Pro-Chavez Radicals Lash Out Against the Media

The situation at El Nacional is, for some reason, not being reported anywhere. Sources inside the newspaper’s headquarters say journalists are trapped in their offices while aggressive chavista groups roam around freely inside the building. A truck was burned just outside, and the fire department has just arrived on the scene. There is also an unconfirmed report that the newspaper’s printing press has been set on fire. (We’ll know if it was true tomorrow morning!)

Earlier this afternoon, Pro-Chavez gunmen attacked the opposition-controlled Greater Caracas City Hall, downtown, using an submachine gun at one point.

A similar situation was reported at RCTV, the opposition controlled channel 2.

The anti-independent media incitement in the pro-government stations has been particularly intense over the last few days.

Gaviria remains convinced a recall will happen, but for now, the nation just awaits Chavez’s speech on hooks ant tenters.

The government hardliners were never going to go down without a fight. But how far will it spread?


Globovision has just reported on the situation at El Nacional but says it is now “under control.”