There's more to the shooting

Katy says: This news item from Unión Radio continues the story from my previous post. Laura Toro, the Dean of FACES College where the shooting took place, fears for her life on campus. She claims the shooters began calling for her after the incident.

Prof. Toro says she and a colleague have been recieving death threats for days, and she linked these happenings to the decision by Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal to suspend student body elections at ULA, where chavismo was expected to lose.

If one is to believe Prof. Toro and University Pres. Rodríguez, these shootings are not random, isolated incidents. Something is brewing at ULA, something probably not unrelated to

  • chavismo constantly losing university elections;
  • Pres. Chávez’s announcement to eliminate nation-wide University standardized admittance tests;
  • the surge in the amount of weapons on the street;
  • the government’s violation of university autonomy; and
  • the impunity in our legal system.