GUYS, calm down…


As is obvious to all the “parroquianos”, I’m against Chávez. That means that, ballot counting, we can still lose. But not by the margin Carrasqueso says (THAT WASN’T A MISSPELLING!). All we want is a fair counting, that’s all. Not the typical “acta mata voto” (translation: “red tape gets over people”, or something near that), but a real recounting of ballots, a statistically valid sampling. I can lose, guys… Here, in this particularly weird blog, all Chávez’s opposers knew we could lose. But what I won´t take (what WE won’t take) , never, is to be treated like scum. I want demonstrations, not beautiful words. My perceptions (the mood in Caracas is just the one we had after the Vargas’ tragedy) are of no avail, neither is the fact that there are no celebrations, just agressions. WE WANT THE TRUTH! WE WANT THE FACTS. And if oil prices go up… well, those of you who live in the first world should instruct your mothers in the old, lost, mysterious art of walking!

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