Dollars for the wealthy while the fat man sings

Katy says: The internet is abuzz with Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto’s tantrum last night, where he proved once again what a disgraceful, bigoted human being he is. I will not comment on it. I will not allow myself to morph into a scatological researcher for the purpose of mincing through the words coming out of chavista leaders and their supporters. Besides, my fellow bloggers Miguel, Alek and Daniel are doing a fine job getting the word out.

My interest today lies in what this is intended to cover up for. Could it be that they want us to forget the government has announced an increase in its subsidies for the wealthy? See, when wealthy Venezuelans travel abroad, the government subsidizes them by offering dollars at a rate cheaper than the market rate, as I have explained before. The government has announced an increase in this massive subsidy, right when schools are out and people are flocking to Disney World to forget that Venezuela is in the hands of people like Barreto.

Instead of threatening to take away their golf courses – which I believe will never happen – why not take away their subsidized cash?