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Miguel Madrigal

International Business Executive
Mining Industry

“Caracas Chronicles is the best source for Venezuelan political analysis and the Political Risk report an invaluable tool.  It not only reports on the ever changing situation, but it goes deeper into explaining the drivers and most likely scenarios to follow.  It is key for any business manager or financial analyst looking for a well written, concise, deeper level analysis, to assist with planning in an uncertain environment like Venezuela.”

Andrés Schipani,

Andes Correspondent
Financial Times

“In a country in which cultivating key sources is
far from easy, the authors of the Caracas Chronicles Political Risk Reports seem to have unique access. I can vouch for the quality of their material and depth of the analysis. These reports are an invaluable tool to anyone interested in today’s Venezuela.”

Ricardo Haussmann,

Director of Harvard University Center
for International Development

“If you need to follow Venezuela’s political
situation, you cannot do without Caracas Chronicles Political Risk Report. It is not only the best product out there, it is quite unlike the other ones. I follow Venezuela closely, but every Friday, when PRR comes out, I learn how much I have missed and how much I had misinterpreted.”


The report is a weekly, in-depth, forward-looking assessment of the state of political conflict in Venezuela.

The front page is a quick review of the content, and a very concise statement of Our View: where we think the crisis is heading.

The inside pages are a deep dive into the week’s strategically relevant events, thinking through the incentive structures, personalities and tactical choices each side faces.

The Political Risk Report is the tool you need to keep up to date on Venezuela’s crisis in depth.

The team is led by our Executive Editor, Francisco Toro and Managing Editor, Emiliana Duarte.

It includes researchers in Caracas working from information gathered extensive network of contacts both inside the government and the opposition. For their own safety as they work in a highly charged context, we have agreed to keep their names private.

The Political Risk Report research team is entirely separate from the Caracas Chronicles editorial team.

The Political Risk Report is for decision makers with a stake in Venezuela’s political crisis. If your professional life demands that you have a clear vision of the state of play in Venezuela’s crisis, the PRR is for you.

The Political Risk Report is published every Friday at lunchtime. For $50.00 you’ll receive as many reports as there are Fridays that month.

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