There’s something for everyone in this most special of Valentine’s Day Specials, when we asked our writers to share what it is that they still love about our country, with no cursilerías and no clichés. Thanks for reading!

Pueblo chiquito, infierno grande

There's a sweet-spot in Venezuela where invasiveness is good and alone-time becomes overrated. It's called solidarity.

Chicha, people. Chicha.

It's only a matter of time before this Venezuelan drink becomes the next hipster craze.

Eder in Playa El Agua

A child. The sea. A magical goal. An oyster.


Merida's Universidad de Los Andes stands strong, a quiet testament of courage stronger than any crisis.

A Toast to the Venezuelans We Don’t See

Venezuelans wake up and work impossibly hard to make a better future. I see them every day, I thank them every day. What if we took the time to notice them, too?

A Love Letter to the Future

Caribbean paradise is our destiny, even if we've momentarily misplaced it a few hundred kilometers to the west.

Mother Egg

Venezuela has a deep richness of curse words. But there's one in particular, one too rude to discuss in polite company, that UNESCO really ought to declare part of Humanity's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

I’m High on El Avila

A non-cliché love letter to the national park that is front and center in my life.

Truco: Tropical Poker

It's like poker for Venezuelan sociopaths.