To commemorate our 15th, we’ve delved into the past and curated some of the most attractive posts in Caracas Chronicles throughout the years. Today, comenzamos por el comienzo.
Behold: the very first post.

Obama, Chávez and the politics of change

Here are some random musings on the fascinating, rapidly changing U.S. election.

Chevron Managers Face Treason Charges for Refusing to Steal

The Marxism-Sadomasochism Era is here: Venezuela’s begun ailing the people it most needs. The revolution charged Chevron managers with treason, an unseen realm of wanton national self-immolation.

Doctors, Who Fight Tooth and Nail to Save Lives, Demand Dignified...

On Tuesday, April 17, doctors and health workers protested outside of hospitals all around the country to demand medical supplies and better wages that at least allow them to buy food.

The List of Political Prisoners Keeps Growing, and We’re All a...

The list of political prisoners keeps growing at alarming rates. Same illegal procedures and violations of due process, different victims.

Workers at Guayana’s Basic Industries Resign en Masse

Absenteeism is the new normal among Guayana’s once exemplary basic industries. Workers just don’t even bother anymore.

The Pseudo-TSJ Debacle Reveals Lack of Leadership and Strategy

The trial against Maduro by the TSJ in exile is a justice trainwreck – it’s technically not a ruling, because they are not the Supreme Tribunal. It speaks volumes about the lack of leadership and strategy within the opposition.

Unconstitutional Decrees from ANC and Maduro Regarding Shady Petro

The government’s erratic, irresponsible, frequently unconstitutional economic behavior had to extend all the way to its handling of their petro atrocity. What else could be expected?

Revisiting April 19th, 1810: The Path to Venezuelan Independence

Celebrated historian, writer and professor Rafael Arráiz Lucca sets the record straight about the events of April 19, 1810. The road to independence and freedom is never as clear (or easy) as we thought.

Explosive Lawsuit Exposes Corruption and Mafia Wars at PDVSA

The plot thickens in one of many PDVSA corruption “guisos”. The goose that had been laying whatever was left of our golden eggs was already being torn apart by rivaling mafias from the inside and is now in serious peril with a new corruption lawsuit.

Previous Briefings

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Your daily briefing for Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Failed in Human Rights

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The last mambí

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Wooden terrorism

Your daily briefing for Thursday, April 19, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Sufficient Merits

Your daily briefing for Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

We Gather Here Today to Mourn the Passing of DolarToday

For years, DolarToday.com was the dominant player in setting prices in bolivars for black market dollars. These last few weeks, confidence in DolarToday has caved-in, leaving a baffling free-for-all in its wake. For all practical purposes, DolarToday is dead. We eulogize it.

Using Corruption As an Excuse, Persecution Spree Hits Chevron

Reuters reports that two Chevron employees were arrested. The persecution of PDVSA employees due to alleged corruption hits an important joint venture partner of the State oil company.

The Day we Dropped a Truth-Bomb at the Women in the...

Astrid Cantor, Caracas Chronicles columnist, took to the global stage of the Women in the World Summit to share her experience as a woman and as a doctor struggling in this broken Venezuela.

Struggling to survive, Venezuelans take the black market blood risk

It's not that there’s no blood; the government hasn't supplied healthcare centers with reagents anymore. Urgent changes are needed while people pay with their lives.

Maduro Defaults on Some Bonds, Pays Others and Nobody Bats an...

The Maduro administration defaulted on the USD 650M payment of Electricidad de Caracas’ 2018 bonds due on April 10, as expected by the market. However, PDVSA 6% 22 bond coupons due since October were released to investors. State media and officials remain in full blackout mode.

Venezuelan photographer wins the World Press Photo of the Year

Last May, AFP’s photojournalist Ronaldo Schemidt captured a powerful image during the months of protests in Venezuela. Now, that photo was recognized as the best of 2017.

Let’s Discuss Nicolás’ Five Years of Epic Victories

From his very first day in office “el hijo del galáctico” has won one battle after another against capitalism. And I can only hope and pray for God to take some of his powers away.

Where to Start Rebuilding the Venezuelan Health System Post-Chavismo

The Venezuelan health system faces the worst crisis in its history. There’s a lot to be done before things can change for the better, and it won’t be easy or fast, but we have a plan.

Frontera Chronicles: Venezuelan Migrants Hope for a Better Life in Brazil

As Venezuela keeps massively exporting both migrants and refugees, the question remains whether the international community is ready to call the situation a crisis. Defining what a “crisis” is remains a challenge.

Venezuela’s Collective Action Problem

The perennial conflict between individual incentives and the common good is the most pressing issue studied by contemporary social sciences. It’s also key to understanding how our country became a mess.

Kids Behind Bars in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the government of President Nicolás Maduro is arresting and detaining—in horrific conditions—teenagers who use Facebook to call on friends to attend anti-government demonstrations.

Localbitcoins.com Replaces DolarToday As Standard Reference

It appears the days when people bought and sold their dollars after checking the infamous website are over. There’s a new website in town and experts in the field trust the newcomer’s transparency more.

A Tale of Two Congressional Visits

Two U.S. congressmen visited Venezuela last week and met with Nicolás Maduro. But one of those visits actually caught many by surprise and raised a lot of questions.

