • In Guárico, senior citizens waited from 4:00 a.m. to be vaccinated and then protested. The people in charge said that they’d only vaccinate those on the Patria system, even after the Health Ministry said that there’d be another system when citizens complained about political exclusion. 
    • In Maracay, Aragua, hundreds of people waited for hours in front of CORPOSALUD, they were promised the vaccine the day before. 
    • In Táchira, governor Laidy Gómez complained about an alleged illegal sale of vaccines run by the state’s Health Corporation, an entity that she doesn’t control. 
    • Chavismo is still being privileged over health personnel that should have been vaccinated months ago. 
  • The WHO expressed concern for the development of the pandemic in South America and warned that it’s getting worse. 
  • PAHO hasn’t received confirmation on Venezuela completing payments to access COVAX, as Maduro said last Sunday when he assured that COVAX promised “over 5 million doses of the vaccine by July (…) They said May, then they said June and the money has been sent,” he said. 
  • PAHO also mentioned the importance of Venezuela providing timely and detailed information on how the vaccination process is carried out in Venezuela. 

  • Monitor Salud published a new report on 28 of the regime’s “sentinel” hospitals for COVID-19 patients, where 57% of beds are occupied. 
  • The executive director of Médicos Unidos de Venezuela, Jaime Lorenzo, said that healthcare workers can’t keep dying for being unvaccinated. He demanded a vaccination plan with a calendar and logistics. 
  • NGOs from the healthcare sector sent a letter to UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, denouncing the violations in Venezuela during the pandemic, “especially the rights to health, life, non-discrimination and equality in access to services.” 
  • National coordinator of Voluntad Popular Freddy Guevara assured he hasn’t had new meetings with chavismo: “If there were more meetings, I’d be the one confirming  them, not Maduro.” 
  • Because of the arrival of the Norwegian delegation, deputy of Maduro’s Assembly Luis Eduardo Martínez parroted Maduro’s words: that the dialogue process and negotiations must be carried out in public, in the country and for all Venezuelans to see. 
  • The Mayors Association for Venezuela reported they support the National Salvation Agreement proposed by Guaidó. Mayor Manuel Ferreira said they support the initiative because “it’s an agreement that allows us to save, rebuild and re-institutionalize Venezuela.” 
  • The Colombian government authorized the partial reopening of the border with Venezuela, starting on Wednesday. 
  • Governor Laidy Gómez held Freddy Bernal, the “protector” of Táchira, responsible of not achieving an agreement for the reopening of the Colombian border. 
  • Deputy Karim Vera said that on the Venezuelan side of the border, citizens are still forced to use illegal pathways known as trochas, paying military officers and irregular groups to allow people and goods in and out. 
  • British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will speak at the session of the Supreme Court where they’ll review the case of the Venezuelan gold deposited in the Bank of England. 
  • U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed their willingness to lift sanctions: “They aren’t permanent, their goal is to generate positive changes in the behavior and conduct of the government,” he said. “The sanctions were established with a purpose, the accountability of those who undermine democracy.” 
  • Spain granted citizenship to 80,148 people in 2020, among which are 3,545 Venezuelans. 
  • In November last year, Dominican singer Bonny Cepeda came to Venezuela for Maduro’s birthday celebration. Yesterday, he revealed in a radio interview that he was paid 60,000 dollars. 
  • The Venezuelan baseball team achieved their third victory against Canada, 5-0. They’ve won every game in the 2021 Americas Olympic Qualifier. 

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