Help Us Make Sense of Venezuela. Write!

We want to reignite our original blogging spirit and we want to hear your point of view. You can be a writer in Caracas Chronicles

Photo: Sofía Jaimes Barreto

For the past few years we’ve been tweaking Caracas Chronicles to make sure it makes good on its promise to “make Venezuela make sense.” That’s easier said than done. Every time we find ourselves in a new chapter of the Venezuelan saga we have to rethink our approach. 

We’re aiming for a compulsively readable Caracas Chronicles that features the kinds of debates that otherwise get lost in discussions in English about our country. We’ll do that by foregrounding our Venezuelan filter: Caracas Chronicles has always been about bringing a Venezuelan perspective on Venezuelan affairs. 

This is why we’re going back to our roots. For years, this was a blog, and blogging is always what it’s been best at. We won’t cast journalism aside, of course, but we do want to publish shorter pieces with a strong point of view aimed at creating a conversation within our community. 

Part of this is recognizing Caracas Chronicles as the outlet for bilingual Venezuela. This is not just a space where a small group of Venezuelans share and discuss their views with foreigners interested in our country anymore. As Venezuelans, we’re now spread out all over the world. We take our conversations and our perspectives with us, and weigh in on a story that has become more complicated and harder to explain, but no less interesting. 

Venezuela’s bilingual diaspora is rapidly expanding. It’s being enriched by a new generation that lives, studies, and works in English, but still has a deep connection with Venezuela. This audience will keep on growing. Our mission is to create a new ecosystem where it can hold quality debates, explain what happened to us, keep a record of our experience, and think about solutions.

We want you to join the conversation. We want your unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and stories that only you can tell.

So pitch, tell us about those subjects that obsess you. What would you like to write about in 500, 600, or 1,000 words?

Send us an email with your pitch. If you want to make a really effective pitch, read this document and follow the instructions there.

If you want to help make things happen, this is also a great way to pitch in.