About Us

Caracas Chronicles is an independent news and analysis organization devoted to one of those missions that’s easier-said-than-done: making Venezuela make sense.

Originally a blog launched by Francisco (“Quico”) Toro in his pajamas one distant afternoon in October 2002, it’s been around longer than YouTube.

At first, Quico never imagined anyone much would read it: it was just a place to mess around online. Slowly, though, with the help of Juan Nagel, Caracas Chronicles started to gain an audience, growing recognition, and in time spawned a little stable of writers around Venezuela and the world.

In 2015, Quico and Juan joined up with Emiliana Duarte and Raúl Stolk, to found Caracas Chronicles LLC, launching a little media start-up to impose a minimum of orden en la pea.

Today, we have a newsroom in Caracas, correspondents in eight Venezuelan cities, a merch store, a newsletter business, an energy consultancy, and —always— the best coverage of Venezuela you’ll find in the English language intertubes.

Let’s Meet the Team

Raúl Stolk — Chairman, CEO, Publisher and Cacique Plenipotenciary

Francisco Toro — Editor-in-Chief

Gabriela Mesones — Editorial Coordinator

Victor Drax — Editor

Javier Liendo — Editorial Translator

Nina Rancel — Copy Editor

David Parra — Community Manager

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For business, media, advertising or consulting requests, write to:

[email protected]

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If you’re interested in writing for Caracas Chronicles, read this document —then read it a second time, carefully, coño — and follow the instructions there.