118 political detainees at least and counting...

Speaking for the Coordinadora Democratica, Luis Manuel Esculpi said there are 70 political detainees in Caracas and at least 30 more in Anzoategui State. El Universal reports 18 additional detainees including Alfredo Ramos, a member of the National Assembly formally protected by parliamentary immunity. Many reports coincide that these civilians are being taken into military custody and some say they are being threatened with trials at military tribunals, in open violation of established human rights standards. Other reports suggest some detainees are being released hours after arrest.

Does Mr. Wilpert intend to maintain a complicit silence on this outrage? How about Mr. Tarek William Saab, the chavista human rights’ activist whose ass was bailed out of jail by Teodoro Petkoff on April 12th? Mr. Mundarain, People’s Ombudsman? No? How about MariPili Hernandez? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Next day update Alfredo Ramos, at least, is not in jail: he’s in the globovision studios! Now word is that left-wing anti-Chavez activist (and inveterate rabble-rouser) Carlos Melo has “disappeared.” Where is he?