I am the fatherland

Katy says: These daily news summaries that I get can be eye-opening. Notice how different media outlets treat the same news item:

Globovisión: “Alan García se niega a disculparse ante Chávez”
(Alan García refuses to apologize to Chávez.)

El Universal: “Alan García descartó disculparse ante Chávez”
(Alan García rules out apologizing to Chávez)

Úlitmas Noticias: “Alan García no se disculpará con Chávez”
(Alan García will not apologize to Chávez.)

2001: “Alan García rechaza disculparse con Hugo Chávez”
(Alan García rejects apologizing to Hugo Chávez.)

State Television (VTV): “Alan García se negó a ofrecer disculpas a Venezuela
(Alan García refused to apologize to Venezuela.)

Soon VTV will begin telling protesting chavistas to go and eat cake.

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