Kerry Habla Claro

Oh, the glee. The irony. The ridiculousness. Chavez doesn’t know what hit him. Weeks ago he hinted that by February 2005, he’d have a chavista in the White House? Think again.

Kerry Statement on Venezuela
With the future of the democratic process at a critical juncture in Venezuela, we should work to bring all possible international pressure to bear on President Chavez to allow the referendum to proceed. The Administration should demonstrate its true commitment to democracy in Latin America by showing determined leadership now, while a peaceful resolution can still be achieved.

Throughout his time in office, President Chavez has repeatedly undermined democratic institutions by using extra-legal means, including politically motivated incarcerations, to consolidate power.  In fact, his close relationship with Fidel Castro has raised serious questions about his commitment to leading a truly democratic government.


If you’re registered to vote in the US, please take 5 minutes to contact the Kerry campaign and tell them this statement mattered to you. Reassure them that this sort of thing will help ensure Florida glows deep blue on the TV maps that one Tuesday evening in November.