The news from Venezuela are apocalyptic. The crisis has reached down into every aspect of our lives – our work, our plans, our moods, our dreams. We asked our team to dig deep and open up around a simple question: how is the crisis affecting you, personally?

-Juan Nagel.


We are not the kids we used to be

Maduro is Yoko Ono. Discuss.


Reading about an obscure cancer drug is a constant reminder of the tragedy that has befallen us, and many Venezuelans.

Wedding Crashers

My big, fat, trying-to-survive-Maduro wedding.

Virtual Families

The extended Venezuelan family is a thing of the past. It has now been replaced by 0’s and 1’s, by cold LCD screens, beeps and buzzes.

The Price of Survival is Loneliness

No flour, no chicken, no friends, no help, no social life.

The Debacle on the Inside

Few people who live in exile can get through the day without the Venezuelan crisis invading their insides.

My Own Efecto Cocuyo

Survivor’s guilt for Venezuelans in exile.

Dark is the new black

Living without electricity is not something this fútbol fan can get used to.

Cab Stories

Talking to cab drivers can put you in touch with a whole other side of the nation’s crisis. It can even give you a needed dash of hope.

You Make It Happen

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