The CNE Opened An Investigation Against VTV

The National Electoral Council opened an investigation against VTV, a channel managed by the Venezuelan State, for “using its programming to directly benefit one political party,” the PSUV. Maduro insisted on promoting his alternate plan to the electoral route, which he calls the “people’s power”.

Photo: EFE/ Rayner Peña

  • Maduro insisted on promoting his alternate plan to the electoral route, which he calls the “people’s power”. 
    • He installed a presidential council for the communal popular power and during a TV broadcast he said 2021 was “a great year for communes”. “We must empower the people directly, to make them the protagonists.” 
    • He also said that “we’ll rule the country with presidential councils from social movements,” which is why he asked for the Assembly’s approval of the commune and communal parliament law. 
  • His Assembly approved the first draft for the law of water supply after chavismo ruined that public utility and an agreement celebrating the environment, even when they’re responsible for the ecological catastrophe in the Mining Arc. 
    • Deputy Luis Romero condemned the frequency and magnitude of the shootings in La Vega, Pedro Carreño tried defending Maduro but Jorge Rodríguez accused Voluntad Popular (VP) of financing and handing out weapons to criminal gangs operating in slums like La Vega, Petare y la Cota 905. 
    • He assured it’s not true that the State has lost control of the territories where these gangs operate. 
  • Deputies to the Assembly elected in 2015 demanded vaccines be allowed in the territory and a true vaccination plan for Venezuelans. They also condemned political discrimination favoring PSUV and the fact that Venezuelans have to be enrolled in CLAP or the Patria system to get the vaccine. 
    • The Delegate Commission debated the regime’s intention of modifying the institutional structure by approving the “special economic zones” and establishing communes to substitute public powers. They insist on the regime’s goal being stripping citizens of their rights. 
  • The pandemic has caused at least 3,739,777 million deaths and there have been 173,537,280 cases since December 2019. 
  • The National Academy of Medicine expressed concern for the purchase and usage of the Russian vaccine EpiVacCorona, since there isn’t enough data to back its efficacy or safety.
  • NGO Médicos Unidos reported that 614 healthcare workers have died, after 12 new deaths in the sector last week. 

  • Last night, minister and president of VTV Freddy Ñáñez said that Márquez “made two wrong moves,” because he spoke in his name and following the line of a political party. He also said that the VTV hadn’t received any notification from the CNE, but that they’re willing to review anything if the CNE demanded it. 
  • Maduro’s prêt-à-porter opposition, now called Alianza Democrática, reported that they’ll take turns in the speakership as a parliamentary bloc. 
  • A group of former ministers under Hugo Chávez delivered a letter to the CNE demanding a statement on the recall referendum against Maduro. They demanded a date on which the process would start. 
  • The ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is expecting to announce if there will be an investigation on crimes against humanity in Venezuela as soon as the court resolves a request made by the regime. She expects this could happen in a matter of days, before her mandate ends on June 15th. 
  • Maduro’s Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza welcomed the decision by the UN Human Rights Council demanding Cape Verde taking measures to guarantee Alex Saab’s human rights.
  • The director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the German Foreign Ministry Marian Schuegraf visited Venezuela to support the efforts for a negotiation that allows “for an integral solution to the crisis and building trust between the parties.” 

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