Better than Khan?

After the ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan announced Venezuela will be investigated, ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab assured that it didn’t meet the requirements on the Rome Statute.

Photo: VTV

  • After the ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan announced Venezuela will be investigated, ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab assured that it didn’t meet the requirements on the Rome Statute and that Khan’s decision was made despite “not identifying any suspects they can charge.” Saab thinks the memorandum of understanding will prove that national institutions have advanced in their pursuit of justice. He said Venezuela will hold its own investigation and that it’s evident that they have nothing to hide. He said that the ICC never exchanged information with the ministry and that it should “accompany the State in everything we require to investigate and sanction.” Maduro’s Assembly voted in favor of supporting the MOU and exhorted judicial institutions to “strengthen efforts to sanction events that could constitute severe human rights violations.” In reality, victims are still waiting.
  • Tarek William Saab ordered the arrest of a resident at  Agustín Zubillaga Hospital in Barquisimeto, Francis Lameda, after a video went viral on social media. Dr. Lameda says: “I won’t do a check-up because it isn’t an emergency.” According to Saab, the doctor refused to see a 4-year-old victim of sexual abuse, but according to the doctors the child just had a fever, she got medical care during the day and they prescribed a treatment. The mother went back to the hospital that night and there weren’t enough nurses. Deyanira Gentile, a member of the Lara Medical Guild, said that the mother recorded the video the third time she went to the hospital, despite she had been told that they were collapsed and that they were only admitting emergencies. Gentile voiced her anger and said that it’s absurd how quickly the regime responds and violates a doctor’s rights but they do nothing for medical supplies. Dr. Lameda was released this afternoon under parole. 
  • Science minister Gabriela Jiménez assured that their vaccination goal is 85% by the end of the year, but she didn’t say how they’re going to do it.

COFAVIC founder Liliana Ortega said Karim Khan’s decision was “historical and surprising.” She explained that the State would have to decisively cooperate after signing the MOU. 

  • The hearing of FundaRedes activists Javier Tarazona (still in El Helicoide), Omar de Dios García and Rafael Tarazona. 
  • Four Naguanagua Municipal Police officers and two Carabobo Police officers were sentenced to 28 years and 7 months in jail for the murder of  Leonardo González, killed on July 27th, 2017, during protests. 
  • National Electoral Council board member Pedro Calzadilla reported that they’ve been closely following the campaign: “There are 2000 electoral officers whose job it is to open files in cases of violations of the rules (…) Our job from here to November is surveilling, without censorship, that nobody is crossing the line. We’re obligated to guarantee equality and equal conditions,” he said.
  • Dissident chavismo announced the launch of the platform Voluntariado en Defensa de la Democracia, to register electoral abuses and violations. Ulises Castro, assured that Alternativa Popular Revolucionaria registered at least 15 candidacies that have been submitted and barred out of the deadlines, 
  • CNE board member Roberto Picón estimates a 30% participation in the November elections, similar to the legislative election in 2020. 
  • Jaime Lorenzo, director of Médicos Unidos de Venezuela, said that 75% of public radiology services aren’t working. He warned that they expect an increase of diphtheria and measles infection. 
  • Reuters reported that Amuay stopped producing fuel after there was a fire in the facilities. 
  • The CEOFANB “neutralized” an aircraft allegedly coming from Colombia that was carrying drugs. 
  • Fedeagro denounced a diesel fuel black market in western Venezuela, that jeopardizes the production of grains and vegetables. They demand an increase of production from PDVSA. 
  • Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal is still maneuvering to avoid his extradition to the U.S. He revealed how and which agents in the National Center of Intelligence helped him get into the country and how they protected him while he was in clandestinity. Carvajal said that he’ll hand over some recordings where there’s evidence of criminal actions by high-ranking chavista officers like Diosdado Cabello. 

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