Venezuela Feverishly Strives for Axis of Evil Membership

Chavez, we have to conclude, will be bitterly disappointed if Venezuela doesn’t make the next Axis of Evil list. Really, he’s done everything he can think of:

Make provocative noises about developing nuclear energy? Check

Support Iran’s proliferation effort? Check

Support the “creeping coup” to bring the Sandinistas back to power in Nicaragua? Check

Threaten to pull Venezuela’s reserve holdings out of dollar-denominated bonds? Check

Build relations with North Korea? Check

What do these items have in common? None of them make any economic or strategic sense, unless you’ve decided “antagonizing the State Department” is your main strategic goal…

Honestly, I have this image of the guy heading a brainstorming session in Miraflores, pounding the table with his fist and shouting “Come on! people! there must be some other way to piss off the gringos! think damn you! THINK!!”