Caviar Left

Is there any Caviar Left, guys?

For the ones with access to Venezuelan TV:

How shameful Samuel Moncada of the Comando Maisanta using the premises of the CNE to make propaganda for the NO. How much dispespect for the democratic process of Venezuela.

What’s up with the fairness of the CNE?? Que descaro. I am hoping that the observers are taking good notes of all this BS.

feathers mcgraw | Email | 07.16.04 – 6:32 pm | #

I think Samuel Moncada rocks! He’s one of the few English-speaking intellectuals in Venezuela who has exposed the opposition’s disinformation campaign for what it is on U.S. radio.

anónimo | 07.16.04 – 7:04 pm | #

I am appalled….Chico Buarque has signed the document many Brazilians stars and important personalities..are submiting to chavez’ hands…

the document’s name: If I were Brazilian , I would vote for chavez’!!!!


Jose Roman Duque | Email | Homepage | 07.16.04 – 7:04 pm | #

“I think Samuel Moncada rocks!”

Hey Justin, I remember when Samuel Moncada returned to Caracas from Oxford. There is something about an ultra-leftist suddenly transported to a different milieu (one of class privilege and refinement). He could talk of nothing but his admission into an oenologists club, and his trips to their wine cellar, and dressing in tuxedos.

But yes, he is a fine intellectual, perfectly suited to this “revolution”.

Henry Georget | Email | 07.17.04 – 8:48 pm | #


Thank you for that tidbit of info. It kind of puts their leftism in perspective.

“This is a superb Cabernet Sauvignon, but nothing like the 1982 Chateau Laffite I tasted in my hunting trip in the woods of Hungary.”

Such commitment to the poor.

jose r. mora | Email | 07.17.04 – 10:49 pm | #