Postcards from the empire and other notes

“Chinita! Washington si es vergataria”

News today from Venezuela report on Carrasquero and Rodriguez’s trip to the US on invitation of the Ambassador of Venezuela to the US Mr. Bernardo Herrera, member of the PPT.

In the midst of a dangerous process, “con el rancho ardiendo”, Mr. Carrasquero and Mr. Rodriguez could not resist the temptation to go to the capital of “the Empire” to visit the monuments along the National Mall and dine and wine in the riverbanks of the Potomac.

Who is paying for this Summer Vacation? First Class tickets? Government Plane? Hotel Accomodations? There might be nothing wrong with it. It might be a totally innocent trip, but then again “la mujer del Cesar no solo debe ser honesta, sino parecerlo”.

Visit Scenic Washington D.C., Capital of the Empire.

“Bernardo, aquí te mandó mamá unas mandocas y unos huevos chimbos”

Tropical Proto-fascism

Speaking of proper behavior, how about that Military Parade? Battle of Santa Inés reenactments anyone? Soldiers and officers marching alongside trucks (decorated with “U-A-Chavez no se va” banners), filled with “misiones” members clad in red shirts and berets? Did we go to sleep and wake up in 1940’s Argentina?

What do we conmemorate on July 5th? Santa Inés? Or the Battle of Bahia de Cachitos?

Chávez is apparently going to declare Independence, I don’t know what from, I guess from reason and common sense. And Jorge Valero denounced foreign intervention, of the US government of course, but failed to recognize that behind their revolutionary rhetoric, they are the most docile oil provider to the US.

Government-Guerrilla ties?

In one of the most stunning developments of the Tachira political prisoners situation we have this little nugget: Apparently the ELN of Colombia, a terrorist organization if there ever was one, is asking that Mr. Jorge Hinojosa proves them that he is innocent of the crimes related to the 04-11-02 Tachira governor’s residence fiasco. Why are they asking for such proof? To release Jorge Hinojosa Jr., who has been held hostage since he was kidnapped a month ago. Is the ELN part of the judicial process now? Is that the standard procedure to get people to prove their innocence?

Jesus H. Christ.