Upside-down News Day

Folks, it’s Bizarro Day in Venezuela:

  • “A high percentage of Venezuelans express discontent with the national government, with regional and local officials. By the same token, there is discontent among MVR [Chavez’s party] militants with their national, state, municipal and parrochial leaders.”

    Says who?

    Says Willian Lara, speaking for the MVR’s National Committee for Political and Electoral Organization.

    Of course, his line is that while Venezuelans are unhappy with everything about Chavez, they’re happy with Chavez himself.

  • The Supreme Tribunal must block the gag-order on information about Geovanny Vasquez de Armas.

    Says who?

    Says the National Resistance Committee, Oscar Perez and Antonio Ledezma’s Article 350-invoking outfit, which has just petitioned for an injunction to that effect.

    Erm…isn’t it a bit fresh to be asking for injunctions from a regime you claim to be resisting? I’d love to hear their oral arguments: “Gentlemen of this illegitimate court we refuse to recognize, we’re here today to ask you to…”

  • Venezuela is producing 2.6 million barrels of oil per day, not the 3.3 million b/d the government claims.

    Says who?

    Says OPEC.

    I guess they’ve joined the CIA-sponsored anti-Chavez disinformation campaign. Et tu, OPEC?

  • It makes no sense for the Prosecutor General to seek a court order against divulging Anderson case files if he’s going to keep talking about the case himself.

    Says who?

    Says MariPili Hernandez, member of MVR’s national leadership and vice-minister of foreign affairs.

    MariPili is soon to join the ranks of the ideologically suspect if she keeps up this sort of thing. Though, of course, she defends the gag order.