A Pimp Talks about the Venezuelan Prostitution Business in Peru

Venezuelan prostitutes are in high demand in Lima. Their pimp speaks candidly about the business.

Why We’re Innovating in the Venezuelan Blockchain Space

Despite the economic crisis in Venezuela, there’s one sector where business is booming: cryptocurrencies. From mining to exchanges, Venezuelans are finding ways to make a living around a new technology that’s on its way to mainstream adoption.

Human Rights Watch and Ricardo Montaner Launch #TodosConVenezuela

A leading human rights NGO joins forces with a Lifetime Achievement Latin Grammy winner to create awareness about what’s going on in Venezuela.

WhatsApp Deliveries: A New, Effective Marketing Strategy

You don’t have to worry when you can’t find products in the supermarket. WhatsApp has got your back, since many distributors offer a good range of products and services that way.

Venezuelan Robotics Delegation Needs Your Help to Get to Mexico

The Venebot platform trains young Venezuelans and helps them with their interests in science and technology, specifically in robotics. Sounds surreal, but somebody has to prepare us for the future, especially now that the country seems to be stuck in the past.

Miseducation At Schools Keeps Venezuela Out of the International Development Ranking...

The government, with its current system of slave production, keeps kids at jails called “schools” where there’s no qualified learning and international indicators point that out.

The Chigüire Bipolar Has Spoken: Is It Too Much to Ask...

You know it’s getting real and shit has hit the fan when the most celebrated Venezuelan parody website starts writing seriously.

Opposition parties remain crucial in fighting the regime

Opposition parties have fought hard for a shy success in recent years. One of their main challenges is to recover people's trust.

Guyana Requests the ICJ to Resolve Its Esequibo Dispute with Venezuela

Guyana is making its legal move in The Hague to settle the Esequibo dispute for good. But does Venezuela have any reason to be concerned about the recent actions by Georgetown?

Leopoldo López Defies SEBIN and Speaks Out in NYT Podcast

Leopoldo and New York Times journalist Wil Hylton arranged several interviews saying they were old classmates. They managed to do so right under SEBIN officials’ noses and the result is a two-part podcast where Leopoldo speaks his mind.

Legal Dissection of the Petro: Questions You Were Afraid to Ask...

All the legal myths surrounding the evermore confusing petro will be debunked and your questions will be answered by our trustworthy experts.

Venezuelan Cam Girls: A Desperate Option to Make Ends Meet

As Venezuela spirals deeper into the sinkhole of hyperinflation and socio-economic crisis, webcam pornography platforms are depicted as plausible income sources for those in need, raising legal, ethical and economic dilemmas.

New Banco Central de Venezuela Website: Trust at Your Own Risk

The BCV revamped and refreshed the look and feel of its online platform, but opacity, secrecy and misconduct in madurismo’s economic policies haven’t changed one bit. You have been warned.

ONG Proyecto Salto Needs Help to Keep Helping Venezuelan Expats

Proyecto Salto helps individuals and entire families leave the country, providing immigrants with resources to start their new life abroad. It’s no easy task, and they need support in order to keep doing it.

Transitions Suck But You Wish Venezuela Were Near One

An answer to Quico’s “¿Y tú qué propones?” could be that wishful thinking, inaction and having doubts about the true nature of the monster are not the answer.

The Catholic Church in Venezuela Turns the Other Cheek Amidst the...

On this Easter Sunday, let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort and struggle of the Catholic Church in Venezuela.

Who Wouldn’t Sell Maduro for a Fistful of Lochas?

21st Century Judases: Chavismo has weeded out its internal enemies, publicly flogged them in cadenas and branded them as traitors. We know what they did and we know we’ll need them, but we also want to make them pay. Not very holy.

In Venezuela, Every Day Feels Like a Via Crucis

Venezuelans are forced to go through hell whenever they need to get pretty much anything done. We don’t carry the burden of the cross, but we carry and are burdened by chavismo even when we don’t deserve it.

No Food for You… If You Don’t Vote for Us

In a country where 60% of the population lives in extreme poverty, the clearest sign of Nicolás Maduro’s terrible job as president might be his most powerful electoral weapon. When you need votes, threatening to starve people to death works like a charm.

Jogging in Ciudad Guayana Became Obstacle Course Racing

Going for a run is considered an extreme sport in places like Ciudad Guayana, since malandros, garbage, stray dogs and vultures, to name a few obstacles, abound.

No Electricity Also Means Staying Trapped in a Powerless Country

The fact there’s an electric crisis in Western states makes life even harder for everyone across the Colombian-Venezuelan border, for those who are staying and for those who are trying to flee.

Truth or Consequences: A Cold, Hard Look at “¿Y Tú Qué...

Fighting a dictatorship means facing nothing but bad options. Choosing one is a responsibility our politicians have mostly defaulted on. So, what are the real options on the table? And who will dare to look at them dispassionately?

Saving One Child at a Time, One Meal at a Time

NGO Alimenta la Solidaridad - Petare helps families in one of the largest slums in the continent. These are the stories of people who can’t afford to feed their children and of those fighting hunger in Venezuela’s less fortunate communities.